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คอ ควาย[general] water buffaloThe 4th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ค (ค)
TIS-620 value: 0xค (ค)

5005 Thai words on 101 Pages

Page 56
คันนาkhanM naaMnounridge; earthen dyke between rice fields; dike
คันเบ็ด khanM betLnounfishing rod
คันปากkhanM bpaakLverb[is] just itching to say something; unable to hold something back
คันโพงkhanM pho:hngMnounwater bailer; long-handled dipper
คันไม้คันมือkhanM maaiH khanM meuuMverb, phraseto want to show one's skill; anxious to show what one can do; get ansy
คันโยกkhanM yo:hkFnounlever or handle for controlling (something)
คันเร่ง khanM rengFnoungas pedal; accelerator pedal (of an automobile); accelerator handle (of a motorcycle)
คันศร khanM saawnRnoun(archery) bow
คันหูkhanM huuRverbto have an itch in the ear
คั่น khanFverb, transitive, intransitiveto set a limit to; separate; place in between; interpose; divide; stop; confine
คั่นหนังสือkhanF nangR seuuRverb, phraseto place a bookmark in a book
คั่นหน้าkhanF naaFnoun, verb, phrase, formala browser bookmark [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute]
คั้น khanHadjectivefresh squeezed
verbsqueeze out
verbwring; wring out; crush; squash
verb[บีบคั้น] to oppress; press; force
noun[การคั้นคั้น] pressure; force; oppression
คันดินkhanM dinMnounridge; earthen dyke; berm
คันนายาวkhanM naaM yaaoMproper noun[เขตคันนายาว] [administrative district of Bangkok] Khan Na Yao
คันยก khanM yohkHnounlever
คับ khapHadjective[is] tight; confined; crowded; closely packed; tight-fitting; close-fitting
particle, colloquial[informal pronounciation of] ครับ 
verbto overflow; exceed a limit; spill over; overcrowd
คับkhapH[alternate spelling of ครับ ]
คับข้องใจkhapH khaawngF jaiMadjective[is] frustrated; feels constrained
คับแค้นkhapH khaaenHadverbdistressfully; in a troubled manner; miserably
คับแค้นใจkhapH khaaenH jaiMadjective[is] resentful; to harbor feeling of anger or resentment
คับแคบkhapH khaaepFadjective[is] narrow; small; cramped; restricted; close; limited; contracted
คับแคบkhapH khaaepFadjective[is] narrow-minded, small-minded, unhelpful, ungenerous
คับใจkhapH jaiMadjective[is] discontented; disconcerted; embarrassed; distressed; depressed
คับที่khapH theeFadjective[is] forced to live in a restricted space
คับโพรงkhapH phro:hngMadjective[is] forced to live in too small a den or hole
คับอกคับใจ khapH ohkL khapH jaiMadjective[is] depressed (or melancholic, disconsolate)
คับขัน khapH khanRadjective[is] critical; crucial; imperative; urgent; difficult
noun[ความคับขัน] crisis; emergence; urgency
[จุดคับขัน] the critical point
คับคั่งkhapH khangFadjective[is] crowded; jammed; congested; crammed; tightly-packed
คัปเปิลkhapH bpeernMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] couple
คัมปาลาkhamM bpaaM laaM[alternate spelling of กัมปาลา ]
คัมภีร์ khamM pheeMadjective, loanword, Palideep; profound
noun, proper noun, person, loanword, Palia common male name; a last name
noun, loanword, Pali[พระคัมภีร์] treatise; textbook; scripture
classifier[numerical classifier for biblical texts]
คัมภีร์กุรอานkhamM pheeM gooL raH aanMKoran, Kuran; Muslim scripture
คัมภีรภาพkhamM pheeM raH phaapFnoundepth; profundity
คัว khuaaMverbto rinse
คั่ว khuaaFverbto roast; [of corn] to pop
noun[a type of] Thai curry
noun, verbto get three-of-a-kind in the Thai card game ไพ่ตอง
verb, colloquial[slang] to flirt (with a woman); court
verbto be ready to pounce; perch
คั่วตำแหน่งkhuaaF dtamM naengLverbassume a position (in government, for example)
คา khaaMverbto obstruct; to be lodged in; to get stuck in; to remain stuck; to remain embedded; to be left unfinished
nounpillory; stock; iron ring
nouna thatch grass in Thailand
คาใจ khaaM jaiMadjective[is] troubled by; disturbed by; full of doubt.
คาตาkhaaM dtaaMadverbwith one's own eyes
คาที่khaaM theeFadverbon the spot; right there and then
คามือkhaaM meuuMadjective[is] caught red-handed; in the act; in the open; right there and then
คาหนังคาเขา khaaM nangR khaaM khaoRadverb, phrasered-handed, clearly
ค่า khaaFnounvalue; price; charge; cost; expense
noun[computer science] a literal, an expression that cannot be further reduced like a single number or atomic value
ค่าการตลาดkhaaF gaanM dtaL laatLnoun, phrasemarketing costs
ค่ากินเปล่า khaaF ginM bplaaoLadjective[commerce] royalty-free; no excess charges; no hidden fees
ค่ากินเปล่าkhaaF ginM bplaaoLnounbribe; fee; corruption
ค่าขนส่งkhaaF khohnR sohngLnounfreight costs
ค่าของคนคือคนของใครkhaaF khaawngR khohnM kheuuM khohnM khaawngR khraiMphrase"The worth of a person is according to his 'patronage.'"
ค่าเข้า khaaF khaoFnounadmission charge
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