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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

975 Thai words on 20 Pages

Page 4
ถอดประกอบthaawtL bpraL gaawpLverbto dismantle; take apart
ถอดรหัสthaawtL raH hatLverbto decipher or decrypt a code; figure out something comples and difficult
ถอดรหัสพันธุกรรมthaawtL raH hatL phanM thooH gamMverb, phraseto unlock the genetic code
ถอดรองเท้าthaawtL raawngM thaaoHverbtake off shoes; to remove one's shoes
ถอดเสื้อthaawtL seuuaFverbto undress; [of clothing] to take off
ถอดเสื้อผ้า thaawtL seuuaF phaaFverbto take off one's clothing; to strip; undress
ถอดหมวกthaawtL muaakL[ถอดหมวก] to take off one's hat; tip one's cap; doff one's hat
ถอดออก thaawtL aawkLverbto remove; take out
ถอดออกจากตำแหน่ง thaawtL aawkL jaakL dtamM naengLverbto dismiss; to demote; to fire from a job
ถอดใจthaawtL jaiMadjective[is] discouraged; disheartened
ถอน thaawnRverbto pull out; withdraw; extract; draw out; quit; secede from
verbto break off an engagement; repeal; revoke; rescind; cancel
verbdrink; sip; guzzle; gulp
ถอนขน thaawnR khohnRverb(to) pluck (a) hair
ถอนคดีthaawnR khaH deeMverbwithdraw charges (law)
ถอนคันเร่งออกthaawnR khanM rengF aawkLverb, phraseto release the accelerator
ถอนแค้นthaawnR khaaenHverb, colloquialto gain revenge; extract revenge
ถอนเงิน thaawnR ngernMverbto withdraw money
ถอนใจ thaawnR jaiMverbto sigh
ถอนใจใหญ่ thaawnR jaiM yaiLverb, intransitiveto sigh deeply
ถอนตัว thaawnR dtuaaMverb, intransitiveto withdraw oneself [i.e. from contention]
ถอนทุนthaawnR thoonMverbto liquidate assets; recover assets
ถอนพิษthaawnR phitHverbto detoxify; to suck out or counteract the venom
ถอนฟันthaawnR fanMverb, phraseto extract or pull a tooth
ถอนฟันthaawnR fanMnoundental extraction
ถอนรากถอนโคนthaawnR raakF thaawnR kho:hnMverb, phraseto extirpate; abolish; annihilate; destroy; uproot
ถอนรากเหง้าthaawnR raakF ngaoFverb, phraseto dig up; to uproot
ถอนสมอ thaawnR saL maawRverb, intransitiveto weigh anchor
ถอนสายบัว thaawnR saaiR buaaMverb, transitiveto curtsy; curtsey
ถอนหมั้น thaawnR manFverbto break off the engagement; jilt
ถอนหายใจ thaawnR haaiR jaiMverbto sigh
ถอนหายใจอย่างโล่งอกthaawnR haaiR jaiM yaangL lo:hngF ohkLverbto breathe a sigh of relief
ถอนอำนาจthaawnR amM naatFverbto take away one's authority; revoke authority
ถ่อม thaawmLverbto humble (oneself)
ถ่อมตน thaawmL dtohnMadjective[is] modest; humble
ถ่อมตนthaawmL dtohnMverbto act modestly; humbly
ถ่อมตัว thaawmL dtuaaMverbto abase; lower oneself
ถ่อมตัวthaawmL dtuaaMadjective[is] humble; modest
ถ่อมตัวลงมา thaawmL dtuaaM lohngM maaMverb, intransitive, phrase, formal, sarcastic-humorous[showing disapproval] to deign
ถอย thaawyRverb, intransitiveto withdraw; move back; retreat
ถอยกรูดthaawyR gruutLverb, intransitiveto retreat in defeat
ถอยฉากthaawyR chaakLverbto withdraw; dodge; evade
ถอยแบบมีเหลี่ยมthaawyR baaepL meeM liiamLverb, phraseto retreat for strategic reasons
ถอยรถ thaawyR rohtHverbto back up a vehicle
ถอยร่นthaawyR rohnFverbto retreat; withdraw; move back
ถอยหลัง thaawyR langRverbback up; move backward; in reverse order; aback
ถอยหลังเข้าคลอง thaawyR langR khaoF khlaawngMadjective, verb, figurative, idiomto be (ideologically) against forward progress; move backward in one's thinking; backslide (in status or position); reactionary; turn back the clock
ถอยหลังเต็มที่ thaawyR langR dtemM theeFnoun, verb, intransitivefull speed astern; full reverse
ถอยหลังไปหลายสิบปีก่อน สนุกเกอร์ จัดเป็นกีฬาสีเทา ที่ไม่ค่อยได้รับการยอมรับจากคนไทยมากนักthaawyR langR bpaiM laaiR sipL bpeeM gaawnL saL nookH guuhrM jatL bpenM geeM laaM seeR thaoM theeF maiF khaawyF daiF rapH gaanM yaawmM rapH jaakL khohnM thaiM maakF nakHexample sentence"Several decades ago, snooker was regarded as a ‘grey’ sport, which was unable to really gain acceptance from many Thai people."
ถอยห่างthaawyR haangLverbto move far from; distance oneself from
ถ่อยthaawyLadjective[is] low, base, vile, despicable
interjectionHow aweful! How despicable!
ถ้อย thaawyFnounwords; wording; speech; utterance; diction; verbal expression; statement; terms
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