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ฉอ ฉิ่ง[a type of] small cymbal used in East and Southeast Asian musicThe 9th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฉ (ฉ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฉ (ฉ)

526 Thai words on 11 Pages

Page 8
ฉันเอง chanR aehngMpronounmyself
ฉันท์ chanRnoun[a type of Thai versification with metrical composition derived from India]
adjective, loanword, Palipleasurable; beloved; preferable
nounconsent; approval
ฉันทลักษณ์chanR thaH lakHnoun[alternative spellng of ฉันทะลักษณ์]
ฉันทะchanR thaH[alternate spelling of ฉันท์ ]
ฉันทะลักษณ์chanR thaH lakHnoun, loanword, Palia rhyme scheme; prosody; poetics; [name of a book on versification]
ฉันทาคติchanR thaaM khaH dtiLnoun, Sanskritbias arising from love
ฉันทานุมัติchanR thaaM nooH matHnounmandate
ฉันทามติchanR thaaM maH dtiLnouna consensus; an agreement
ฉับ chapLadverbimmediately; promptly; speedily; rapidly
noun[onomatopoeia] sound of cutting something (e.g. a tree branch)
noun[onomatopoeia] sound of striking cymbals
ฉับพลัน chapL phlanMadjective, adverbimmediate; spontaneous; unexpected; sudden; immediately; suddenly
ฉับไว chapL waiMadverbexpeditiously; quickly; immediately
ฉ่าchaaLadjective[is] boisterious; tumultuous
onomatopoeia[sound of sizzling, frying, or water falling]
ฉ่าฉาว chaaL chaaoRadverbboisterously; tumultuously; with an uproar
ฉาก chaakLadjective[pertaining to] perfectly square; 90 degrees
nounT-square or carpenters square
nouncurtain; partition; movable screen; backdrop
noun[drama, show, film, book] episode; scene
ฉากสุดท้าย chaakL sootL thaaiHnounend-point; result; out come; upshot
ฉาง chaangRnouna silo, a grain bin
ฉาดฉานchaatL chaanRadverbclearly; distinctly
ฉาตกภัยchaaR dtaL gaL phaiMnounfamine; starvation
ฉาน chaanRproper nounthe Shan ethnic minority people
adjective[is] bright; brilliant
adjective[is] widespread; scattered; diffused; spread out
ฉาบ chaapLverbto gloss over or paint with, to glaze or varnish, lightly cover, touch, or graze; stucco with cement.
nouna cymbal
ฉาบปูนchaapL bpuunMverb, phraseto apply stucco; apply plaster
ฉาบฉวย chaapL chuayRadverbroughly; sloppily; perfunctorily; carelessly; in a solvenly way
adverbtransitorily; impermanently; temporarily
ฉาย chaaiRverbto show (a film); to project; to emit light; to radiate; to shine
nounshade; shadow; shelter
ฉายไฟ chaaiR faiMverbshine a light
ฉายภาพchaaiR phaapFverb, archaicto take a picture; photograph
ฉายรังสี chaaiR rangM seeRnounradiation treatment
ฉายรูปchaaiR ruupFverb, archaicto take a photograph
ฉายแววchaaiR waaeoMverbto shine; glitter
ฉายแสง chaaiR saaengRverb[ฉายรังสี]
ฉายหนัง chaaiR nangRverbshow a movie
ฉายา chaaR yaaMnoun, poeticshadow; image; alias; designation; pseudonym; assumed name
ฉายาลักษณ์chaaR yaaM lakHnounroyal photograph
ฉาว chaaoRadjective[of information] widely-known; [of scandal] widespread; rumoured; notorious
verbto disseminate information widely
ฉาวโฉ่chaaoR cho:hLadjective[is] scandalous
ฉาวโฉ่chaaoR cho:hLadjective[is] notorious; rumored; widespread
ฉ่ำ chamLadjective[is] soggy; damp; moist; luscious; juicy; humid
ฉิ่ง chingLnoun[a type of] small cymbal used in East and Southeast Asian music
ฉิ้งฉ่องchingF chaawngL[alternate spelling of ชิ้งฉ่อง]
ฉิบหายchipL haaiRinterjection, colloquial, vulgardamn; drat
noun[ความฉิบหาย] destruction and ruin
adjective[is] ruined; destroyed; damaged; to go to the dogs
ฉิบหายล่ะ! chipL haaiR laFinterjection, phrase, colloquial, vulgar"Shit!"; "Holy shit!"
ฉิบหายวายวอดchipL haaiR waaiM waawtFadjective[is] ruined; bankrupt
ฉิวchiuRadverbswiftly; like the wind
adjective[is] moving quickly without stopping
ฉิวเฉียดchiuR chiiatLadverbnarrowly; just barely; by a whisker
ฉี่ cheeLverb, vulgarto pee; urinate
nouna sizzling or hissing sound
ฉี่ของมันคือสัญลักษณ์แสดงอาณาเขต เพื่อป้องกันไม่ให้แมวตัวอื่นเข้ามารุกล้ำในบริเวณนี้cheeL khaawngR manM kheuuM sanR yaH lakH saL daaengM aaM naaM khaehtL pheuuaF bpaawngF ganM maiF haiF maaeoM dtuaaM euunL khaoF maaM rookH lamH naiM baawM riH waehnM neeHexample sentence"Its urine is a marker indicating its territory in order to warn other cats from invading its area."
ฉี่แตกcheeL dtaaekLverb, colloquialto take a piss; urinate
ฉี่รด cheeL rohtHnoun, colloquial[informal] to urinate
ฉี่รดกันcheeL rohtH ganMverbgolden showers; watersports
ฉี่รดที่นอน cheeL rohtH theeF naawnMverb, colloquial[informal] to wet the bed
ฉี่รดในกางเกง cheeL rohtH naiM gaangM gaehngMverb, colloquialto wet (one's) pants
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