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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3369 Thai words on 68 Pages

Page 44
ติดพ่อdtitL phaawFnounex-wife's children who live with their father
ติดพ่อ dtitL phaawFadjective[is] close—and often dependent—on one's father [implying derogation]
ติดพันdtitL phanMadjective[is] be infatuated with; in love with
ติดพันdtitL phanMadverbcontinuously
ติดพันdtitL phanMadjective[is] concerned with; involved with
ติดไฟdtitL faiMverbto kindle a fire (in the stove)
ติดไฟแดงdtitL faiM daaengMverbto stop or be stopped at the traffic light
ติดมือdtitL meuuMverbto carry (something); to bring something along
ติดแม่dtitL maaeFnounex-husband's children who live with their mother
ติดแม่ dtitL maaeFadjective[is] close—and often dependent—on one's mother [implying derogation]
ติดไม้ติดมือdtitL maaiH dtitL meuuMverb, phraseto bring along with; carry; bring
ติดยาdtitL yaaMnoundrug addiction
ติดราชการdtitL raatF chaH gaanMverb, intransitiveto be bound by pressure of official business; involved in official business
ติดเรตdtitL raehtFverb[of books, films, conversations, etc] to be able to rated as sexually explicit [for example, the word ติดหม้อ]
ติดแร้ว dtitL raaeoHverbto get stuck in an animal snare
ติดโรค dtitL ro:hkFverbto catch a disease
ติดลบdtitL lohpHverb, transitiveto be in deficit to the amount of; to be on the debit side
ติดลบdtitL lohpHadjective[is] below zero (of temperature)
ติดลมdtitL lohmMverb[of talking or speaking] to speak profusely (continuously, continually, incessantly, eloquently, volubly, glibly, garrulously, loquaciously)
ติดลมdtitL lohmMverb[of a kite] to catch the wind
ติดลูกdtitL luukFverb, intransitiveto bear fruit; to fruit
ติดไว้ dtitL waiHverb, formalto attach; stick; connect
ติดไว้dtitL waiHadjective[is] attached; stuck
ติดไว้ก่อนdtitL waiH gaawnLverbto put on hold for a while
ติดสตางค์dtitL saL dtaangMverb[same as ติดเงิน]
ติดสอบdtitL saawpLverbto sit (for), do or have an exam (and thus can't go anywhere or do anything)
ติดสอยห้อยตามdtitL saawyR haawyF dtaamMverbto follow closely; to accompany
ติดสัดdtitL satLadjective, phrase[used of animals only; however, if used of humans, this idiom will be extremely caustic and vulgar] in heat; in rut; in season
ติดสายdtitL saaiRverb, phrase[is] on the line; speaking on the telephone; on another call
ติดสาวdtitL saaoRverbto be infatuated (obsessed, besotted, bewitched, captivated, carried away, enamoured, enraptured, fascinated, possessed) with/by a woman or young girl
ติดสำนวนdtitL samR nuaanMverb, transitiveto be in the habit of parading idioms; to be fond of quoting from or citing (the classics)
ติดสินบนdtitL sinR bohnMverbto bribe; to buy off; to corrupt; to grease the palm or hand of; to pay off
ติดแสตมป์dtitL saL dtaaemMverbto affix a stamp
ติดหญิงdtitL yingRverb[same as ติดสาว]
ติดหนี้dtitL neeFverbto owe money
ติดหนี้dtitL neeFadjective[is] behind in one's debt payments
ติดหนี้ติดสินdtitL neeF dtitL sinRverb, phraseto get into debt
ติดหนุ่มdtitL noomLverbto be infatuated (obsessed, besotted, bewitched, captivated, carried away, enamoured, enraptured, fascinated, possessed) with/by a man or young man
ติดหม้อdtitL maawFverb, colloquial, vulgar[impolite slang] to be very fond of (women's) vagina(s)
ติดหล่ม dtitL lohmLverbto be stuck in mud, to get stuck in the bog or quagmire
ติดหล่อdtitL laawLverb[used critically of a male] to be fixated on the desire to look nice, handsome, neat, fashionable and stylish all the time
ติดหลังแหdtitL langR haaeRverb[negative connotation] to get involved, พลอยฟ้าพลอยฝน (to suffer from or become mixed up with others [wrongdoers] without actual participation, to be involved with others). The expression ติดหลังแห has long been misspelled as ติดร่างแห - until the mistake has become widely, nationally, accepted. [rolleyes]
ติดหวัดdtitL watLverbto have or catch a cold; to catch cold
ติดหิดdtitL hitLverbto have scabies
ติดหูdtitL huuRverb[of expressions, buzzwords, songs, etc] to have become popular and been used a lot
ติดหูdtitL huuRadjective[of a song] [is] stuck in one's head; unable to stop hearing in one's mind
ติดหูติดตาdtitL huuR dtitL dtaaMverb, phraseto remember; recall; bear in mind; keep in mind; think back
ติดหูติดตาdtitL huuR dtitL dtaaMadverb, phraseclearly, obviously, plainly, unmistakably
ติดหูติดตาdtitL huuR dtitL dtaaMverb, phraseto remain in one's memory
ติดเหรียญdtitL riianRverbto be decorated or given a medal
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