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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3212 Thai words on 65 Pages

Page 35
ขุดต้นไม้ต้นนั้นขึ้นมา ฉันจะเอาไปให้เพื่อน khootL dtohnF maaiH dtohnF nanH kheunF maaM chanR jaL aoM bpaiM haiF pheuuanFexample sentence"Dig up that tree, I am going to give it to my friend."
ขุดบ่อล่อปลาkhootL baawL laawF bplaaMverb, adverbto shoot fish in a barrel; easy pickings
ขุดรากถอนโคนkhootL raakF thaawnR kho:hnMverb, phraseto extirpate; abolish; annihilate; destroy; uproot
ขุดแร่khootL raaeFverb(of minerals, ore) to mine
ขุดออก khootL aawkLverbto dig up; take out by digging
ขุน khoonRnoun, proper noun, person, pronoun, formal[the lowest rank of the ancient Thai civil nobility: ขุน, หลวง  (Luang), พระ  (Phra), พระยา  (Phraya), เจ้าพระยา  (Chao Phraya)] a regional ruler in the time before Thailand came under one sovereignity; sovereign; leader; head; chieftian; overlord; suzerain
noun[chess] the king
verb, transitive, intransitiveto feed; to nourish; to breed; to raise; to rear
adjectivebig; large; gigantic; great
noun, formal[ลูกขุน] jury; juror
ขุนเขาkhoonR khaoRnoun, poeticgreat mountain
ขุนค้อนkhoonR khaawnHnoun, proper nounThai name for the West Ham United F.C. (East London)
ขุนโจรkhoonR jo:hnMnounbandit chief
ขุนพล khoonR phohnMnounwarlord
ขุนพลkhoonR phohnMnounmilitary commander; army commander; military leader
ขุนศึกkhoonR seukLnounwarlord; warrior; military chief
ขุนให้อ้วนพีkhoonR haiF uaanF pheeMverbto feed and nourish until fat, plump and strong
ขุ่น khoonLadjective[is] turbid; unclear; cloudy; muddy; mucky; murky; gloomy
adjective[of a person] [is] disturbed; distressed; vexed; purturbed; gloomy
noun[ความขุ่น] distress; stress; anxiety; displeasure
ขุ่นเคืองkhoonL kheuuangMadjective, phrase, formalto be angry; to be annoyed; to be irritated; to be gloomy
ขุ่นเคืองใจkhoonL kheuuangM jaiMadjective[is] estranged
ขุ่นแค้นใจkhoonL khaaenH jaiMverb, intransitive, phrase, formalto bear a grudge against someone
ขุ่นใจkhoonL jaiMadjective[is] moody; sullen; gloom
ขุ่นมัว khoonL muaaMadjective[is] melancholy; depressed; gloomy
ขุ่นหมอง khoonL maawngRadjective[is] gloomy; distressed
ขุ่นข้องkhoonL khaawngFadjective[is] estranged
ขุ่นข้องหมองใจkhoonL khaawngF maawngR jaiMadjective, phrase[is] moody; unhappy; despondent
ขุนนาง khoonR naangMnoun, archaicnobleman; titled official
ขุนนางใช่พ่อแม่ หินแง่ใช่ตายายkhoonR naangM chaiF phaawF maaeF hinR ngaaeF chaiF dtaaM yaaiMexample sentence"Do not rely on others outside of oneself and one’s family."
ขุนนางฝ่ายบู๊ khoonR naangM faaiL buuHnounmilitarist
ขุนนางยุโรปที่มีตำแหน่งฐานะเท่าท่านเอิร์ลของอังกฤษkhoonR naangM yooH ro:hpL theeF meeM dtamM naengL thaaR naH thaoF thanF eernM khaawngR angM gritLnoun, proper noun, person, phrase, formal[capitalized] Count
ขุม khoomRnouna hollow; a pit
nouncache; hiding place
noun[gambling] stake
collection; accumulation; trove
ขุมกำลังkhoomR gamM langMnoun, phrasepower base (as in politics); source of political power
ขุมขนkhoomR khohnRnoun(skin) pore
ขุมทรัพย์khoomR sapHnoun(hidden) treasure
ขุมสมบัติ khoomR sohmR batLnountreasure trove; cache; financial resources
ขุย khuyRnounscaly or flaky residue; fluff
ขู่ khuuLverbto scare; threaten
ขู่กรรโชกkhuuL ganM cho:hkFverbto blackmail; to extort (money) by force or intimidation
ขู่กรรโชกทรัพย์khuuL ganM cho:hkF sapHverb, transitiveto extort; racketeer; blackmail
ขู่ขวัญkhuuL khwanRverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, formalto threaten; frighten
ขู่เข็ญkhuuL khenRverbto threaten
ขูด khuutLverbto scrape; grate
ขูดรีดkhuutL reetFverbto fleece; exploit; extort; plunder
ขูดเลือดkhuutL leuuatFverbto overcharge; bleed dry; squeeze economically; gouge
ขูดหินปูนkhuutL hinR bpuunMverb, phrasecleaning (one's teeth); to remove plaque (from one's teeth)
ขูดหินปูนkhuutL hinR bpuunMverb, phraseto remove scaling (from teeth)
เข khaehRverb[of the eyes] to squint
adjectivesquinting; narrow; [of the eyes] crossed
เข้ khehFnoun, colloquial[จระเข้  ]
เขก khaehkLverbto rap upon; to knock upon
เข่ง khengLnouna basketwork crate typically used to package fish
เข็ญ khenRadjective[of a problem] [is] hard; difficult; troubling
noundistress; suffering; grief; misfortune
adjectivepoor; impoverished; destitute; poverty-stricken
เข็ญใจkhenR jaiMadjective[is] poor; miserable
เข็ด khetLverb, intransitiveto be afraid to repeat wrongdoing after having learned one's bad lesson in the past; to be reformed through punishment
classifier[numerical classifier for a length of yarn or thread, especially wool and silk, wound on a reel or swift preparatory for use in manufacturing or anything wound in or resembling such a coil] skein
เข็ดขยาดkhetL khaL yaatLverb[is] afraid of doing something
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