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จอ จานplate; dishThe 8th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+จ (จ)
TIS-620 value: 0xจ (จ)

2159 Thai words on 44 Pages

Page 16
จักษุ jakL sooLnoun, adjectiveoptic; opthalmic; ocular; of the eye
จักษุแพทย์ jakL sooL phaaetFnounoptician; optometrist
จักสานjakL saanRverbto weave
จัง jangMadverbgreatly; extremely; truly; fully; quite; most; very much so
particle[a particle placed behind an adjective to emphasize, as in: "(you are) such a ...!"]
adverb[จัง ๆ] greatly; extremely; truly; fully; quite; most; very much so
จังเลย jangM leeuyMadverbgreatly; quite; very much; so much
จัง ๆjangM jangMadverb[จัง ๆ] greatly; extremely; truly; fully; quite; most; very much so
จังเกิ้ลjangM geernFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] jungle
จังงัง jangM ngangMadjective[is] stunned; dazed
จั่งใด๋jangL daiRadverb, colloquialhow; in what way
จังหวะ jangM waLnounrhythm; time; beat; a rhythmic beat
[เป็นจังหวะ] intermittently; periodically
[เป็นจังหวะ] rhythmically
nounthe right time; the appropriate occasion
จังหวะก้าวเท้าของมันเนิบนาบแต่มั่นคงjangM waL gaaoF thaaoH khaawngR manM neerpF naapF dtaaeL manF khohngMexample sentence"Its pace was slow but steady."
จังหวะดนตรีjangM waL dohnM dtreeMnounthe rhythm of the music
จังหวะดูดjangM waL duutLnouninlet stroke; intake stroke; suction stroke
จังหวะพลิกตัวของหน้าดินjangM waL phlikH dtuaaM khaawngR naaF dinMexample sentence"[He fell into a] rhythm of turning over the soil."
จังหวะเพลงjangM waL phlaehngMnounthe rhythm of a song
จังหวะวอลทซ์jangM waL waawnM[จังหวะวอลทซ์] waltz rhythm
จังหวะอัดjangM waL atLnouncompression stroke
จังหวัด jangM watLnounprovince, of which Thailand has 76
classifier[numerical classifier for provinces]
จังหวัดชายแดนjangM watL chaaiM daaenMnounborder provinces (usually referring to provinces on the Thailand's Southern border)
จัญไร janM raiMadjective, vulgarevil; vice
noun, vulgar[เสนียดจัญไร] evil; a despicable person
adjective[is] accursed; doomed; ill-fated
จัณฑ์janMnoun[น้ำจัณฑ์] alcohol; liquor
จัณฑาล janM thaanMadjective[is] fierce; vicious; fiendish; base; mean; savage; cruel
adjective[is] dirty; low; contemptible; despicable
noun[derogatory] half-cast; an outcast, the untouchable [not counted in the Four Castes in Code of Manu in ancient India's Hindu society]
จัด jatLverbto adjust; arrange; fix
adjective[is] strong; intense; excessive; severe [especially when speaking of the weather]
noun[การจัด] arrangement; arranging
adverbheavily, strongly, much
จัดกระเป๋า jatL graL bpaoRverbto pack (luggage, etc.); pack one's bags
จัดกันjatL ganMverbto take care of; manage (things); arrange for
จัดการ jatL gaanMadjectiveto manage; arrange; handle; take care of; to deal with
จัดการเงิน jatL gaanM ngernMverbfinance
จัดการประชุมครั้งนี้ก็เพื่อวัดดวงท่านประธานาธิบดีว่าจะอยู่หรือจะไปjatL gaanM bpraL choomM khrangH neeH gaawF pheuuaF watH duaangM thanF bpraL thaaM naaM thipH baawM deeM waaF jaL yuuL reuuR jaL bpaiMexample sentence"[They] set up this meeting to determine whether the president should stay or go."
จัดการปัญหาjatL gaanM bpanM haaRverb, phraseto eliminate problems; dispose of troubles; deal with an issue
จัดขึ้นjatL kheunFadjective[was] arranged (as a party or event)
จัดจ้าน jatL jaanFadverb, phrase, colloquial[usually used of the way one talks] [is] bold; sarcastic; out-spoken; sharp-tongued
จัดจ้านjatL jaanFadjective[is] strong (taste); intense; bold
จัดเจนjatL jaehnMadjective, phrase[sexual connotation] skilful; knowledgeable; experienced
จัดเจนjatL jaehnMadjective[is] skilful; knowledgeable; experienced
จัดแจงjatL jaaengMverbto arrange; organize; fix up; draft; develop
จัดฉาก jatL chaakLverbto "set up" a contrived crime scene or evidence against an innocent person
จัดฉากjatL chaakLverbto set the scene; arrange the scenery
จัดซื้อจัดจ้างjatL seuuH jatL jaangFverbto purchase; procure
จัดตั้ง jatL dtangFverbto organize
จัดเต็มjatL dtemMverb, colloquialto do the best that one can; dress to the nines
จัดโต๊ะอาหาร jatL dtoH aaM haanRverbset a table
จัดแถวjatL thaaeoRverb[e.g. soldier formation] to form two lines; fall into lines
จัดท่า jatL thaaFverb[as for a portrait] to pose
จัดทำjatL thamMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, formalto produce, create
จัดแบ่งjatL baengLverbto divide; separate
จัดประเภทjatL bpraL phaehtFverbto classify; categorize
จัดเป็นแถวjatL bpenM thaaeoRverb, phraseto line (items) up; to arrange in rows; embank; form into columns
จัดฟันjatL fanMverb, phraseto straighten teeth, orthodontia
จัดระเบียบใหม่ jatL raH biiapL maiLverbreorganize
จัดลำดับ jatL lamM dapLverbto rearrange
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