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ชอ ช้างelephant; pachyderm; Elephas maximusThe 10th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ช (ช)
TIS-620 value: 0xช (ช)

1730 Thai words on 35 Pages

Page 22
ชิ้นเอก chinH aehkLnounmasterpiece
ชินคอร์ปchinM khaawpFproper nounShincorp [name of a major Thai corporation]
ชินชาchinM chaaMadjective[is] apathetic; indifferent; unconcerned
ชินโซ อาเบะchinM so:hM aaM behLproper nounShinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan
ชินตาchinM dtaaMto look familiar; appear familiar
ชินโตchinM dto:hMproper noun, loanword, Japanese[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] 神道; Shinto
ชินวัตร chinM naH watHproper nounShinawatra
ชิบเป้งchipH bpengFadverbhugely; enormously; really
ชิบเป๋งchipH bpengR[alternate spelling of ชิบเป้ง]
ชิบโป๋งchipH bpo:hngR[alternate spelling of ชิบเป้ง]
ชิบูติchiH buuM dtiL[alternate spelling of จิบูตี ]
ชิปchipHnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] chip; (i.e.) microchip
ชิม chimMverbto taste
ชิมลางchimM laangMverbto have a foretaste of; explore; probe; sound out
ชิมแปนซีchimM bpaaenM seeM[alternate spelling of ชิมแพนซี ]
ชิมแพนซี chimM phaaenM seeMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] chimpanzee
ชิมรส chimM rohtHverbtaste
ชิมิchiH miHinterjection, colloquial[slang for ใช่ไหม] That's right, no?; isn't that right?
ชิลล์chiuMinterjection, colloquial[slang] chill
ชิลลิงchinM lingMnoun[Thai transcription of foreign word] schilling; (Austrian) schilling
ชิลี chiH leeMproper noun, geographical[ประเทศชิลี] Chile, a country in South America
ชิ่วchiuFinterjection[ชิ่ว ๆ] [sound made to shoo away an animal]
ชิ่ว ๆchiuF chiuFinterjection[ชิ่ว ๆ] [sound made to shoo away an animal]
ชิ้ว chiuHinterjection, colloquial[an interjection used when you are chasing something away from you]
verb, intransitive, interjection, colloquial[ชิ้ว ๆ] [an interjection used when you are chasing something away from you] "Shoo!"; to drive away by saying or shouting “shoo!”
ชิ้ว ๆ chiuH chiuHverb, intransitive, interjection, colloquial[ชิ้ว ๆ] [an interjection used when you are chasing something away from you] "Shoo!"; to drive away by saying or shouting “shoo!”
ชิวชิวchiuM chiuMverb, colloquial, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] chill; to chill; chill
ชิวหา chiuM haaRnoun, formal, loanword, Pali[Pali] a tongue (in the mouth)
ชิวหาพาเพลินchiuM haaR phaaM phleernMcolloquial, idiom[literally, "the pleasurable tongue"] [a euphemism for] oral sex
ชิว ๆchiuM chiuM[alternate spelling of ชิวชิว]
ชี cheeMnounnun [Buddhist, Catholic, etc.]
verbto disentangle; release; to separate fibers
noun[ผักชี] cilantro, wild celery herb, Apium graveolens
ชีcheeMproper noun[แม่น้ำชี] Chi River in Laos and Thailand
ชีเปลือย cheeM bpleuuayMnounnudist, a nude
ชีโรยหน้าcheeM rooyM naaFexample sentence, idiom"You cannot make a silk velvet purse out of a sow’s ear."
ชี้ cheeHverbto point (out); to indicate a location
adjective[is] pointed; pointy (in shape)
ชี้แจง cheeH jaaengMverbto explain; set forth; state
ชี้แจงรายละเอียดcheeH jaaengM raaiM laH iiatLverb, phrase"to set forth the details; detail."
ชี้เฉพาะ cheeH chaL phawHverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, formalto specify
ชี้ชวนcheeH chuaanMverbto induce; persuade; urge
ชี้ชะตาcheeH chaH dtaaMverbto decide the fate (of)
ชี้ชะตาในคดีcheeH chaH dtaaM naiM khaH deeMverbto decide the case (of)
ชี้ชะตาว่าcheeH chaH dtaaM waaFverbto decide that
ชี้ชัดcheeH chatHverbto specify; indicate; mention; stipulate
ชี้ทาง cheeH thaangMverb, intransitive, phraseto direct
ชี้นำcheeH namMverbto guide; direct; show; instruct; indicate; give directions
ชี้นิ้วcheeH niuHverb, phraseto order; demand; point one's finger at in admonition; wag one's finger at
ชี้นิ้วกล่าวโทษcheeH niuH glaaoL tho:htFverb, phraseto point one’s finger at (someone) in blame
ชี้แนว cheeH naaeoMverb, phraseto direct
ชี้แนะcheeH naeHverbto suggest; guide; instruct; give directions; advise; direct; counsel
ชี้เป็นชี้ตาย cheeH bpenM cheeH dtaaiMverbgiving the final judgement; yea or nae; thumbs up or thumbs down
ชี้ไปที่cheeH bpaiM theeFverb, phraseto point at
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