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งอ งูsnakeThe 7th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ง (ง)
TIS-620 value: 0xง (ง)

410 Thai words on 9 Pages

Page 5
งามตาngaamM dtaaMadjective[งามตา] [is] pleasing; pleasant; nice; delightful
งามใบหน้าเมื่ออยู่วงรำngaamM baiM naaF meuuaF yuuL wohngM ramMexample sentence"Making your face so beautiful on the dance floor."
งามแสงเดือน มาเยือนส่องหล้าngaamM saaengR deuuanM maaM yeuuanH saawngL laaFexample sentence"How beautiful is the light of the moon which comes to shine on the earth."
งามไส้ngaamM saiF[is] disgraceful; shameful
งามไส้ngaamM saiFinterjection, phraseHow disgraceful!
งามหน้าngaamM naaFadjective[is] disgraceful; shameful; dishonorable; deplorable
งามเหลือเกินngaamM leuuaR geernMadjectivesplendid; magnificent
ง่าม ngaamFnounfork or crotch of a tree
nounprong; tine; point; fork
ง่ามขาngaamF khaaRnoungroin; crotch
ง่ามเท้าngaamF thaaoHnounthe pliable skin which connects between the toes
ง่ามมือngaamF meuuMnounthe pliable skin which connects between the fingers
งาย ngaaiMmorning-time
ง่าย ngaaiFadjective[is] easy; not difficult; simple
adverb[โดยง่าย] easily
noun[ความง่าย] ease
adjective[ง่าย ๆ] very simple; very easy; very easily
ง่ายขึ้นngaaiF kheunFadjective[is] easier; get easier
ง่ายมากngaaiF maakFadjective[is] simple, very easy
ง่ายเหมือนปอกกล้วยเข้าปากngaaiF meuuanR bpaawkL gluayF khaoF bpaakLexample sentence, idiom"A piece of cake."
ง่าย ๆngaaiF ngaaiFadjective[ง่าย ๆ] very simple; very easy; very easily
ง่ายดาย ngaaiF daaiMadjective, formal[is] very easy; very simple
ง่าวngaaoFadjective[Northern dialect] [is] stupid; dumb; insipid
ง้าว ngaaoHnounlong spear with a hook like a scythe
งำ ngamMverb, intransitive, colloquial, ancientto cover up; to suppress; to dominate; to close; to hide; to keep; to govern; to shelter; to protect; to preserve
งิ้ว ngiuHproper noun[ต้นงิ้ว] red cotton tree, genus Bombax
nountraditional Chinese opera
งี่เง่า ngeeF ngaoFadjective, colloquial, vulgar, sarcastic-humorous[derogatory] [is] stupid; foolish; unintelligent; brainless; dense; dim; half-witted; moronic; obtuse; simple; simple-minded; slow; slow-witted; thick; asinine; daft (informal); idiotic; imbecilic; inane; nonsensical; pointless; rash; senseless; unintelligent
งีบ ngeepFverbto doze off; nap
งีบหลับngeepF lapLverbto take a nap
งึมงำngeumM ngamMverbto mutter; mumble
งุนngoonMadjective[alliterative term] [is] sleepy
งุนงงngoonM ngohngMadjective[is] doubtful; unsure; uncertain; baffled; perplexed
งุ่นง่านngoonF ngaanFadjective[is] vexed; aroused; worried; annoyed; harassed
งุ้ม ngoomHadjective[is] hook-shaped; hooked; bent downward; curved in upon itself
งุ่มง่าม ngoomF ngaamFadjectiveslowly; clumsily; awkwardly; unskillfully
noun[ความงุ่มง่าม] awkwardness; clumsiness
งู nguuMnounsnake
[ปีงู] year of the Snake
งูเงี้ยวเขี้ยวขอnguuM ngiaaoH khiaaoF khaawRnoun, phrasewild animals (of various types)
งูจงอางnguuM johngM aangMnoun[งูจงอาง] king cobra snake
งูพิษnguuM phitHnounpoisonous snake
งูสามเหลี่ยมnguuM saamR liiamLnounbanded krait
งูแสงอาทิตย์nguuM saaengR aaM thitHnoun[งูแสงอาทิตย์] sunbeam snake; sunlight snake; Xenopeltis unicolor
งูหลามnguuM laamRnoun[งูหลาม] python
งูหางกระดิ่งnguuM haangR graL dingLnounrattlesnake
งูเหลือม nguuM leuuamRnoun[งูเหลือม] python; boa constrictor
งูเห่า nguuM haoLnoun[งูเห่า] cobra
งูใหญ่nguuM yaiLnoun, proper nounBig Snake (Thai nickname for Internazionale Milan, Italy, football club)
...งู ๆ ปลา ๆnguuM nguuM bplaaM bplaaMphrase, idiom...a little bit
งูผู้nguuM phuuFnounname of a zodiacal constellation; tenth constellation containing 5 stars
งู่มง่าม nguumF ngaamFadjective[is] awkward
งูสวัด nguuM saL watLnounHerpes zoster
เง็งngengMadjective[is] very confused
เงย ngeeuyMverb[of one's head] to raise; lift; look upwards
เงยหน้าngeeuyM naaFverbto look up; lift; raise one's head
เงยหน้าอ้าปากngeeuyM naaF aaF bpaakLverb, phraseto look up; improve one's status; better oneself
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