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งอ งูsnakeThe 7th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ง (ง)
TIS-620 value: 0xง (ง)

459 Thai words on 10 Pages

Page 2
งวดเข้ามาทุกขณะ สำหรับผลสรุปของคณะกรรมการตรวจสอบข้อเท็จจริงกรณีการจัดซื้อหนังสือและสื่อการเรียนการสอนขององค์การบริหารส่วนจังหวัดnguaatF khaoF maaM thookH khaL naL samR rapL phohnR saL roopL khaawngR khaH naH gamM maH gaanM dtruaatL saawpL khaawF thetH jingM gaL raH neeM gaanM jatL seuuH nangR seuuR laeH seuuL gaanM riianM gaanM saawnR khaawngR ohngM gaanM baawM riH haanR suaanL jangM watLexample sentence"The committee investigating the facts concerning the purchase of books and educational materials by the Provincial Administrative councils is just about ready to issue its summary report."
งวดนี้คนนิยมแทงเลข ๑๓ เพื่อให้ตรงกับ ๑๓ เมษายนnguaatF neeH khohnM niH yohmM thaaengM laehkF sipL saamR pheuuaF haiF dtrohngM gapL sipL saamR maehM saaR yohnMexample sentence"In this round people are betting on the number 13 because of April 13th."
งวดนี้รัฐบาลก็คงจะต้องยุบสภาอีกnguaatF neeH ratH thaL baanM gaawF khohngM jaL dtawngF yoopH saL phaaM eekLexample sentence"This time, the government probably must dissolve parliament."
ง่วน nguaanFverbto engross; occupy; absorb; engage
ง่วนอยู่กับnguaanF yuuL gapLadjective[is] absorbed with; engrossed with
งวยnguayMadjective[งงงวย] [is] stunned; astonished; perplexed; bewildered; flummoxed
adjective[งงงวย] [is] astonishing; perplexing; bewildering; baffling
งอ ngaawM[pronunciation of the 7th letter of the Thai alphabet]
verbto bend or become bent
adjectivebent; crooked
verb[ทำให้งอ] to bend
งองุ้มngaawM ngoomHadjective[is] bent, bent over
งอได้ ngaawM daiFadjectiveflexible; bendable
งอตัว ngaawM dtuaaMverbto slouch; double over
งอมืองอตีนngaawM meuuM ngaawM dteenMadjective[is] inert; sit back and do nothing
งอมืองอเท้าngaawM meuuM ngaawM thaaoHadjective, idiom[is] lazy; not dilligent
งอมืองอเท้าngaawM meuuM ngaawM thaaoHadjective[is] inert; sit back and do nothing
งอมืองอเท้าngaawM meuuM ngaawM thaaoHadjective[is] gutless; without gumption
งอหายngaawM haaiRadverbuncontrollably; excessively; extremely
ง้อ ngaawHverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquialto try to conciliate; to reconcile; to humble oneself in order to reconcile; to try to make up and seek forgiveness
ง้องอนngaawH ngaawnMverbto offer to reconcile (with)
งอก ngaawkFverbto sprout; bud; grow; shoot off
nouna sprout or outgrowth
งอกขึ้น ngaawkF kheunFverbto grow (plants)
งอกงามngaawkF ngaamMverbto bloom; to flourish; to grow; to sprout; to develop
งอกเงยngaawkF ngeeuyMverbto increase; grow
ง่อกแง่กngaawkF ngaaekFadjective[is] unsteady; unfirm; tottering
ง่องแง่ง ngaawngF ngaaengFverb, adverblamely; limpingly; slowly; with a stagger
verbto quibble over a petty matter
ง้องแง้งngaawngH ngaaengHverbto twist back and forth; fuss
งอแง ngaawM ngaaeMadjective, colloquial[is] childish; crybaby-like
verb, intransitive, colloquialto pout like a child; to be fussy
งอน ngaawnMadjective, colloquial[is] sulky; petulant; peevish; fractious; huffy; pettish; snappish; grouchy; displeased by an intimate (lover, husband/wife, parent, friend, etc); pouting
adjective, colloquialcurved upwards; bent; tilted
adjective[ขี้งอน] peevish; petulant; churlish; fractious
งอนง้อngaawnM ngaawHverb[ง้องอน]
งอนตุ๊บป่อง ngaawnM dtoopH bpaawngLadjective, verb, intransitive, figurative, colloquial, idiomto be infused with petulance (sulkiness, bad temper, ill humour, irritability, peevishness, pique, sullenness) so much that he or she could float or fly
ง่อนแง่นngaawnF ngaaenFadjective[is] unstable; unsteady; changeable; variable
ง่อนแง่นโงนเงนngaawnF ngaaenF ngo:hnM ngaehnMadjective[is] unstable; unsteady; subject to falling (in a political sense)
งอบngaawpFnouna hat made of bamboo and palm leaves shaped like an inverted basin; a kind of farmer's hat
งอม ngaawmMadjectivesevere; serious; extreme; confirmed
adjectiveover-ripe; very old; very tired
งอมแงมngaawmM ngaaemMadverbextremely; severely; almost to death; beyond recovery; thoroughly bad
ง่อยngaawyFadjective[is] handicapped; lame; disabled
ง่อยเปลี้ยเสียขา ngaawyF bpliiaF siiaR khaaRphraseto lame; be crippled; be disabled
งะ ngaH[suffix]
interjection, colloquialWhat [did you say]?
งั่กngakLadjectivevery old
งั่งngangFnoun, adjective[derogatory] a fool; foolish
[นกงั่ง] hornbill
noun, vulgar[ไอ้งั่ง] [derogatory] "You, goddamn fool (moron, idiot, nincompoop)!"
งัด ngatHverb, transitiveto pry open with a crowbar or lever
bring in (a new strategy, approach, method)
งัดข้อngatH khaawFverb, phraseto arm wrestle
งัดข้อngatH khaawFverb, phraseto disagree; wrangle; have a clash of ideas
งัดแงะngatH ngaeHverbto break in to steal something
งัน nganMadjective[of plants] stunted
adjective[is] stumped; at a loss; halted; stopped; paused; stunned
verb[of plants] to fail to germinate; [of a bomb] to fail to explode
[euphonious suffix]
งั้น nganHadverb, conjunctionthen; in that case; otherwise; or else; if not; in other ways
งั้นเรอะnganH ruhHexample sentence"Is that it?"
งั้นเราจะทำยังไงดีnganH raoM jaL thamM yangM ngaiM deeMexample sentence"So, what should we do about it?"
งั้นหรือnganH reuuRexample sentence"Is that it?"
งั้นแหล่ะnganH laeLadverb[adverbial phrase providing emphasis indicating "that's what it is"]
งับ ngapHverbto bite; nip; snatch away with the teeth
verbto close; to shut
งัยngaiM[alternate spelling of ไง ]
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