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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5531 Thai words on 111 Pages

Page 45
กะละมัง gaL laH mangMnounbasin; enamelware
กะละแม gaL laH maaeMnouncaramel (candy, sweet)
กะลา gaL laaMnounhard coconut shell split in half
coconut shell
กะลาหัว gaL laaM huaaRnounskull; head
กะลาสีgaL laaM seeRnounship crew; sailor
กะลาสีเรือgaL laaM seeR reuuaMnounsea folk; shipmate
กะลาโหม gaL laaM ho:hmRnoungovernmental defense department
กะเล่อกะล่าgaL luuhrF gaL laaFadjective[is] clumsy; foolish; silly
กะหนุงกะหนิงgaL noongR gaL ningRadverbwhisperingly; occupied with endless whispers in love; tete-a-tete
กะหร่อง gaL raawngLadjectivethin but strong; lean
thin; emaciated
กะหร่องเทศ gaL raawngL thaehtFadjectivethin; emaciated; sickly
กะหรัต gaL ratLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] carat; a measure of weight for jewels
Englishyears (used for older women who still look young)
กะหรี่ gaL reeLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] curry; [used only when referring to] Indian curry, a flavor made from the flower tops of cannabis
noun, colloquial, vulgar, idiom[extremely crude and derogatory slang] prostitute
กะหล่ำ gaL lamLnouncabbage; cauliflower
กะหล่ำดอก gaL lamL daawkLnouncauliflower
กะหล่ำดาวgaL lamL daaoMnounbrussels sprouts
กะหล่ำปลี  gaL lamL bpleeMnouncabbage
กะหล่ำปลี gaL lamL bpleeMnouncabbage
[กะหล่ำปลีแดง] red cabbage
กะหล่ำปลีแดง gaL lamL bpleeM daaengM[กะหล่ำปลีแดง] red cabbage
กะหลี่gaL leeL[alternate spelling of กะหรี่ ]
กะเหรี่ยง gaL riiangLproper nounKaren, an ethnic minority hill tribe people in Northern Thailand
กะเหรี่ยงปะโอgaL riiangL bpaL o:hMproper noun, personKaren Pa-O [same as ปะโอ]
กะโหลก gaL lo:hkLnounskull; head
กะโหลกกะลาgaL lo:hkL gaL laaMadjective, idiomwasteful; scrap
กะโหลกกะลาgaL lo:hkL gaL laaMnoun, phrasea trifle; inconsequential amount; bits and pieces
กะโหลกมะพร้าวgaL lo:hkL maH phraaoHnoun[กะโหลกมะพร้าว] hard shell of coconut
กะโหลกศีรษะgaL lo:hkL seeR saLnounskull
กะเอวgaL aayoMnoun[of the human body] waist
กะฮอมgaL haawmMnoun[กวย  (Suay) language] (organ of the human body) heart
กัก gakLverb, transitiveto prevent; hinder; quarantine; detain; prevent access to
กักกันgakL ganMverbto detain, confine, quarantine
กักเก็บgakL gepLverbto store; retain; hold
กักขัง gakL khangRverbto imprison
กักด่านgakL daanLverbto put under quarantine; to stop for inspection
กักตัวgakL dtuaaMverbto detain (someone); intern (someone); quarantine
กักตุนgakL dtoonMverbto hoard; corner the market
กักน้ำไว้เผื่อแล้งgakL naamH waiH pheuuaL laaengHexample sentence"Save some water for use during the dry season."
กักบริเวณgakL baawM riH waehnMverbto confine to a specific location; place under house arrest
กั๊ก gakHnounvest; waistcoat
noun[เสื้อกั๊ก] vest; waistcoat
verbto keep concealed
กั้งgangFnounmantis shrimp
กังขา gangM khaaRverb, intransitive, formalto suspect; to doubt; to have doubts
adjective, formal[is] suspicious; doubtful; skeptical
noun, formaldoubt; skepticism
กังขาคติgangM khaaR khaH dtiLnounskepticism
กังต็อก gangM dtawkLproper noun, geographicalGangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, India
กังฟู gangM fuuMnoun, loanword, Chinese[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] kung fu; a Chinese way of fighting in which people use only their bare hands and feet
กังวล gangM wohnMadjective[is] causing anxiety; anxious; worried; distressed; concerning
verbto worry
adjective[กังวลใจ] [is] anxious; uneasy; worried
noun[ความกังวล] [feeling of] anxiety
noun[ความกังวลใจ] anxiety; worry
กังวล คือใช้ภัยที่จินตนาการขึ้นมาเองมาหลอกให้ตัวเองกลัวgangM wohnM kheuuM chaiH phaiM theeF jinM dtaL naaM gaanM kheunF maaM aehngM maaM laawkL haiF dtuaaM aehngM gluaaMexample sentence"Anxiety is making yourself afraid for a danger which is just a product of your imagination."
กังวลใจ gangM wohnM jaiMadjective[กังวลใจ] [is] anxious; uneasy; worried
กังวานgangM waanMadverbreverberatingly; sonorously
adjective[is] resonant; sonorous; resounding; echoing
กังหัน gangM hanRnounturbine; windmill
กังหันน้ำ gangM hanR naamHnounwater turbine
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