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จอ จานplate; dishThe 8th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+จ (จ)
TIS-620 value: 0xจ (จ)

2035 Thai words on 41 Pages

Page 6
จองเวรจองกรรมjaawngM waehnM jaawngM gamMverb, phraseto act in a vengeful manner; hold a grudge; take revenge
จ่อง jaawngLnounumbrella; parasol; a shade
จ้อง jaawngFverbto gaze; watch out for; aim at; stare
จ้องเขม็งjaawngF khaL mengRverbto watch closely; stare; glare
จ้องจอjaawngF jaawMverbto stare at the computer screen
จ้องจับผิดjaawngF japL phitLverb, phraseto watch intently for a mistake; look for 'gotchas'; find fault with
จ้องดูjaawngF duuMverbto stare, gaze, or look at
จ้องตาjaawngF dtaaMverbto look [someone] straight in the eye; to gaze at [a person]
จ้องเป๋งมองดูjaawngF bpengR maawngM duuMverb, phraseto stare intently at
จ้องมอง jaawngF maawngMverbto stare at; gaze
จ้องมองด้วยความปรารถนา jaawngF maawngM duayF khwaamM bpraatL thaL naaRverbogle; covet
จ๋อง jaawngRadjective[is] lonely; lonesome
จองหองjaawngM haawngRadjective[is] conceited; arrogant; haughty; condescending
จองหองพองขนjaawngM haawngR phaawngM khohnRadjective[is] conceited; arrogant; haughty; condescending
จ้อจี้jaawF jeeFverbto tell jokes; spout nonsense; talk incessantly
จอแจ jaawM jaaeMadjective[of a street, office] [is] busy; noisy; congested; bustling; crowded
จ้อแจ้jaawF jaaeFadjective[is] busy; noisy; congested; bustling; crowded
จ้อแจ้จอแจjaawF jaaeF jaawM jaaeMadjective[is] bustling; crowded; active
จอชjaawtLproper noun, loanword, EnglishJosh [an English given name]
จอด jaawtLverb[of a vehicle] to park; to enstation; stop [of a ship] lie at anchor
จอดใกล้ร้านนั้นค่ะ jaawtL glaiF raanH nanH khaFexample sentence"Stop near that shop."
จอดตรงนั้นค่ะ jaawtL dtrohngM nanH khaFexample sentence"Stop over there."
จอดตรงนี้ค่ะ jaawtL dtrohngM neeH khaFexample sentence"Stop here."
จอดตรงนี้ไม่ได้นะjaawtL dtrohngM neeH maiF daiF naHexample sentence"You can’t park here."
จอดตรงรถคันสีฟ้าค่ะ jaawtL dtrohngM rohtH khanM seeR faaH khaFexample sentence"Stop at the blue car."
จอดที่นี่ jaawtL theeF neeFverb, intransitive, example sentence[e.g. to a taxi driver] "Stop here."
จอดที่หัวมุมถนนค่ะ jaawtL theeF huaaR moomM thaL nohnR khaFexample sentence"Stop at the corner."
จอดเทียบjaawtL thiiapFverbto moor; stop
จอดเทียบท่าjaawtL thiiapF thaaFverb[จอดเทียบท่า] to moor a boat
จอดรถ jaawtL rohtHverbto park a vehicle
จอดรถซ้อนสองคันjaawtL rohtH saawnH saawngR khanMverb, phraseto double park (on a street)
จอดป้าย jaawtL bpaaiFnext stop (on bus or train)
proper noun, person, loanword, EnglishJon [an English given name]
จอนหูjaawnM huuRnounsideburns
จ้อน jaawnFadjectivesmall; miniscule
nouna [species of] rodent
จอนซัน jaawnM sanMproper nounJohnson; Jonson
จอนนี่ jaawnM neeFproper nounJohnny [an English nickname]
จอนนี่แอนด์หลุยส์  jaawnM neeF aaenM luyRproper noun"Joni & Louis," a Thai teen pop duo from the mid 1990s
จอนส์jaawnMproper noun, person, loanword, EnglishJohns; John's
จอนสันjaawnM sanR[alternate spelling of จอนซัน ]
จอบ jaawpLnounhoe
จอม jaawmMnounleader; chief; head person
adjective, colloquial[an adjectival prefix used to show disapproval] highest; topmost; supreme; head; chief
nounsummit; peak; top
จอมทัพjaawmM thapHnounsupreme commander; commander in chief; generalissimo
จอมบงการjaawmM bohngM gaanMnoun, phrase, colloquial, sarcastic-humorousa dictator; a conniving orchestrator
จอมปลวกjaawmM bpluaakLnountermite mound; ant hill
จอมปลอมjaawmM bplaawmMadjectivephony; fake; counterfeit; unreal; artificial
จอมเผด็จการjaawmM phaL detL gaanMnoun, phrase, colloquial, sarcastic-humorousdictator
จอมพล jaawmM phohnMnounArmy Field Marshal
จอมพลเรือjaawmM phohnM reuuaMnounAdmiral of the Fleet
จอมพลอากาศjaawmM phohnM aaM gaatLnounMarshal of the Royal Thai Air Force
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