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ตอ เต่าturtleThe 21st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ต (ต)
TIS-620 value: 0xต (ต)

3220 Thai words on 65 Pages

Page 9
ต้นตอ dtohnF dtaawMadjective[is] original
nouncause; origin; source
ต้นตอของความชั่วdtohnF dtaawM khaawngR khwaamM chuaaFnoun, phraseunwholesome roots; roots of bad actions; the root causes of evil
ตนุ dtaL nooHnounsea turtle
noun[เต่าตนุ] sea turtle, Chelonia mydas
ตนุพลdtaL nooH phohnMproper nounTanuphon [a Thai given name]
ตบ dtohpLverbto slap, clap, pat, or hit with an open hand
ตบตาdtohpL dtaaMverbto hoodwink; cheat or deceive; trick; mislead
ตบตีdtohpL dteeMverbto bash; batter; hit; bang about, batter about, kick about, knock about
ตบแต่ง dtohpL dtaengLverbto decorate; adorn; bedeck; embellish
ตบแต่งภายใน dtohpL dtaengL phaaiM naiMnoun, phraseinterior design
ตบท้ายdtohpL thaaiHverbto end up with; conclude with
ตบเท้าdtohpL thaaoHverbto march; goosestep
ตบมือ dtohpL meuuMverbto applaud; clap hands
ตบมือข้างเดียวไม่ดัง dtohpL meuuM khaangF diaaoM maiF dangMexample sentence, idiom"It takes two to make a quarrel."
ตบมือข้างเดียวไม่ดังdtohpL meuuM khaangF diaaoM maiF dangMexample sentence"[However] 'It takes two to tango.' "
ตบรางวัลdtohpL raangM wanMverb, phrase, colloquialto give a prize or reward for good performance
ตบสลบไสลdtohpL saL lohpL saL laiRphrase, figurative[colloquial, fig.] "slap (you) silly"
ตบหน้าลูบหลังdtohpL naaF luupF langRverb, phraseto lay into someone then try to make nice; comfort someone after scolding them; balm following the lash; offend and then mollify
ตบหัวลูบหลังdtohpL huaaR luupF langRverbto chastise then praise; to play good cop – bad cop
ตบหัวแล้วลูบหลัง dtohpL huaaR laaeoH luupF langRexample sentence, idiom"A kiss after a kick!"
ตบชวาdtohpL chaH waaMnoun[ผักตบชวา] water hyacinth, Eichornia sp. (Pontederiaceae)
ตบะdtaL baLnounreligious austerity; self-mortification; penance; ascetic practice; mental devotion
ตปท.dtaangL bpraL thaehtFnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ต่างประเทศ] foreign
ตปะdtaL bpaLnoun, loanword, Paliausterity; self-control; non-indulgence [one of the ten kingly virtues]
ตมdtohmMnounswamp; mire; mud pit
prefix, noundoom and gloom
ตม dtaL maH[alternate pronunciation of ตม]
ต้ม dtohmFverbto boil
adjective[is] boiled
verb, transitive, intransitive, figurative, colloquial, idiom[slang] to rip off; to cheat
ต้มกลั่นdtohmF glanLverb, phraseto distill
ต้มกะปิ dtohmF gaL bpiLnouna Thai curry with shrimp paste
ต้มข่าไก่ dtohmF khaaL gaiLnounchicken soup with coconut milk and galangal root
ต้มไข่ dtohmF khaiLverbto boil an egg
ต้มเค็ม dtohmF khemMnouna Thai dish of sweetened boiled meat
ต้มจนเปื่อยdtohmF johnM bpeuuayLadjective[is] completely taken in; totally ripped off; taken for all one is worth
ต้มจืดdtohmF jeuutLnounclear soup; broth
ต้มตุ๋นdtohmF dtoonRverb, transitive, intransitive, adverb, phrase, figurative, colloquialto con; to dupe; to swindle; to cheat; to deceive
ต้มยำ dtohmF yamMnounspicy, clear Thai style lemongrass soup
ต้มยำกุ้งdtohmF yamM goongFnounspicy, clear Thai-style lemongrass soup with shrimp
ตม.dtaawM maawMproper noun, abbreviation[colloquial abbreviation for สำนักงานตรวจคนเข้าเมือง] IB, Immigration Bureau
ตร.dtamM ruaatLnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ตำรวจ]
noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for #16485] square (kilometers, inches, wa, e.g.)
ตร.dtraatLproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ตราด ] TRT
ตร.กม.dtaaM raangM giL lo:hM metHnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ตารางกิโลเมตร] sq. km.
ตร.ว.dtaaM raangM waaMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ตารางวา]
ตรง dtrohngMadjective[is] straight; direct; exactly; upright; vertical
adjective[ตรง ๆ] direct
adjective, adverb[โดยตรง] direct
adverbprecisely; exactly; right (here)
adjectivehonest; straightforward; plain; upright
adverb[โดยตรง] directly; immediately
ตรงกลาง dtrohngM glaangMadverb, formalin the center; in the middle
ตรงกันdtrohngM ganMadjective, phrase[is] the same; [are] identical
ตรงกันข้ามdtrohngM ganM khaamFadjective, phraseopposite
ตรงกันข้ามกับdtrohngM ganM khaamF gapLadjective[is] opposite
ตรงกันข้ามกับคิดค้นหาวิธีที่จะเพาะพันธุ์ปลาสวายเนื้อขาวนอกฤดูให้เป็นผลสำเร็จให้ได้...dtrohngM ganM khaamF gapL khitH khohnH haaR wiH theeM theeF jaL phawH phanM bplaaM saL waaiR neuuaH khaaoR naawkF reuH duuM haiF bpenM phohnR samR retL haiF daiFexample sentence"In contrast to [trying to] find a way to breed white meat catfish successfully outside of their normal breeding season"
ตรงกันข้าม มองเห็นแต่ข่าวไม่ดีรออยู่ข้างหน้าอีกหลายเรื่องdtrohngM ganM khaamF maawngM henR dtaaeL khaaoL maiF deeM raawM yuuL khaangF naaF eekL laaiR reuuangFexample sentence"In fact just the opposite [is occurring]. We see only many elements of bad news ahead."
ตรงกับdtrohngM gapLadverbcorresponding to; coincident with
ตรงเกณฑ์dtrohngM gaehnMadjective[is] appropriate; of standard; qualified
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