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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5572 Thai words on 112 Pages

Page 44
กะดานgaL daanM[alternate spelling of กระดาน ]
กะดี๊กะด๊าgaL deeH gaL daaHverbto exhibit great excitement; to be overly excited
กะเดะgaL dehLadjective[of a person] [is] stuck-up; snooty; snobby; aloof
กะได gaL daiMnoun, proper noun, adjective, formal[ภาษากะได] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Kadai; a language family consisting of this group and the Thai group; of or pertaining to Kadai.
noun, proper noun, adjective, formal[ภาษากะได] [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Kadai; a group of languages related to the Thai group and spoken by a small population in southern China and northern Vietnam
กะได้ gaL daiFcolloquial[colloquial spelling of] ก็ได้
กะตอลgaL dtaawnMnoun[กวย  (Suay) language] ear
กะตะgaL dtaLproper nounKata [a beach on Phuket Island]
กะตั๊กgaL dtakHnouna bunch; large amount; a pile (of)
กะตังgaL dtangMadjective[is] matted (as of hair); tossled; unkempt
กะตังค์gaL dtangM[alternate spelling of สตางค์ ]
กะติ๊บ gaL dtipHclassifier[numerical classifier for sticky rice in Northern Thailand]
กะโตงกะเตงgaL dto:hngM gaL dtaehngMadverbswaying; swinging; pendant
กะโต้งโห่งgaL dto:hngF ho:hngLnoun, interjection, loanword, onomatopoeia[onomatopoeia] the cry of a peacock
กะโถนgaL tho:hnRnounchamber pot; commode
กะทบgaL thohpH[alternate spelling of กระทบ ]
กะทะgaL thaH[alternate spelling of กระทะ ]
กะทะ gaL thaHnouna fish, Burseraceae
กะทัดรัดgaL thatH ratHadjective[is] compact, well-proportioned, fit to size
adjective[is] fitting, suitable
กะทันหัน gaL thanM hanRadjective[is] unexpected; sudden; instant; immediate; abrupt; unheralded
adjective[is] urgent; imperative; pressing
adverb[โดยกะทันหัน] suddenly; abruptly; immediately
adverb[อย่างกะทันหัน] hastily
กะทิ gaL thiHnouncoconut milk; coconut cream
noun[หัวกะทิ] thick coconut cream, undiluted coconut milk; top, best of the best, high-level
กะทู้gaL thuuHproper nounKatu [a district in Phuket Province]
กะเทยgaL theeuyMnoun, adjectivetransvestite; male-to-female transsexual; gay; ladyboy [see notes]
nounfruit with undeveloped seeds
กะเทยแปลงเพศgaL theeuyM bplaaengM phaehtFnounpost-operative transsexual
กะเทาะgaL thawHverb, intransitiveto flake; peel; flake off; scale; come off; shell; crack; strip; peel off
กะบ่อนกะแบ่นgaL baawnL gaL baenLadjectiveinsufficient; incomplete
กะบัง gaL bangMnounweir; dam
nounshield; visor (of a hat); shade; means of protection
shelter; guard; hilt
nounkaolin, a fine white clay used in the manufacture of porcelain
กะบังลม gaL bangM lohmMnoun(thoracic or respiratory) diaphragm
กะบี่gaL beeL[alternate spelling of กระบี่ ]
กะบุงgaL boongM[alternate spelling of กระบุง]
กะปริดกะปรอยgaL bpritL gaL bpraawyMadverbin dribs and drabs; trickling in; a little at a time
กะปริบกะปรอยgaL bpripL gaL bpraawyMadverbtrickling in; a little at a time
กะปลกกะเปลี้ยgaL bplohkL gaL bpliiaFadjective[is] tired; feeble; weary; exhausted
กะปะgaL bpaLnounbox
กะปิgaL bpiLnounThai shrimp paste, made from ground shrimp and rice
noun, colloquial, vulgar[slang for girl's] vagina [see notes]
กะปิดกะปอยgaL bpitL gaL bpaawyM[alternate spelling of กระปิดกระปอย]
กะปิเยาะห์gaL bpiL yawHnoun, loanword, MalayKapiya; shirt worn by Muslim males
กะปุกgaL bpookL[alternate spelling of กระปุก ]
กะเปิ๊บกะป๊าบ gaL bpeerpH gaL bpaapH[is] rough; uncouth; uncultured
in a messy manner; like a ragamuffin; like a bum
กะโปกgaL bpo:hkL[alternate spelling of กระโปก]
กะโปรงgaL bpro:hngM[alternate spelling of กระโปรง ]
กะโปโลgaL bpo:hM lo:hMadjective[is] childish; nonsensical
adjective, Pali[is] sloppy; slovenly; unkempt; ramshackle; dilapidated
กะผลุบกะโผล่gaL phloopL gaL phlo:hLverbto come and go
กะโผลกกะเผลกgaL phlo:hkL gaL phlaehkLverbto hobble; limp; stumble
กะพง gaL phohngMnoun[ปลากะพง] a [type of] fish, the bass
noun[หอยกะพง] horse mussel
กะพร่องกะแพร่งgaL phraawngF gaL phraaengFadjective[is] defective; insufficient; incomplete
กะพริบgaL phripHto blink; wink
verb[กะพริบตา] to blink
กะพริบตาgaL phripH dtaaMverb[กะพริบตา] to blink
กะพรุน gaL phroonMnoun[แมงกะพรุน] jellyfish
กะเพรา gaL phraoMnounthe herb; basil
[ต้นกะเพรา] the basil plant, Ocimum sanctum
[ใบกะเพรา] basil leaf
กะเพราไก่gaL phraoM gaiLnounstir-fried chicken with basil
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