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ดอ เด็กchildThe 20th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ด (ด)
TIS-620 value: 0xด (ด)

1748 Thai words on 35 Pages

Page 16
ดีเบทdeeM baehtLverb[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] debate; to debate
ดีปลีdeeM bpleeMnounlong pepper; piper sylvaticum (Piperaceae) [also, Southern dialect for พริกขี้หนู and others]
ดีเปรสชันdeeM bpraehtL chanMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of a foreign loanword] [weather] depression
ดีเปรสชั่นdeeM bpraehtL chanFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] depression; (i.e., of weather)
ดีพาร์ตเมนต์ deeM phaadF maehnMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] department
ดีย์deeM[alternate spelling of ดี ]
ดีลdeenMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of foreign loan word] deal
ดีลีต deeM leetFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] delete
ดีเลย์ deeM laehMnoun, verb, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] delay
ดีแลนdeeM laaenMproper noun, loanword, EnglishDylan [an English given name]
ดึก deukLadverblate at night; dark
ดึกจัง deukL jangMexample sentence"It's so dark."
ดึกดื่นdeukL deuunLadverbvery late at night; far into the night; late at night
ดึกดำบรรพ์ deukL damM banMadjective[is] primeval; prehistorical; ancient
ดึง deungMverbto pull; stretch; tug at
ดึงดัน deungM danMadjective[is] stubborn; obstinate
ดึงดูด deungM duutLverbto attract an object; to appeal to one's (sexual) attraction
ดึงดูดใจdeungM duutL jaiMverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto appeal (to someone), to be attractive or interesting
ดึงบังเหียนdeungM bangM hiianRverb, intransitive, phraseto restrain
ดึ่งdeungLverbto fall directly down
ดึ่มdeumLadjective[is] deep
ดึสเซิลดอร์ฟdeutL seernM daawfLproper noun, geographicalDüsseldorf, a city in Germany
ดื่น deuunLadjective[is] plentiful; abundant; numerous; bountiful
ดื่นดาษ deuunL daatLadjective[ดาษดื่น]
ดื่ม deuumLverb, transitive, formalto drink; <subject> drinks
verb[ไม่ดื่ม] <subject> doesn't drink; <subject> hasn't drunk
verb[ได้ดื่ม] [past and perfect tenses] <subject> has drunk; <subject> drank; <subject> did drink
verb[ไม่ได้ดื่ม] <subject> didn't drink
verb[จะดื่ม] <subject> will drink
verb[จะไม่ดื่ม] <subject> won't drink
verb[จะได้ดื่ม] <subject> will be able to drink
verb[จะไม่ได้ดื่ม] <subject> won't be able to drink
verb[ต้องดื่ม] <subject> must drink
verb[ไม่ต้องดื่ม] <subject> doesn't have to drink
verb[จะต้องดื่ม] <subject> will have to drink
verb[จะต้องไม่ดื่ม] <subject> will have to not drink
verb[จะต้องได้ดื่ม] <subject> will have to be able to drink
verb[จะต้องไม่ได้ดื่ม] <subject> will have to be unable to drink
verb[เคยดื่ม] <subject> has already drunk; <subject> has (ever) drunk
verb[ไม่เคยดื่ม] <subject> has never drunk
verb[เพิ่งดื่ม] <subject> has just drunk
verb[เพิ่งจะดื่ม] <subject> has just recently drunk
verb[เพิ่งได้ดื่ม] <subject> did just drink
verb[กำลังดื่ม] <subject> is (in the process of) drinking
verb[กำลังจะดื่ม] <subject> is about to drink; <subject> was about to drink
verb[ไม่ได้กำลังดื่ม] <subject> is not drinking; <subject> was not drinking
verb[ยังดื่ม] <subject> still drinks
verb[ยังไม่ดื่ม] <subject> still hasn't drunk
verb[ยังไม่ได้ดื่ม] <subject> still hasn't been able to drink
verb[ยังไม่เคยดื่ม] <subject> still has never drunk
verb[ยังไม่ต้องดื่ม] <subject> still doesn't have to drink
verb[คงดื่ม] <subject> probably drinks
verb[คงไม่ดื่ม] <subject> probably doesn't drink
verb[คงได้ดื่ม] <subject> has probably drunk; <subject> probably drank; <subject> probably did drink
verb[คงจะดื่ม] <subject> probably will drink; <subject> may drink; <subject> might drink
verb[คงจะไม่ดื่ม] <subject> probably won't drink; <subject> may not drink; <subject> might not drink
verb[คงจะได้ดื่ม] <subject> will probably be able to drink
verb[คงจะไม่ได้ดื่ม] <subject> will probably be unable to drink; <subject> probably wouldn't have drunk
verb[คงจะกำลังดื่ม] <subject> is probably (in the process of) drinking
verb[มักจะดื่ม] <subject> will usually drink
verb[มักจะไม่ดื่ม] <subject> will usually not drink
verb[ย่อมจะดื่ม] <subject> will surely drink
verb[ย่อมจะไม่ดื่ม] <subject> surely will not drink
verb[ควรดื่ม] <subject> should drink
verb[ควรไม่ดื่ม] <subject> shouldn't drink
verb[ควรจะดื่ม] [future tense] <subject> ought to drink
verb[ควรจะไม่ดื่ม] [future tense] <subject> ought to not drink
verb[อยากดื่ม] <subject> wants to drink
verb[อยากจะดื่ม] wants to drink; want to drink
verb[ไม่อยากดื่ม] <subject> doesn't want to drink
verb[ต้องการดื่ม] <subject> needs to drink
verb[ไม่ต้องการดื่ม] <subject> doesn't need to drink
verb[ชอบดื่ม] <subject> likes to drink
verb[ไม่ชอบดื่ม] <subject> doesn't like to drink
verb[ทำให้ดื่ม] to cause to drink
verb[ทำให้ไม่ดื่ม] to cause to not drink
[เพื่อดื่ม] in order to drink
noun, verb[การดื่ม] [the activity of] drinking
adjective[น่าจะดื่ม] worthy of drinking
adjective[น่าจะไม่ดื่ม] worthy of not drinking
adjective[น่าดื่ม] [is] worth drinking
noun[ที่ดื่ม] that which (someone) is drinking; a drink
verb, intransitive, colloquialto imbibe
noun, colloquiala drink
ดื่มจัดdeuumL jatLverbto drink heavily; imbibe liquor to insensibility
ดื่มด่ำdeuumL damLverb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto savor; having a deep feeling;
ดื่มด่ำdeuumL damLadjective[is] sentimental; engrossed in (usually used with กับ  [with]); impressed by
ดื่มทีละนิด deuumL theeM laH nitHverbto sip a little of time
ดื่มน้ำตอนเช้าทันทีหลังจากตื่นนอน ต้องรู้ไว้เลยdeuumL naamH dtaawnM chaaoH thanM theeM langR jaakL dteuunL naawnM dtawngF ruuH waiH leeuyMexample sentence"Drink water immediately after you wake up in the morning; this is something you should know."
ดื่มน้ำผึ้งพระจันทร์deuumL namH pheungF phraH janMverb, phraseto go on one's honeymoon
ดื่มเหล้า deuumL laoFverb, phraseto drink
ดื่มให้พร deuumL haiF phaawnMverb, phraseto drink (to [for example] someone's health)
ดื้อ deuuFadjective[is] stubborn
adjective[หัวดื้อ] [is] stubborn
ดื้อดัน deuuF danMadjective[is] stubborn; obstinate
ดื้อด้าน deuuF daanFadjective[is] stubborn; obstinate
ดื้อดึง deuuF deungMadjective[is] stubborn; obstinate; reluctant or hesitant to do something
ดื้อรั้นdeuuF ranHadjective[is] stubborn; obstinate
ดื้อแพ่งdeuuF phaaengFadjective[is] stubborn; disobedient; resistant; intransigent; obstinate; obdurate
ดุ dooLadjective[is] fierce; dangerous; ferocious; fiery; menacing; savage; vicious; stern; strict
verbto reproach; scold; admonish, reprove, rebuke, reprimand
noun[ความดุ] irascibility; fierceness; strictness
adjective[ถูกดุ] [is] scolded; admonished
ดุดันdooL danMadjective[is] violent; furious
ดุด่าdooL daaLverbto scold; reproach; blame; rebuke; reprimand
ดุเด็ดเผ็ดมันdooL detL phetL manMadverbintently; furiously; heatedly
ดุเดือดdooL deuuatLadjective, phrase[is] intense
ดุเดือดเลือดพล่าน dooL deuuatL leuuatF phlaanFadverbfuriously; violently; intensely; unrestrained
ดุร้าย dooL raaiHadjective[is] wild; savage; fierce
ดุเอาdooL aoMverbto take a scolding
ดุก dookLnoun[ปลาดุก] catfish
ดุกดิก dookL dikLverb, intransitiveto fidget
ดุ๊กดิ๊กdookH dikHadverbceaselessly; non‐stop; continuously; without cessation
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