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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5572 Thai words on 112 Pages

Page 107
แก้บนgaaeF bohnMverbto fulfill one's vow; make a votive offering; redeem a vow to a god
แก้ปวด gaaeF bpuaatLverbrelieve pain
แก้ปัญหา gaaeF bpanM haaRverbto solve a problem
แก้ผ้าgaaeF phaaFadjective[is] naked
แก้ผ้าวิ่งโทง ๆgaaeF phaaF wingF tho:hngM tho:hngMverbto run around naked
แก้เผ็ด gaaeF phetLverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquial, idiomto avenge; to retaliate; to take revenge; to revenge; to get back at; to give tit for tat
แก้มือgaaeF meuuMverbto ask for a return match
แก้ไม่ตกgaaeF maiF dtohkLverb[is] unable to solve (a problem, e.g.)
แก้ไม่ออกgaaeF maiF aawkLverb, phrase[is] unable to solve; unable to unravel
แก้โรคgaaeF ro:hkFverbto cure a disease; to heal a sickness
แก้ลำgaaeF lamMverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquial, idiomto avenge; to retaliate; to take revenge; to revenge; to get back at; to give tit for tat
แก้เลี่ยนgaaeF liianFverbto offset the richness or oiliness of something
แก้ห่อ gaaeF haawLverbunpack
แก้ห่อออกgaaeF haawL aawkLverbunwrap
แก้ให้หาย gaaeF haiF haaiRverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquial(used with a disease) to cure
แก้ออก gaaeF aawkLverbto untie; undo
แก๊กgaaekH[euphonious word]
แกง gaaengMnounThai style curry (can be with or without coconut milk)
noun[กวย  (Suay) language] waist
แกงกระด้างgaaengM graL daangFnounjelly curry
แกงกะหรี่ gaaengM gaL reeLnounIndian style curry
แกงเขียวหวาน gaaengM khiaaoR waanRnounsweet Thai green curry with chilli pepper
แกงจืด gaaengM jeuutLnounThai vegetable soup
แกงจืดจึงรู้คุณเกลือ gaaengM jeuutL jeungM ruuH khoonM gleuuaMexample sentence, idiom"We only appreciate the worth of salt when the soup is tasteless." — "You'll never miss the water till the well runs dry." — "You don't know what you've got till it's gone."
แกงไตปลา gaaengM dtaiM bplaaMnoun, proper noun, phrasea salty and piquant (extremely hot and spicy) soup made from ไตปลา, considered to be the highlight of all Southern Thai dishes, usually served with สะตอ 
แกงถ้วยนี้รสปร่า gaaengM thuayF neeH rohtH bpraaLexample sentence"This curry tastes strange"
แกงที่นี่รสชาติเหมือนที่บ้านเดี๊ยะเลยgaaengM theeF neeF rohtH chaatF meuuanR theeF baanF diaH leeuyMexample sentence"The curry here tastes exactly like the curry at home."
แกงนี่อร่อยขั้นเทพเลยgaaengM neeF aL raawyL khanF thaehpF leeuyMexample sentence"This curry is really heavenly."
แกงป่าgaaengM bpaaLnoun, phrasea type of Thai curry which does not contain coconut milk.
แกงเผ็ด gaaengM phetLnounspicy Thai curry with red chillies.
แกงพะแนงgaaengM phaH naaengMnoun[แกงพะแนง] evaporated (thickened) spicy Thai curry
แกงมัสมั่นgaaengM matH saL manLnoun[แกงมัสมั่น] southern Thai style curry with cinnamon; cardomans; peanuts
แกงร้อน gaaengM raawnHnounhot curry; hot stew
แกงส้ม gaaengM sohmFnounsour soup made of tamarind paste
แกงอ่อมgaaengM aawmL[แกงอ่อม] [a type of] Thai curry soup, particular to the North and Northeast of Thailand
แก่ง gaengLnounrapids; waterfall; cascade of water
nounisle; small island
แก่งแย่งgaengL yaaengFverbto compete for; vie for; contest; wrangle; contend for; struggle for
แก๊งgaaengH[alternate spelling of แก๊งค์]
แก๊งสี่คนgaaengH seeL khohnMnoun, phraseGang of Four (in Chinese history)
แก๊งค์gaaengHnoun, plural, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gang
แก๊งค์วัยรุ่นซ่านเซ็นไปคนละทิศละทาง เมื่อตำรวจใช้กำลังเข้าปราบปราม gaaengH waiM roonF saanF senM bpaiM khohnM laH thitH laH thaangM meuuaF dtamM ruaatL chaiH gamM langM khaoF bpraapL bpraamMexample sentence"The teenage gang scattered in all directions when the police arrived in force to suppress (their activities)."
แก๊งค์อันธพาลข้างถนนgaaengH anM thaH phaanM khaangF thaL nohnRnounstreet gangs
แกงเทโพgaaengM thaehM pho:hMnounTao Pho Curry (made with ปลาเค็ม and ผักบุ้ง)
แก๊ซgaaesH[alternate spelling of แก๊ส]
แก๊ดเจ๊ตgaaetH jetHnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] gadget
แกโดลิ เนี่ยมgaaeM do:hM liH niiamFnoun, loanword, English[chemistry] Gadolinium, Gd, atomic number 64
แกโดลิเนียมgaaeM do:hM liH niiamM[alternate spelling of แกโดลิ เนี่ยม]
แกน gaaenMnounaxis; axle; spindle
adjectivestunted; undeveloped; unripe
adjective[is] half; half-pressed; half-hearted; dreary
nouncentral part
adverbunwillingly; half-heartedly
แกนกลางgaaenM glaangMnouncenter; central axis; nucleus (of a party or movement)
แกนกลางเซลล์อะตอมgaaenM glaangM saehnM aL dtaawmMnoun, phrasenucleus
แกนนำ gaaenM namMnounleadership core; leaders
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