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กอ ไก่chickenThe 1st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ก (ก)
TIS-620 value: 0xก (ก)

5064 Thai words on 102 Pages

Page 86
กุณฑลgoonM thohnMnounearring
กุณฑีgoonM theeM[alternate spelling of กุมภ์ ]
กุณโฑgoonM tho:hM[alternate spelling of กุมภ์ ]
กุดgootLadjective[is] stubby; cut off; severed; amputated
กุ๊ดจี่gootH jeeLnoun[แมงกุ๊ดจี่] dung beetle
กุดั่นgooL danLnoun(design) pattern with four-petalled flowers
กุน goonMadjective, formal, loanword, Pali[is] small; tiny
noun, proper noun[ปีกุน] the Pig; the twelfth and final year of the Chinese astrological cycle, marked by the symbol of a pig
กุนนทีรุทธารามgoonM naH theeM rootH thaaM raamMproper noun, geographical, phrase, formalGunnathee Rudharam [lit. a temple with a small stream running through] [name of a temple and a school in Bangkok]
กุนซือgoonM seuuMloanword, Chineseconsultant; advisor; strategist; coach
กุโบร์gooL bo:hMnounMuslim cemetary
กุม goomMverbto hold tightly with the hand; to catch hold of; to hold; to seize
กุมขมับgoomM khaL mapLadjective[is] worried; concerned
กุมบังเหียนgoomM bangM hiianRverbto hold the reins
กุมบังเหียนgoomM bangM hiianRverbto control (by implication)
กุมอำนาจgoomM amM naatFverbto hold or wield power
กุมโชคgoomM cho:hkFproper nounKumchok [a Thai given name]
กุมภ์ goomMnoun, proper noun, formal, loanword, Pali[ราศีกุมภ์] Thai Zodiac sign for Aquarius, the eleventh sign of the zodiac
กุมภาพันธ์ goomM phaaM phanMnounFebruary
กุมภาฯ goomM phaaMnoun[abbreviation for] February
กุมาร gooL maanMnouninfant; child; boy; young lad; son; prince
กุมารแพทย์  gooL maanM phaaetFnoun, formalpediatrician
กุมารีgooL maaM reeMnoun, formal, poetic, loanword, Palidaughter; young girl; princess
กุยguyMnoun[a type of] Chinese-style hat
กุ๊ย guyHnoun, adjective, loanword, Chinesehobo; vagrant; bum; tramp; transient
nouna person without manners; a base or immoral person
กุ่ยไฉ่guyL chaiLnoun[กุ่ยไฉ่ขาว] Chinese garlic chive, Allium tuberosum
กุ่ยไฉ่ขาวguyL chaiL khaaoRnoun[กุ่ยไฉ่ขาว] Chinese garlic chive, Allium tuberosum
กุยช่าย guyM chaaiFnounchives, Allium tuberosum
กุรอานgooL raH aanM[alternate spelling of อัลกุรอาน]
กุลgoonMnountribe; race; lineage; troupe; team; company; pack; family; bevy; group; caste
กุลgoonM laH[alternate pronunciation of กุล]
กุลบุตรgoonM laH bootLnounchild or youth who is worthy of respect; son or child in a well-to-do family
กุลธิดาgoonM thiH daaMnoungood daughter; virtuous daughter
กุลพันธ์goonM laH phanMproper nounKunlapan [a Thai given name]
กุลสตรีgoonM laH satL reeMnouna virtuous woman
กุลาgooL laaMnouna kite in the form of a five-pointed star
noun[same as ช้อนหอย] ibis
กุลาขาวgooL laaM khaaoRnoun[same as ช้อนหอยขาว]
กุลาดำgooL laaM damMnoun[same as ช้อนหอยดำ]
กุลี gooL leeMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] coolie; laborer; worker
adjective[is] evil
กุลีกุจอgooL leeM gooL jaawMverbto hurry up; make haste
adjective[is] energetic; eager
กุศล gooL sohnRnounmerit, a past good deeds; fortune; luck; virtue; charity
adjective[is] wholesome, skillful
[การกุศล] charity; merit
กุศลgooL sohnR laH[alternate pronunciation of กุศล ]
กุศลกรรมgooL sohnR laH gamMnounphilanthropic act or deed
กุศลเจตนาgooL sohnR jaehtL dtaL naaMnoungood intention; goodwill; good faith
กุศโลบายgootL saL lo:hM baaiMnounstrategy; stratagem; maneuver, tactics, well-thought-out course of action; manipulation; scheme
กุสตาโวgootL dtaaM wo:hMproper noun, loanword, EnglishGustavo [a Spanish given name]
กุหลาบ gooL laapLnoun[general] rose
noun[ดอกกุหลาบ] rose (the flower)
กุหลาบแดงช่อละเท่าไหร่? gooL laapL daaengM chaawF laH thaoF raiLexample sentence"How much are those red roses per bunch?"
กุหลาบไฟgooL laapL faiMnoun, proper nounThai name for the Blackburn Rovers F.C. (Blackburn)
กูguuMpronoun, vulgar, archaic[the 1st person singular pronoun, an old word form, now considered overly familiar] I; me; myself
กูก็ว่าอยู่guuM gaawF waaF yuuLexample sentence, colloquial"I was just thinking that."
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