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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3126 Thai words on 63 Pages

Page 61
แข็งค่าkhaengR khaaFverbto increase in price
แขน khaaenRarm
noun[of shirt] a sleeve
adjective[แขนยาว] long sleeves; long-sleeved
แขนของเดซี่ปวดไปหมดเนื่องจากไม่ได้ขยับเขยื้อนมานานแล้ว khaaenR khaawngR daehM seeF bpuaatL bpaiM mohtL neuuangF jaakL maiF daiF khaL yapL khaL yeuuanF maaM naanM laaeoHexample sentence"Daisy's arm is aching all over, because she hasn't moved about for quite some time."
แขนช่วงล่าง khaaenR chuaangF laangFnounforearm
แขนยาวkhaaenR yaaoMadjective[แขนยาว] long sleeves; long-sleeved
แขนส่วนบน khaaenR suaanL bohnMnounupper arm
แขนเสื้อ khaaenR seuuaFnounsleeve; shirtsleeve
แขนง khaL naaengRnounsmall branch, a twig; an offshoot, a limb, a sprout
nounbranch of a family or field of science
classifier[numerical classifier for branches and twigs]
แขนงหลอดลมkhaL naaengR laawtL lohmMnounbronchiole
แขม็บ khaL maepLverbto gasp; to pant
แขม่ว khaL maaeoLverbto contract; to draw in
แขยง khaL yaaengRverbto hate; to loathe; to abhor
noun[ปลาแขยง] a [type of] fish of genus Mystus, family Bagridae
แขวง khwaaengRnoundistrict; region; precinct; geographical section; jurisdiction; prefecture; area; land; territory
nounpart; side; party faction
adjective[is] sectional
แขวน khwaaenRverbto hang or suspend, dangle
แขวนคอ khwaaenR khaawMverb, intransitive, phrase, formalto hang (by one's neck); lynch
แขวนนวม khwaaenR nuaamMverbto quit boxing; to hang up the gloves
แขวนสตั๊ดkhwaaenR saL dtatHverb[football/soccer] to hang up one's cleats; retire from playing
แขวะkhwaeLverbto enlarge; widen
verbto speak sarcastically; pick a quarrel with
โขkho:hRadverbvery; much
โขกkho:hkLverbto knock
โขกสับkho:hkL sapLverbto rebuke; nag; peck at; scold severely
โขง kho:hngRnounalligator
proper noun, geographical[แม่น้ำโขง] Mekong River
โข่ง kho:hngLverbto brag
adjective[is] bragging
adjectiveawkward; clumsy
โขดkho:htLnounknoll; sand dune; sand bar; mound; hillock; shallows
โขดหินkho:htL hinRnounrock
โขน kho:hnRnounthe Thai classical drama, "khon" in which silent dancers wearing masks portray the Ramayana epic
โขนง khaL no:hngRnouneyebrow
โขม kho:hmRnoun[ผักโขม] Chinese spinach, vegetable amaranth, and other plants of Amaranthus or pigweeds, hogweeds, Boerhavia
linen; white cloth; silk
โขมkho:hR maHlinen; white cloth; silk
โขมง khaL mo:hngRadjective[of bees, smoke, insects] swarming; filling the air; billowing
verb, intransitiveto fill the air with noise [possibly] by swearing or shouting
โขมงโฉงเฉงkhaL mo:hngR cho:hngR chaehngRverb, phraseto exclaim loudly; state vociferously; shout out loud; state in detail; expain crefully
โขมด khaL mo:htLnoun, loanword, Khmerphantom spectral lights
โขยก khaL yo:hkLverbto hobble; to limp
adjectivecrippled; hobbled; lame
โขยกเขยกkhaL yo:hkL khaL yaehkLverbto hobble, limp, stumble, stagger
โขยง khaL yo:hngRnounbunch; crowd; flock; horde; swarm
โขย่ง khaL yo:hngLverbto heighten; to raise up
โขยด khaL yo:htLverbto hobble; to limp
โขลก khlo:hkLverb, transitive, intransitive, figurativeto crush or pulverize by using great force; to stamp or pound out a shape (or figuratively, an arduous task)
โขลงkhlo:hngRnounherd (of elephant); horde
classifier[numerical classifier for herds of elephants]
nounstench of old rotting meat; extremely foul smell
โขลนkhlo:hnRnounpalace gate woman; door-keepers for the royal palace; female palace guard
ไข khaiRverbopen; unfold; explain; unlock; tell; expand
verbto wind (up) or unwind; to turn
nounanimal fat; lard; tallow; [of human bones] marrow
ไขกระดูก khaiR graL duukLnoun, phrase, formalbone marrow
ไขก๊อก khaiR gaawkHverb[lit.] turn the faucet
ไขก๊อก khaiR gaawkH[fig.] to quit a job or close up shop
ไขข้อข้องkhaiR khaawF khaawngFverb, phraseto give an answer; solve a troublesome problem
ไขข้อข้องใจkhaiR khaawF khaawngF jaiMverb, phraseto give an answer; solve a troublesome problem
ไขควง  khaiR khuaangMnounscrewdriver
ไขควงปากแฉกkhaiR khuaangM bpaakL chaaekLnounPhillips screwdriver
ไขควงปากแบนkhaiR khuaangM bpaakL baaenMnounstraight-tipped screw driver
ไขควงไร้สายkhaiR khuaangM raiH saaiRnouncordless (electric) screwdriver
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