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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3212 Thai words on 65 Pages

Page 63
แขวนนวม khwaaenR nuaamMverbto quit boxing; to hang up the gloves
แขวนสตั๊ดkhwaaenR saL dtatHverb[football/soccer] to hang up one's cleats; retire from playing
แขวะkhwaeLverbto enlarge; widen
verbto speak sarcastically; pick a quarrel with
โขkho:hRadverbvery; much
โขกkho:hkLverbto knock
โขกสับkho:hkL sapLverbto rebuke; nag; peck at; scold severely
โขง kho:hngRnounalligator
proper noun, geographical[แม่น้ำโขง] Mekong River
โข่ง kho:hngLverbto brag
adjective[is] bragging
adjectiveawkward; clumsy
โขดkho:htLnounknoll; sand dune; sand bar; mound; hillock; shallows
โขดหินkho:htL hinRnounrock
โขน kho:hnRnounthe Thai classical drama, "khon" in which silent dancers wearing masks portray the Ramayana epic
โขนง khaL no:hngRnouneyebrow
โขม kho:hmRnoun[ผักโขม] Chinese spinach, vegetable amaranth, and other plants of Amaranthus or pigweeds, hogweeds, Boerhavia
linen; white cloth; silk
โขมkho:hR maHlinen; white cloth; silk
โขมง khaL mo:hngRadjective[of bees, smoke, insects] swarming; filling the air; billowing
verb, intransitiveto fill the air with noise [possibly] by swearing or shouting
โขมงโฉงเฉงkhaL mo:hngR cho:hngR chaehngRverb, phraseto exclaim loudly; state vociferously; shout out loud; state in detail; expain crefully
โขมด khaL mo:htLnoun, loanword, Khmerphantom spectral lights
โขยก khaL yo:hkLverbto hobble; to limp
adjectivecrippled; hobbled; lame
โขยกเขยกkhaL yo:hkL khaL yaehkLverbto hobble, limp, stumble, stagger
โขยง khaL yo:hngRnounbunch; crowd; flock; horde; swarm
โขย่ง khaL yo:hngLverbto heighten; to raise up
โขยด khaL yo:htLverbto hobble; to limp
โขลก khlo:hkLverb, transitive, intransitive, figurativeto crush or pulverize by using great force; to stamp or pound out a shape (or figuratively, an arduous task)
โขลงkhlo:hngRnounherd (of elephant); horde
classifier[numerical classifier for herds of elephants]
nounstench of old rotting meat; extremely foul smell
โขลนkhlo:hnRnounpalace gate woman; door-keepers for the royal palace; female palace guard
ไข khaiRverbopen; unfold; explain; unlock; tell; expand
verbto wind (up) or unwind; to turn
nounanimal fat; lard; tallow; [of human bones] marrow
ไขกระดูก khaiR graL duukLnoun, phrase, formalbone marrow
ไขก๊อก khaiR gaawkHverb[lit.] turn the faucet
ไขก๊อก khaiR gaawkH[fig.] to quit a job or close up shop
ไขข้อข้องkhaiR khaawF khaawngFverb, phraseto give an answer; solve a troublesome problem
ไขข้อข้องใจkhaiR khaawF khaawngF jaiMverb, phraseto give an answer; solve a troublesome problem
ไขควง  khaiR khuaangMnounscrewdriver
ไขควงปากแฉกkhaiR khuaangM bpaakL chaaekLnounPhillips screwdriver
ไขควงปากแบนkhaiR khuaangM bpaakL baaenMnounstraight-tipped screw driver
ไขควงไร้สายkhaiR khuaangM raiH saaiRnouncordless (electric) screwdriver
ไขความ khaiR khwaamMverbinterpret; explain
ไขความลับkhaiR khwaamM lapHverbto divulge a secret; unlock as secret
ไขปริศนาkhaiR bpritL saL naaRverb, phraseto solve a mystery; work out a connundrum; answer a riddle; find a solution to the puzzle
ไขปัญหา khaiR bpanM haaRverbto solve a problem
ไขมัน khaiR manMnounanimal lard; fat in animal products, like milk; fat (in the blood)
ไขมันส่วนเกินkhaiR manM suaanL geernMnoununnecessary fat; pork-barrel legislation (unnecessary government spending)
ไขมันอิ่มตัวkhaiR manM imL dtuaaMnounsaturated fat
ไขลูกกุญแจ khaiR luukF goonM jaaeMverbunlock
ไขสันหลังkhaiR sanR langRnounspinal cord
ไข่ khaiLnounegg
noun, colloquial[sexual; colloquial slang] a man's testicle (ball)
ไข่กรอบkhaiL graawpLnounfried egg with crispy edges
ไข่กระโหลกkhaiL graL lo:hkLnouna large omlet filled with various meats, cheese, or seafood (modern Thai food adapted from Japan.)
ไข่กวนkhaiL guaanMnounscrambled eggs
ไข่ไก่ khaiL gaiLnounegg of a chicken
ไข่ขาวkhaiL khaaoRnounegg white
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