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จอ จานplate; dishThe 8th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+จ (จ)
TIS-620 value: 0xจ (จ)

2159 Thai words on 44 Pages

Page 15
จ๊ะjaHparticle[word added to the end of a statement or question when speaking to a person of lower status]
particle[word added at the end of a sentence conveying intimacy and politeness]
particle[word added to the end of a statement convey urging or suggestion]
particle[word placed after the name of a person to convey intimacy and informal politeness when addressing him or her]
adverb[จ๊ะ ๆ] politely
จ๊ะjaH[alternate spelling of จ้ะ]
จ๊ะ ๆjaH jaHadverb[จ๊ะ ๆ] politely
จะกละjaL glaLadjective[is] greedy
จะกละจะกลามjaL glaL jaL glaamM[alternate spelling of ตะกลาม ]
จะกูดjaL guutLnounhelm
จะเข้jaL khaehFnouncrocodile
nouna three-stringed Thai musical instrument, played horizontally
จะงอย jaL ngaawyMnountip, top, end, bill or bird's beak
จะงอยปาก jaL ngaawyM bpaakLnounbird's beak
จะจะjaL jaLadjective[is] laid out in an obvious and straighforward manner; easily seen; not complicated; explicit and clear
จะแจ้งjaL jaaengFadverbclearly; explicitly; distinctly, obviously
จะละเม็ดjaL laH metHnounWhite pomfret, Silver pomfret; Pampus argenteus
noun[ปลาจะละเม็ด] White pomfret, Silver pomfret; Pampus argenteus
จะละหวั่นjaL laH wanL[alternate spelling of จ้าละหวั่น]
จ๊ะเอ๋ jaH ehRinterjectionPeek-a-boo!
interjection, colloquialunexpectedly; "boom", just like that
จัก jakLverbto cleave, split, or serrate
adjective[is] serrated; notched
auxiliary verb[auxiliary verb indicating an immediate consequence or future desire, "would like to", will, shall]
จักเกิดjakL geertLverb[จักเกิด] shall cause to be born
จักตอกjakL dtaawkLverb, phraseto take a sharp knife and shred bamboo to make weaving material
จักฝืนทนjakL feuunR thohnMverb[จักฝืนทน] would endure
จั๊กกะจี๊ jakH gaL jeeHnoun, verba tickle; to tickle
จั้กกะแร้ jakF gaL raaeHnoun, colloquialunderarm
จักขุjakL khooLnouneye
adjectiveoptical; pertaining to the eye
จั๊กจั่น jakH janLnouncicada
จักจี้jakL gaL jeeF[alternate spelling of จั๊กจี้ ]
จั๊กจี้ jakH gaL jeeFadjective, verbto tickle; ticklish
จั๊กจี้จั๊กเดียมjakH gaL jeeF jakH gaL diiamMadjective[is] ticklish
จั๊กเดียมjakH gaL diiamMadjective[is] ticklish
adjective[is] embarrassed; shy about; timid
จักร jakLnoun, poeticcircle; wheel; disk; discus; cycle
nounpotter's wheel; mechanical wheel; mechanical gear; [any] machine with a spinning wheel of some kind
nounchakra, a nexus of metaphysical or biophysical energy
noun, poeticVishu's spinning disc weapon, the sudarshana chakra
noun[a certain symbol of sovereignty]
จักรjakL graL[alternate pronunciation of จักร ]
จักรภพ jakL graL phohpHnouncommonwealth of nations
จักรยาน  jakL graL yaanMnounbicycle; bike
จักรยานนอนปั่นjakL graL yaanM naawnM bpanLnounrecumbent bicycle
จักรยานยนต์ jakL graL yaanM yohnMnounmotorbike; motorcycle
จักรยานยนต์แบบมีพ่วงข้างjakL graL yaanM yohnM baaepL meeM phuaangF khaangFnounmotorcycle with a sidecar
จักรเย็บ  jakL yepHnounsewing machine
จักรเย็บผ้า jakL yepH phaaFnounsewing machine
จักรราศี jakL graL raaM seeRnoun, formalthe zodiac constellation
จักรกลjakL gohnMnounkey factor; machinery
จักรผันjakL phanRadjective[is] rapid; dextrous; quick
จักรพรรดิ jakL graL phatHnounemperor
จักรพรรดินิยมjakL graL phatH niH yohmMnounImperialism
จักรพรรดินีjakL raH phanM diL neeMnounemperess
จักรพรรดินีjakL graL phatH diL neeM[alternate pronunciation of จักรพรรดินี]
จักรวรรดิjakL graL watLnounempire; dominion
proper noun[จักรวรรดิโรมัน] The Roman Empire
จักรวรรดินิยมjakL graL watL niH yohmMnounImperialism; domination
จักรวรรดิโรมันjakL graL watL ro:hM manMproper noun[จักรวรรดิโรมัน] The Roman Empire
จักรวรรดิอังกฤษjakL graL watL angM gritLnounThe British Empire
จักรวาล jakL graL waanMnoun[astronomy] universe
จักรินjakL grinMproper nounking, monarch
จักรินjakL gaL grinM[alternate pronunciation of จักริน]
จักรี jakL greeMnoun, proper noun, PaliChakri, the current Royal Thai dynasty
noun, Palione who holds discus, the God Krishna, the God Vishnu
noun, PaliKing
proper noun, person, formalChakrii; Jakrii [a Thai male given name] (king, monarch)
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