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ขอ ไข่eggThe 2nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ข (ข)
TIS-620 value: 0xข (ข)

3245 Thai words on 65 Pages

Page 7
ข่มตานอนkhohmL dtaaM naawnMverb, phraseto force one's eyes closed to try to sleep
ข่มเหงkhohmL haehngRverbto bully; annoy; persecute; hector
ข่มอารมณ์khohmL aaM rohmMverb, phraseto control one's emotions
ขมวดkhohmR wohtH[alternate spelling of กระหมวด ]
ขมวด khaL muaatLverbto twist into a knot; to knot; to twist; to knit
ขมวดคิ้ว khaL muaatL khiuHverbto frown, to scowl, to furrow the eyebrows as when upset or dissatisfied
ขมองkhaL maawngRnoun, loanword, Cambodianbrain; thought; head; intelligence; intellect; wit
ขม่อม khaL maawmLnouncrown of the head; top of the head
ขมอยkhaL maawyMnoun, archaic, ancientoffspring; grandchild
ขมังkhaL mangRadjective, loanword, Cambodianaccurate; vigorous; strong; hard; precise; sharp-shooting
noun, loanword, Cambodianan archer
ขมับ khaL mapLnoun[of the human head] the temple; brain; head
ขมาkhaL maaMnounpardon; forgiveness
noun[คำขมา] apology
ขมายkhaL maaiMverbto pilfer from a thief
ขม้ำkhaL mamFverbto gobble up; to devour
adverbgreedily; voraciously; ravenously
ขมิ้น khaL minFnounturmeric, Curcuma domestica
noun[นกขมิ้น] oriole
ขมิ้นผงkhaL minF phohngRnounturmeric powder
ขมิบ khaL mipLverb, transitive[usually referring to a vagina] to compress; to contract; to withhold; to keep back
ขมิบช่องคลอด khaL mipL chaawngF khlaawtFverb, phrase, formalto compress or contract a vagina (so that it will become firm)
ขมีขมันkhaL meeR khaL manRadjective, loanword, Cambodian[is] active; quick; hurried; hasty; quick; speedy; immediate; busy; brisk
verbto rush; to hurry; to hustle; to appear or look brisk
adverbactively; quickly; hastily; energetically
ขมึงkhaL meungRverbto stare at; to glower; to fix the eyes hard in a steady gaze
ขมึงทึงkhaL meungR theungMadjectivefrowning; sullen; horrible; terrifying
ขมุkhaL mooLproper nounKhmu, a hill-tribe of Khmer origin inhabiting the รัฐฉาน (Shan states) and Northern Thailand
ขมุกขมัว khaL mookL khaL muaaRadjective[is] dark; blurred; indistict; dusky
noun[ความขมุกขมัว] obscurity
ขมุกขมัวkhaL mookL khaL muaaRadjective[is] dim; indistinct; gloomy; dull
ขมุบkhaL moopLverbto pulsate; to beat; to throb; to thump; to palpitate
ขมุบขมิบkhaL moopL khaL mipLverbto jerk; to twitch; to pucker and slacken alternatingly; to move the lips and mouth silently
ขโมย khaL mooyMnounburglar; thief
verbto steal; to thieve; to pilfer; to burglarize
noun[การขโมย] stealing
adjective[ขี้ขโมย] [is] thieving; pilfering
ขโมยขโจร khaL mooyM khaL jo:hnMnoun, colloquial, idiomburglar; thief
ขโมยเข้าบ้าน khaL mooyM khaoF baanFnounburglary
ขโมยความคิด khaL mooyM khwaamM khitHverbplagiarize; to steal ideas; to crib
ขโมยคัดลอกผลงาน khaL mooyM khatH laawkF phohnR ngaanMverbto plagiarize
ขโมยใจkhaL mooyM jaiMverbto steal one's heart
ขโมยถูกจับได้ขณะถือของกลางอยู่คามือkhaL mooyM thuukL japL daiF khaL naL theuuR khaawngR glaangM yuuL khaaM meuuMexample sentence"The thief was caught red-handed with the stolen goods (with the goods in his hand)."
ขโมยถูกตำรวจจับและถูกจำคุกเป็นเวลาหนึ่งปี khaL mooyM thuukL dtamM ruaatL japL laeH thuukL jamM khookH bpenM waehM laaM neungL bpeeMexample sentence"The thief was arrested by the police and was imprisoned for a year."
ขโมยย่องเบาkhaL mooyM yawngF baoMnounburglar
ขโมยย้อนรอยกลับมาฆ่าเขาkhaL mooyM yaawnH raawyM glapL maaM khaaF khaoRexample sentence"The robber retraced his steps and came back to kill him."
ขโมยล้วงกระเป๋า khaL mooyM luaangH graL bpaoRnounpickpocket
ขโมยวางยาเบื่อสุนัขก่อนที่เข้าขโมยของในบ้านkhaL mooyM waangM yaaM beuuaL sooL nakH gaawnL theeF khaoF khaL mooyM khaawngR naiM baanFexample sentence"The thief put down dog poison before he went in to rob the house."
ขโมยอาจเอื้อมเข้าไปในบ้านนายตำรวจkhaL mooyM aatL euuamF khaoF bpaiM naiM baanF naaiM dtamM ruaatLexample sentence"The robber audaciously stole into the police officer’s home."
ขโมยเอกลักษณ์khaL mooyM aehkL gaL lakHverbto steal someone's identity
ขยดkhaL yohtLverbto move slighty; to move a little; to retire slightly
ขยมkhaL yohmRloanword, Cambodianservant; slave
pronoun, poetic, archaic, loanword, CambodianI; me
ขย่ม khaL yohmLverbto press down repeatedly, jump up and down on, push down
verbto wrap up
verbto make worse, cause to deteriorate
ขยลkhaL yohnRnoun, poetic, archaic, loanword, Cambodianwind; air
ขยอกkhaL yaawkLnounthe worm, Nymphula depunctalis
verbto swallow; to gulp
ขยองkhaL yaawngRadjective[Isaan dialect] [is] horrible; terrifying
noun[a kind of] snail
ขย่อนkhaL yaawnLadjective, poeticfrequent; adjacent
verbto step or proceed closer
ขย้อน khaL yaawnFadjective[of the stomach] heaving; in spasm
ขยะ khaL yaLnountrash; garbage; rubbish; refuse
ขยะปนเปื้อนkhaL yaL bpohnM bpeuuanFnouncontaminated trash
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