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คอ ควาย[general] water buffaloThe 4th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ค (ค)
TIS-620 value: 0xค (ค)

4474 Thai words on 90 Pages

Page 52
ค่าฤชาธรรมเนียม khaaF reuH chaaM thamM niiamMnoun, phrase, formalcost
ค่าเล่าเรียนkhaaF laoF riianMnountuition
ค่าเลี้ยงดูkhaaF liiangH duuMnounalimony payment
ค่าส่ง khaaF sohngLnounpostage
ค่าสิทธิkhaaF sitL thiHnounroyalty (cost)
ค่าสินไหมทดแทนkhaaF sinR maiR thohtH thaaenMnounindemnity; recompense
ค่าสุทธิkhaaF sootL thiHnounnet worth
ค่าเสียหาย khaaF siiaR haaiRnoun, phrasecost
ค่าเสียโอกาสkhaaF siiaR o:hM gaatLnounlost opportunity cost
ค่าเสื่อมราคา khaaF seuuamL raaM khaaMphrase, formaldepreciation
ค่าเสื่อมราคาสะสมkhaaF seuuamL raaM khaaM saL sohmRnoun[ค่าเสื่อมราคาสะสม] accumulated depreciation
ค่าโสหุ้ย khaaF so:hR huyFnoun, phrase, colloquial, loanword, Chinesecost
ค่าห้องkhaaF haawngFnounroom rent; hotel bill; room rate
ค่าหัวคิวkhaaF huaaR khiuMnounrake off; portion skimmed off the top
ค่าหัวนำจับkhaaF huaaR namM japLnoun, phrasea reward for the capture of
ค่าอุปการะเลี้ยงดูkhaaF oopL bpaL gaaM raH liiangH duuMnounchild support (payments)
ค้า khaaHverbto trade; to do business; to do commerce; to barter; to buy and sell; to vend; to traffic in
noun, adjective, colloquial[การค้า] commerce; trade
adjective[ทางการค้า] [is] commercial
[ดุลการค้า] balance of trade
[คู่ค้า] business associate; trading partner
ค้ากาม khaaH gaamMverbto practice in the sex trade; to prostitute (oneself)
ค้าขาย khaaH khaaiRnounbusiness, selling and buying, trading, deal
ค้าขายkhaaH khaaiRverbto do business; buy and sell
ค้าแข้งkhaaH khaaengFadjective[is] employed as a professional football player
ค้าความkhaaH khwaamMnoun, verbmaking lawsuits for profit; ambulance chasing
ค้าปลีกkhaaH bpleekLadjective[is] retail
ค้าส่งkhaaH sohngLadjective[is] wholesale
คากิkhaaM giLnountrotter; pigs feet; pad of the pig's feet
คาคบkhaaM khohpHnouncrotch
ค่าคบkhaaF khohpHnounthe large fork of a tree
คาง khaangMnounchin; jaw
คางทูม khaangM thuumMnounmumps
ค่างkhaangFnounlangur, a [type of] long-tailed monkey
ค้าง khaangHverbto lodge; stay over
adjective[is] interrupted (as during a meal); unfinished; incomplete; dangling; remaining
nouna pergola, a prop for vines
adjective, colloquial[is] stuck; lodged
noun, formalaccrual; amoung owing
[is] remaining
ค้างคาkhaangH khaaMverbto remain; leave; be unresolved; be outstanding
ค้างคืน khaangH kheuunMverbremain for the night; stay overnight
ค้างชำระkhaangH chamM raHadjective[is] in arrears; behind in payment
ค้างชำระเงินkhaangH chamM raH ngernMadjective[is] in arrears with one's payment
ค้างเติ่งkhaangH dteerngLadjective[is] unfinished; unsettled; incomplete; undone
ค้างแรมkhaangH raaemMverbto stay (in a place) overnight
ค้างสต๊อกkhaangH saL dtaawkHadverbstill in stock (e.g. merchandise)
ค้างแห้งkhaangH haaengFadjective[is] left high and dry
คางคกkhaangM khohkHnountoad
คางคกขึ้นวอkhaangM khohkH kheunF waawMnouna poor person whom makes good and forgets his roots; having a swelled head
คางคกมีผิวหนังปุ่มป่ำkhaangM khohkH meeM phiuR nangR bpoomL bpamLexample sentence"Toads have bumpy and rough skin."
ค้างคาว khaangH khaaoMnounbat, the winged mammal
คาซัคสถาน khaaM sakH saL thaanRproper noun, geographical[ประเทศคาซัคสถาน] Kazakhstan, a country in Asia
คาแซนดร้าkhaaM saaenM draaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishCassandra [an English given name]
คาด khaatFverbto put around; to encircle; to belt; to strap; to gird
verbto expect; calculate; reckon; foresee
คาดการณ์khaatF gaanMverb, intransitive, phraseto speculate; to surmise; anticipate
คาดการณ์khaatF gaanMverbto predict; foretell; foresee; forecast; guess
คาดการณ์ล่วงหน้าkhaatF gaanM luaangF naaFverb, phraseto predict; foresee; forecast; foretell
คาดคะเนkhaatF khaH naehMverb, transitive, intransitive, formalto guess; to surmise; to conjecture; to estimate; to speculate; to approximate
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