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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3510 Thai words on 71 Pages

Page 47
ตี dteeMverb, transitiveto beat; hit; strike; or whip
noun[การตี] [activity] hitting
(of a ticket) to purchase; (of a check) to write
morning hours between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.
to install; affix; attach; assign
verb[ย่อมจะตี] will inevitably hit
ตีก้น dteeM gohnFverbspank
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverb[ตีกรรเชียง] to row (a boat); backstroke
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverb, idiom[ตีกรรเชียง] to backslide; evade (e.g. on a promise or on one's responsibility)
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverbto backstroke
ตีกรรเชียงdteeM ganM chiiangMverbto row with oars (as a boat)
ตีกรับdteeM grapLverbto beat a [certain] Thai wooden rhythm instrument
ตีกลองdteeM glaawngMverbto drum; to beat a drum
ตีกลองเพลdteeM glaawngM phaehnMnounsounding of a drum marking the hour of eleven
ตีกลับdteeM glapLverbto reject; return (an object)
ตีกินdteeM ginMverbto take advantage immorally; take unfair advantage of
ตีเกราะเคาะไม้ dteeM grawL khawH maaiHphraseto beat the drums as a warning
ตีขนาบdteeM khaL naapLverbto make a pincer movement; to attack from two sides
ตีขลุม dteeM khloomRverb, idiomto make a false claim
ตีขลุมdteeM khloomRtake what one is not entitled to; take something as one's own
ตีขลุมdteeM khloomRverbto assume
ตีไข่แตกdteeM khaiL dtaaekLverb, phrase[in sports] to score a point or goal coming from behind; score first
ตีไข่ใส่สีdteeM khaiL saiL seeRverb, phraseto sugarcoat, gild the lily, embellish, exaggerate
ตีความdteeM khwaamMverb[of a law, laws] to interpret; to construe; [of meaning] to assign
ตีคู่ dteeM khuuFadjective[are] adjoining; neck and neck; side by side; in tandem; abreast of (each other)
ตีฆ้องร้องป่าวdteeM khaawngH raawngH bpaaoLverb, phraseto proclaim loudly; make an announcement; make a hue and cry; protest
ตีงูให้กากินdteeM nguuM haiF gaaM ginMverb, phraseto criticize someone or take some action against someone where someone else benefits
ตีฉิ่ง dteeM chingLverbto play (Thai) finger cymbals
ตีฉิ่งdteeM chingLadjective, figurative, idiom[is] lesbian
ตีเช็คdteeM chekHverbto write a check (bank draft)
ตีเช็คเปล่าdteeM chekH bplaaoLverbto write a blank check (metaphor); to commit to an unlimited amount of spending
ตีดาบdteeM daapLexample sentenceFashion [your] sword...
ตีได้dteeM daiFverb, phraseto capture
ตีตรวนdteeM dtruaanMverbto shackle; fetter; put in chains; restrict; chain; handcuff; hobble
ตีตราdteeM dtraaMverb, transitiveto stamp; to brand
ตีตลาดdteeM dtaL laatLverbto market a product sucessfully; capture a market
ตีตัวออกห่างdteeM dtuaaM aawkL haangLverb, phraseto keep aloof; remain separate; draw away
ตีตั๋ว dteeM dtuaaRverb, intransitiveto book a ticket; to purchase a ticket
ตีตั๋วยืนdteeM dtuaaR yeuunMverbto purchase a "standing room only" ticket
ตีตื้นdteeM dteuunFverbto improve
ตีแตกละเอียดdteeM dtaaekL laH iiatLverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto smash
ตีโต้ dteeM dto:hFverb, transitiveto counter attack; strike back; make a counterattack; retaliate; hit back
ตีทะเบียนdteeM thaH biianMverb, transitiveto register
ตีบทแตกdteeM bohtL dtaaekLverbto perform well; have an excellent act
ตีบทไม่แตกdteeM bohtL maiF dtaaekLverbto play a role poorly; be unable to perform
ตีบ้านตีเมือง dteeM baanF dteeM meuuangMverbto attack a city
ตีปลาหน้าไซdteeM bplaaM naaF saiMphrase, idiomto upset someone’s applecart; to disrupt someone’s plans
ตีป่าdteeM bpaaLverb, transitive, intransitiveto hit wildly
ตีปีกบิน dteeM bpeekL binMverbto flap wings
ตีปี๊บ dteeM bpeepHverb, figurativeto advertise
ตีแปลงdteeM bplaaengMverbto wallow; move; roll; lie
ตีแผ่dteeM phaaeLverbto disclose; expose; uncover; unveil; bring to light
ตีฝ่าdteeM faaLverb, transitiveto break through (the enemy line)
ตีฝีปาก dteeM feeR bpaakLverb, intransitiveto argue convincingly
ตีฝีปากdteeM feeR bpaakLverbto equivocate; wisecrack; quibble; bicker
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