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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3086 Thai words on 62 Pages

Page 23
ตะไกร dtaL graiMnounscissors (pair of)
ตะขบdtaL khohpLnoungovernor's plum, Flacourtia indica
ตะขอ dtaL khaawRnounhook
ตะขาบ dtaL khaapLnouncentipede
nouna bamboo scarecrow
ตะขิดตะขวงdtaL khitL dtaL khuaangRadjective[is] embarrassed; hesitant; [is] reluctant; bashful; shy; ashamed
ตะขิดตะขวงใจdtaL khitL dtaL khuaangR jaiMadjective[is] embarrassed; inhibited; ashamed
ตะเข้dtaL khaehFnouncrocodile
ตะเข็บ dtaL khepLnounthe seam of a garment, a weld, a joint
noun[a certain type of] centipede-like invertebrate
nounsand flea Orchestia agillis
nouna small flat shrimp, Peneus indicus
nouna crawling vine, Pothos scandens (Araceae)
ตะเข็บออก dtaL khepL aawkLadjective[is] inside out
ตะโขงdtaL kho:hngRnoungharial Gavialis gangeticus, gavial
ตะคริวdtaL khriuMnounmuscle cramp
ตะครุบdtaL khroopHverbto catch; pounce (upon); seize, snatch or grab (at)
ตะครุบกบdtaL khroopH gohpLverbto tumble over; slip; fall down; take a tumble; take a fall
ตะคอกdtaL khaawkFverbto howl (at); to bellow (at); to reprove (someone) loudly or sharply
ตะคันdtaL khanMnoun, ancientcenser; a clay receptacle for burning incense
ตะคากdtaL khaakFnounilium; the pelvic brim bone
ตะคิว dtaL khiuMnouncramp; spasm
ตะคุ่ม dtaL khoomFadjective, adverb, colloquial[usually followed by ] [of a shadow or vision/visibility] indistinct, indistinctly; faint, faintly; vague, vaguely; obscure; undefine; looming
ตะเคียนdtaL khiianMnounironwood Hopea odorata
noun[ตะเคียนทอง] ironwood Hopea odorata
ตะเคียนทองdtaL khiianM thaawngMnoun[ตะเคียนทอง] ironwood Hopea odorata
ตะแคง dtaL khaaengMverbto tilt, to incline, to list, to lie at an angle or on one side
ตะไคร่ dtaL khraiFnounmoss; lichens
ตะไคร่น้ำdtaL khraiF naamHnounmoss; thallophytic plant; lichen; algae
ตะไคร้ dtaL khraiHnoun[general] lemongrass
noun[ต้นตะไคร้] lemongrass plant, Cymbopogon flexuosus
noun[น้ำตะไคร้] citronella water; lavender water
ตะไคร้หอม dtaL khraiH haawmRcitronella
ต๊ะติ๊งโหน่ง dtaH dtingH no:hngLadjectivebeautiful; good
ต๊ะติ๋งโหน่งdtaH dtingR no:hngL[alternate spelling of ต๊ะติ๊งโหน่ง ]
ตะนาวศรี dtaL naaoM seeRnoun, proper noun, geographicalTenasserim [name of a mountain range between Southern Myanmar and Thailand]
ตะบอง dtaL baawngMnoun[ไม้ตะบอง] wooden club; cudgel
ตะบองเพชรdtaL baawngM phetH[alternate spelling of กระบองเพชร ]
ตะบอย dtaL baawyMadverb, colloquial, sarcastic-humorousslowly; slackly; lingeringly; leisurely; clumsily
ตะบันdtaL banMadjective[is] persistent; obstinate; stubborn; pig-headed; obdurate
to punch; box; hit; bop; sock; pummel; pound
nouna metal tube or mortar used in combination with a pestle in shredding betel leaves and areca nuts for chewing
ตะบิดตะบอยdtaL bitL dtaL baawyMverbto dawdle; be slow to respond
ตะบี้dtaL beeFadverb[alliterative prefix]
ตะบี้ตะบันdtaL beeF dtaL banMpronoun, adverb, phraseunceasingly; on and on
ตะบึงdtaL beungMverbto move on without stopping
ตะเบ๊ะdtaL behHverbto salute; to stand at salute
ตะแบงdtaL baaengMadverbstubbornly; contrary
ตะไบ dtaL baiMverbto file (with a tool)
nouna file (tool); a rasp
ตะไบขัดเล็บ dtaL baiM khatL lepHnounnail file
ตะไบทราย dtaL baiM saaiMnounemery board
ตะไบเล็บ dtaL baiM lepHnounnail file
ตะปบdtaL bpohpLverbto seize something from the air with a fast motion of the hand
ตะปัดตะป่องdtaL bpatL dtaL bpaawngLadverbangrily; peevishly
ตะปู dtaL bpuuMnouna nail; a tack
ตะปูควง dtaL bpuuM khuaangMnounscrew
ตะปูหัวโต  dtaL bpuuM huaaR dto:hMnountack; pin
ตะพังdtaL phangMnounwell; pool; puddle; pond; depression; pit; basin; shallow lake
ตะพัดdtaL phatHadverbspreading out rapidly and endlessly; without stopping
ตะพานdtaL phaanMnounbridge [obsolete]
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