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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

2840 Thai words on 57 Pages

Page 29
ขี้งอนkheeF ngaawnMadjective[ขี้งอน] peevish; petulant; churlish; fractious
ขี้แงkheeF ngaaeMadjective[ขี้แง] [is] whiny; [is a] crybaby
ขี้ใจน้อยkheeF jaiM naawyHadjective[ขี้ใจน้อย] [is] over sensitive
ขี้ฉ้อkheeF chaawFadjective[ขี้ฉ้อ] [is] (a) scamming (person); cheating
ขี้ฉ้อตอแหลkheeF chaawF dtaawM laaeRadjective[is] dishonest; deceitful; habitual cheat
ขี้เซาkheeF saoMadjective[ขี้เซา] halfsleep; sleepy; sluggish; torpid
ขี้ตะกรันkheeF dtaL granMnoun[ขี้ตะกรัน] slag; residue; dregs
ขี้ตะกั่วkheeF dtaL guaaLnoun[ขี้ตะกั่ว] the scum that forms on the surface of molten lead
ขี้ตะไบkheeF dtaL baiMnouniron filings
ขี้ตั๊วkheeF dtuaaHnoun, adjective[Isaan dialect] "Liar!" — to lie
ขี้ตาkheeF dtaaMnouneye snot; eye secretion
ขี้ตืดkheeF dteuutLadjective[ขี้ตืด] stingy; cheap; parsimonious
ขี้ตื่นkheeF dteuunLadjective[ขี้ตื่น] [is] excitable; alarmed
ขี้ตู่kheeF dtuuLverbto be apt or prone to make false claims
ขี้แตกขี้แตนkheeF dtaaekL kheeF dtaaenMadjective, phrase, colloquial[is] scared shitless; very afraid
ขี้ไต้kheeF dtaiFnountinder (used to light fires)
ขี้เถ้า kheeF thaoFnounash
ขี้นก kheeF nohkHadjective, phrase, figurative, formal, idiom[usually preceded by ฝรั่ง ] fake; phoney; bogus; spurious; pretended; feigned; sham; low-class; inferior; insignificant; meaningless; worthless
ขี้บ่น kheeF bohnLadjective[ขี้บ่น] to nag; nagging
ขี้บุหรี่ kheeF booL reeLnouncigarette ash
ขี้ปะติ๋วkheeF bpaL dtiuRadjective, colloquial, idiom[ขี้ปะติ๋ว] trifling; petty; trivial
ขี้ปากkheeF bpaakLnoungossip; wide-spread talk
ขี้ผึ้ง kheeF pheungFnounbeeswax
ขี้ผึ้งทาริมฝีปาก kheeF pheungF thaaM rimM feeR bpaakLnounlip balm
ขี้ฝุ่น kheeF foonLnoundust; dirt
ขี้พยาบาทkheeF phaH yaaM baatLadjective[ขี้พยาบาท] vindictive; vengeful; wanting revenge
ขี้ฟันkheeF fanMnounparticles in-between the teeth
ขี้มันkheeF manMadjective[ขี้มัน] [?] [southern Thai dialect] [is] stingy
ขี้มันkheeF manMadjective[ขี้มัน] [?] [southern Thai dialect] [is] playfully deceptive
ขี้มูกkheeF muukFnoun[ขี้มูก] mucus
ขี้มูก kheeF muukFnounsnot; mucus; boogers
ขี้เมา kheeF maoMadjective[ขี้เมา] drunkard; drunken; very drunk; often drunk
ขี้โม้kheeF mo:hHadjective[ขี้โม้] [is] boastful
ขี้โมโหkheeF mo:hM ho:hRadjective[ขี้โมโห] [is] resentful; easily mad; irritable
ขี้ไม่ออกkheeF maiF aawkLverb, phrase[is] unable to defecate; is constipated
ขี้ยาkheeF yaaMnoundrug addict
ขี้ยางลบkheeF yaangM lohpHeraser shavings
ขี้แย kheeF yaaeMadjective, colloquial[ขี้แย] given to crying; crybaby
ขี้ระแวงkheeF raH waaengMadjective[ขี้ระแวง] [is] suspicious; distrustful; doubtful
ขี้รังแค kheeF rangM khaaeMnoundandruff
ขี้เรื้อนkheeF reuuanH[ขี้เรื้อน] [is] mangy (of a dog)
ขี้โรคkheeF ro:hkFadjective[ขี้โรค] sickly; frail; weak; ailing
ขี้ลืม kheeF leuumMadjective[ขี้ลืม] [is] absent-minded; forgetful
ขี้เล่นkheeF lenFadjective[ขี้เล่น] [is] playful; joking
ขี้วีนkheeF weenMadjective[is] a whiner; a compainer; tempermental
ขี้สงสัยkheeF sohngR saiR[ขี้สงสัย] suspicious; dubious; doubtful; skeptical [the person with the feeling]
ขี้สงสารkheeF sohngR saanRadjective[ขี้สงสาร] overly sensitive [regarding the person with the feeling]; soft-hearted
ขี้หงุดหงิดkheeF ngootL ngitLadjective[ขี้หงุดหงิด] irritable; irritated
ขี้หมูราขี้หมาแห้งkheeF muuR raaM kheeF maaR haaengFphrase, colloquial[is] trivial; insignificant
ขี้หลงkheeF lohngRadjective[is] absent-minded; forgetful
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