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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5186 Thai words on 104 Pages

Page 44
กะเอวgaL aayoMnoun[of the human body] waist
กะฮอมgaL haawmMnoun[กวย (Suay) language] (organ of the human body) heart
กัก gakLverb, transitiveto prevent; hinder; quarantine; detain; prevent access to
กักกันgakL ganMverbto detain, confine, quarantine
กักเก็บgakL gepLverbto store; retain; hold
กักขัง gakL khangRverbto imprison
กักด่านgakL daanLverbto put under quarantine; to stop for inspection
กักตัวgakL dtuaaMverbto detain (someone); to intern (someone)
กักตุนgakL dtoonMverbto hoard; corner
กักน้ำไว้เผื่อแล้งgakL naamH waiH pheuuaL laaengHexample sentence"Save some water for use during the dry season."
กักบริเวณgakL baawM riH waehnMverbto confine to a specific location; place under house arrest
กั๊ก gakHnounvest; waistcoat
noun[เสื้อกั๊ก] vest; waistcoat
verbto keep concealed
กังขา gangM khaaRverb, intransitive, formalto suspect; to doubt; to have doubts
adjective, formal[is] suspicious; doubtful; skeptical
noun, formaldoubt; skepticism
กังขาคติgangM khaaR khaH dtiLnounskepticism
กังต็อก gangM dtawkLproper noun, geographicalGangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, India
กังฟู gangM fuuMnoun, loanword, Chinese[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] kung fu; a Chinese way of fighting in which people use only their bare hands and feet
กังวล gangM wohnMadjective[is] causing anxiety; anxious; worried; distressed; concerning
verbto worry
adjective[กังวลใจ] [is] anxious; uneasy; worried
noun[ความกังวล] [feeling of] anxiety
noun[ความกังวลใจ] anxiety; worry
กังวล คือใช้ภัยที่จินตนาการขึ้นมาเองมาหลอกให้ตัวเองกลัวgangM wohnM kheuuM chaiH phaiM theeF jinM dtaL naaM gaanM kheunF maaM aehngM maaM laawkL haiF dtuaaM aehngM gluaaMexample sentence"Anxiety is making yourself afraid for a danger which is just a product of your imagination."
กังวลใจ gangM wohnM jaiMadjective[กังวลใจ] [is] anxious; uneasy; worried
กังวานgangM waanMadverbreverberatingly; sonorously
adjective[is] resonant; sonorous; resounding; echoing
กังหัน gangM hanRnounturbine; windmill
กังหันน้ำ gangM hanR naamHnounwater turbine
กังหันน้ำที่ชาวบ้านทำขึ้นเป็นสิ่งประดิษฐ์จากไม้ไผ่ ถือเป็นภูมิปัญญาแบบชาวบ้านgangM hanR naamH theeF chaaoM baanF thamM kheunF bpenM singL bpraL ditL jaakL maaiH phaiL theuuR bpenM phuumM bpanM yaaM baaepL chaaoM baanFexample sentence"The bamboo waterwheel built by the villagers is considered to be [an aspect of] folk wisdom."
กังหันไฟฟ้า gangM hanR faiM faaHnounelectric (generation) turbine
กังหันลมgangM hanR lohmMnounwind wheel; wind turbine
กังหันไอน้ำ gangM hanR aiM naamHnounsteam turbine
กังหันไอพ่น gangM hanR aiM phohnFnounjet turbine
กัจฉะgatL chaLnoun, formalarmpit
noun[พระกัจฉะ] [royalty] armpit
กัญชาganM chaaMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] ganja; marijuana; cannabis; hashish
กัญชาเป็นพืชล้มลุกจำพวกหญ้าชนิดหนึ่งganM chaaM bpenM pheuutF lohmH lookH jamM phuaakF yaaF chaH nitH neungLexample sentence"The hashish plant is a short-lived species of grass."
กัญญา ganM yaaMnounyoung woman
noundecorative roof over the central portion of a เรือกัญญา
กัณฐ์ ganMnoun, formal, poetic, loanword, Sanskrit[royal use]
กัณฑ์ganMnounsection, piece, part, chapter
classifier[numerical classifier for section, piece, part, chapter]
กัด gatLverbto bite; nibble; corrode; nip
noun[ปลากัด] Siamese fighting fish, Betta Splendens
quarrel; argue; fight
verb, colloquialto talk to someone in a sarcastic and mocking manner
กัดgatL[alternate spelling of กรรตุ ]
กัดกร่อน gatL graawnLverbto corrode; erode
กัดก้อนเกลือกินgatL gaawnF gleuuaM ginMverb, phraseto live together in abject poverty; to tolerate living in poverty
กัดกัน gatL ganMverbto quarrel or fight with
กัดกินgatL ginMverbto eat away (at)
กัดกุญแจgatL goonM jaaeMverbto make a copy of a key
กัดขาดgatL khaatLverbto bite off
กัดเซาะgatL sawHverbto scour; erode
กัดฟันgatL fanMverbto gnash (one's) teeth; to bite one's tongue; to restrain oneself
กัดฟันgatL fanMverbto endure; make a determined effort; be patient; bite the bullet
กัดไม่ปล่อยgatL maiF bplaawyLverb, phraseto take serious action; act tenaciously; refuse to let go
กัดรองเท้าgatL raawngM thaaoHverb, phraseto break in a pair of new shoes
กัตญญู gatL yaH yuuMadjective[is] dutiful [see กตัญญู]
กัน ganMadverbeach other; one another; collectively; commonly; together
conjunctiontogether with
verb[a prefix used like the English suffix] "-proof"; to prevent, to obstruct or impede (the progress or entry of), to protect, prevent or keep (something from happening); make a definsive move
verb, transitiveto shave; to trim
[a word used with a verb to indicate exhortation and/or entreaty]
noun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "gan", a shortened transliteration of "American", having a slight prejoratory meaning similar to "Yankee"
noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] gun
Gun; Kan [a common Thai nickname]
verbto separate; isolate
to keep out; prevent; set aside; resist; obstruct
pronoun[pronoun used in comparative sentences to refer to the items being compared]
กันกระเทือนganM graL theuuanMadjective[is] shockproof
กันกระแทกganM graL thaaekFadjective[is] shockproof
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