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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3490 Thai words on 70 Pages

Page 53
เตนนิสdtaehnM nitH[alternate spelling of เท็นนิส]
เต็ม dtemMadjective[is] complete; full
verb, transitiveto fill; fill up
adverbcompletely, extremely, excessively, too much, unbearably, very
verb[ทำให้เต็ม] fill; fill up; fill it up
เต็มกลืนdtemM gleuunMadjective[is] fed up; hard to take; hard to swallow; unbearable
เต็มกำลังdtemM gamM langMadverbwith all one's strength; fully committed
เต็มขอบdtemM khaawpLadjective, phrase[is] filled to the edge
เต็มขั้นdtemM khanFadverbtotally, entirely
เต็มคราบdtemM khraapFadverbto one's full; to the utmost capacity
เต็มความสามารถdtemM khwaamM saaR maatFadverbwith all one's ability
เต็มจอdtemM jaawMadjective[is] full-screen (television, e.g.)
เต็มจอdtemM jaawMadverb, colloquialclearly; large as life; full on; as clear as day
เต็มใจ dtemM jaiMadjective, adverb[is] willing
เต็มใจdtemM jaiMadverbwillingly
เต็มใจมั้ยหนอ โอบอุ้มฉันไปขึ้นบันไดdtemM jaiM maiH naawR o:hpL oomF chanR bpaiM kheunF banM daiMexample sentence"Think you might be willing to lift me up [in your arms and run me up] the stairs?"
เต็มดวงdtemM duaangMadjective, phrase[is] full (as of the moon)
เต็มตัวdtemM dtuaaMadverbfully; completely
เต็มถัง dtemM thangRexample sentence, colloquial"Fill it up!" — "Fill 'er up!"
เต็มทนdtemM thohnMadverbvery; fully; utterly; exceedingly; badly; extremely
เต็มที่ dtemM theeFadverbcompletely; fully; extremely; as fully as possible
เต็มใบdtemM baiMadverbcomplete; full-fledged
เต็มปากdtemM bpaakLadverbfully; completely; with assurance
เต็มปากเต็มคอdtemM bpaakL dtemM khaawMadverbfully; completely
เต็มปากเต็มคำdtemM bpaakL dtemM khamMadverb, phrasewith full assurance; fully and completely
เต็มเปี่ยมdtemM bpiiamLadjective[is] full of; perfect
เต็มเปี่ยมdtemM bpiiamLadverbfully; completely; wholly; entirely
เต็มไปด้วยdtemM bpaiM duayFadjective[is] filled with
เต็มไปด้วยนักเลงจิ๊กโก๋ เหล้าเบียร์บุหรี่หรือยาเสพติดอื่นdtemM bpaiM duayF nakH laehngM jikH go:hR laoF biiaM booL reeL reuuR yaaM saehpL dtitL euunLexample sentence"...full of hooligans and gangsters, with liquor, beer, cigarettes, or illegal drugs of various types."
เต็มไปหมดdtemM bpaiM mohtLadverbcompletely; fully
เต็มฝั่งdtemM fangLadjective, phrase[is] up to the edge of the [river] bank
เต็มมือdtemM meuuMadverbfully; with all one's strength; to the best of one's ability
เต็มเม็ดเต็มหน่วยdtemM metH dtemM nuayLadverbfully; completely; perfectly
เต็มยศdtemM yohtHadjective[is] fully decorated; dressed to the nines
เต็มร้อยdtemM raawyHadjective[is] one hundred perdent
เต็มรูปแบบdtemM ruupF baaepLadverbcompletely; in full; fully
เต็มลูกนัยน์ตาdtemM luukF naiM dtaaMadverb, phrasewith my own two eyes; really did see; having seen something very clearly
เต็มเวลาdtemM waehM laaMadverbpermanently; full-time; whole time
เต็มสตีมdtemM saL dteemMadverb, phrase, colloquialfull steam ahead; at full speed; to the fullest capacity
เต็มสองตาdtemM saawngR dtaaMadverb, phrase[to see something] very clearly; with clear vision
เต็มสูบdtemM suupLadverbcompletely; all the way; full bore
เต็มเหนี่ยวdtemM niaaoLadverbwith full force; full blast; with all one's strength
เต็มเหยียดdtemM yiiatLadverbfully; completely
เต็มอัตราศึกdtemM atL raaM seukLadverbin full battle dress
เต็มอัตราศึกdtemM atL raaM seukLadverbwith all one's strength or might; to one's fullest capability
เต็มอิ่มdtemM imLadjective[is] very satisfied; more than satiated; "full up to the neck" (with food)
เต็มเอี้ยดdtemM iiatFadjective[is] full; packed; crowded
เต็มแก่ dtemM gaaeLverb, transitive, colloquial, idiomto crave for
adverb, colloquial, idiomexcessively; extremely; too much; unbearably; very; so
เต็มตาdtemM dtaaMadverb[about seeing something] fully; clearly; completely
adjective[is] spectacular, amazing, astonishing, astounding, breathtaking, dazzling, dramatic, eye-catching, fabulous, fantastic, grand, magnificent, marvelous, miraculous, stupendous, remarkable, sensational, splendid, striking, stunning, thrilling, wondrous
เต็มที dtemM theeMadverb, colloquialvery; extremely
เต็มประดาdtemM bpraL daaMadverbvery; awfully; terribly; too much
เต็มเปาdtemM bpaoMadverbtotally; fully
เต็มเอี๊ยด dtemM iiatHadjectivepacked full
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