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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3052 Thai words on 62 Pages

Page 28
ตับ dtapLnounliver
classifier[numerical classifier for liver]
nouna skewer used to barbeque fish or chicken
adjective[describing anything lined up like skewers on a grill]
ตับแข็ง dtapL khaengRnouncirrhosis of the liver
ตับไตไส้พุงdtapL dtaiM saiF phoongMnounentrails; guts
ตับอ่อนdtapL aawnLnounpancreas
ตับอักเสบdtapL akL saehpLnounhepatitis
ตัว dtuaaMnoun[of a person] self; himself; herself; yourself; themselves; [things] itself
noun[of an insect or animal, or of a human carnally] a body
noun[of an object] entity; item; body
noun[orthography] number; digit; character; figure
pronoun[2nd person pronoun, calling someone in a cute way] you
particle[Thai prefix meaning] "doer"; [as in the English suffix] "-er" or "-or"
noun(theatrical) character; (sports) player
nounone (generic word [e.g. the small one])
classifier[numerical classifier for digits, number, bodies, shirts, pants, suits, animals, fish, germs, chairs, tables, desks, software title]
noun, colloquial, vulgar[อีตัว] [extremely crude and derogatory] a female prostitute
ตัวกระทำ dtuaaM graL thamMnoun[chemistry] reagent
ตัวกระทำ dtuaaM graL thamMnoun[human or non-human] actor; performer; agent; factor
ตัวกระตุ้นdtuaaM graL dtoonFstimulus; motive; incentive; spur
ตัวกระตุ้นเศรษฐกิจdtuaaM graL dtoonF saehtL thaL gitLnoun[ตัวกระตุ้นเศรษฐกิจ] economic stimulus; an economic stimulant
ตัวกลม dtuaaM glohmMadjective[is] round bodied; round body
ตัวกลั่นdtuaaM glanLnounan outstanding person; a prominent man; a carefully chosen person; the chosen one
ตัวการdtuaaM gaanMnounringleader; culprit; chief; proxy; primary figure
ตัวการdtuaaM gaanMnouncause; reason; origin; source; motive
ตัวการันต์dtuaaM gaaM ranMnoun[ตัวการันต์] [the silence punctuation mark]
ตัวกำหนดdtuaaM gamM nohtLnoundetermination; decision; determining factor
ตัวเก็งdtuaaM gengMnounthe one with the highest potential to win; a revealed result
ตัวเกร็งdtuaaM grengMadjective, phrase, idiomtense and unrelaxed body due to excitement or anxiety
ตัวแก้วdtuaaM gaaeoFnoun[ตัวแก้ว] [a type of] caterpillar
ตัวโกงdtuaaM go:hngMnounvillain; negative role; negative character
ตัวขี้เกียจdtuaaM kheeF giiatLnoun, colloquiallazybones; idler; dawdler; sluggard
ตัวขูดdtuaaM khuutLnoundry transfer letters
ตัวเขาเอง dtuaaM khaoR aehngMpronounhe himself; she herself
ตัวครั่งdtuaaM khrangFnoun[ตัวครั่ง] the lac insect, Laccifer lacca
ตัวคั่นเวลาdtuaaM khanF waehM laaMnouna non-serious short-term girlfriend or boyfriend; someone picked up on the rebound
ตัวคูณ dtuaaM khuunMnounmultiplier
ตัวใครตัวมันdtuaaM khraiM dtuaaM manMadverb, phraseevery man for himself; taking care only oneself and not anyone else
ตัวเงินdtuaaM ngernMnounhard cash
ตัวเงินตัวทองdtuaaM ngernM dtuaaM thaawngMnoun, phrasemoney maker; ready source of income; valuable person; rain-maker (in business)
ตัวเงินตัวทองdtuaaM ngernM dtuaaM thaawngMnounwater monitor; water lizard (Varanus salvator)
ตัวจริงdtuaaM jingMnounreal one, the real McCoy, genuine or original (copy of, say, legal document)
ตัวจอภาพdtuaaM jaawM phaapFnoun, formal[Computer and IT] monitor
ตัวโจร dtuaaM jo:hnMnoun, phrase, colloquialvillain
ตัวฉกาจdtuaaM chaL gaatLnounmaster
ตัวเฉพาะdtuaaM chaL phawHnounprime number
ตัวชี้วัดdtuaaM cheeH watHnounindicator; key performance indicator; a measure of; indication
ตัวชี้วัดผลงานdtuaaM cheeH watH phohnR ngaanMnounperformance indicator
ตัวชี้วัดสำเร็จdtuaaM cheeH watH samR retLnoun, phrasekey performance indicator
ตัวชี้แหล่งในอินเทอร์เน็ตdtuaaM cheeH laengL naiM inM thuuhrM netHnoun, phrase, formalURL (Universal Resource Locator)
ตัวชูโรงdtuaaM chuuM ro:hngMnounprimary player; star; leading actor or actress
ตัวชูโรงdtuaaM chuuM ro:hngMnounfeatured dish (in a restaurant)
ตัวเชิดdtuaaM cheertFnounpuppet; front man; staw-man; dummy
ตัวซวยdtuaaM suayMnoun, colloquial, vulgar(showing dislike) person who is a jinx, a person who brings bad luck
ตัวดี dtuaaM deeMnounculprit; that particular person
ตัวเดิมdtuaaM deermMnounsame one; same person; same piece
ตัวตนdtuaaM dtohnMnounbody; shape; physique; form; human body; appearance; substance; identity
ตัวตนdtuaaM dtohnMnoun, pronounreal person; self
ตัวตรงdtuaaM dtrohngMadjectivestraight (up)
ตัวตรงdtuaaM dtrohngMnounregular script; non‐italic character
ตัวตลก dtuaaM dtaL lohkLnoun, phrasecomedian; clown; buffoon
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