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ถอ ถุงbag; pouch; tube-like sackThe 22nd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ถ (ถ)
TIS-620 value: 0xถ (ถ)

1096 Thai words on 22 Pages

Page 4
ถอดความหมาย thaawtL khwaamM maaiRverbto translate; define; interpret
ถอดชนวนthaawtL chaH nuaanMverbto defuse (a bomb or a situation, e.g.)
ถอดชนวนระเบิดthaawtL chaH nuaanM raH beertLverb, phraseto defuse a bomb
ถอดฐานันดรศักดิ์thaawtL thaaR nanM daawnM sakLverb, phraseto withdraw someone’s rank of nobility
ถอดถอนthaawtL thaawnRverbto relieve from duty or command
ถอดถอนอำนาจthaawtL thaawnR amM naatFverbto take away one's authority; revoke authority
ถอดถ่ายthaawtL thaaiLverbto transliterate
ถอดแบบthaawtL baaepLverbto model upon
ถอดประกอบthaawtL bpraL gaawpLverbto dismantle; take apart
ถอดผ้าพันแผลออกthaawtL phaaF phanM phlaaeR aawkLverb, phraseto remove a bandage
ถอดยศthaawtL yohtHverb, phraseto remove someone’s rank
ถอดยศทหารthaawtL yohtH thaH haanRverb, phraseto remove someone’s military rank
ถอดรหัสthaawtL raH hatLverbto decipher or decrypt a code; figure out something comples and difficult
ถอดรหัสพันธุกรรมthaawtL raH hatL phanM thooH gamMverb, phraseto unlock the genetic code
ถอดรองเท้าthaawtL raawngM thaaoHverbtake off shoes; to remove one's shoes
ถอดเสื้อthaawtL seuuaFverbto undress; [of clothing] to take off
ถอดเสื้อผ้า thaawtL seuuaF phaaFverbto take off one's clothing; to strip; undress
ถอดหมวกthaawtL muaakL[ถอดหมวก] to take off one's hat; tip one's cap; doff one's hat
ถอดหัวโขนthaawtL huaaR kho:hnRverb, phraseto remove one's mask; unveil one's face; step down from a high position
ถอดออก thaawtL aawkLverbto remove; take out
ถอดออกจากตำแหน่ง thaawtL aawkL jaakL dtamM naengLverbto dismiss; to demote; to fire from a job
ถอดใจthaawtL jaiMadjective[is] discouraged; disheartened
ถอน thaawnRverbto pull out; withdraw; extract; draw out; quit; secede from
verbto break off an engagement; repeal; revoke; rescind; cancel
verbdrink; sip; guzzle; gulp
ถอนขน thaawnR khohnRverb(to) pluck (a) hair
ถอนคดีthaawnR khaH deeMverbwithdraw charges (law)
ถอนคันเร่งออกthaawnR khanM rengF aawkLverb, phraseto release the accelerator
ถอนแค้นthaawnR khaaenHverb, colloquialto gain revenge; extract revenge
ถอนเงิน thaawnR ngernMverbto withdraw money
ถอนใจ thaawnR jaiMverbto sigh
ถอนใจใหญ่ thaawnR jaiM yaiLverb, intransitiveto sigh deeply
ถอนตัว thaawnR dtuaaMverb, intransitiveto withdraw oneself [i.e. from contention]
ถอนทุนthaawnR thoonMverbto liquidate assets; recover assets
ถอนพิษ thaawnR phitHverbto detoxify; to suck out or counteract the venom
ถอนฟันthaawnR fanMverb, phraseto extract or pull a tooth
ถอนฟันthaawnR fanMnoundental extraction
ถอนรากถอนโคนthaawnR raakF thaawnR kho:hnMverb, phraseto extirpate; abolish; annihilate; destroy; uproot
ถอนรากเหง้าthaawnR raakF ngaoFverb, phraseto dig up; to uproot
ถอนสมอ thaawnR saL maawRverb, intransitiveto weigh anchor
ถอนสายบัว thaawnR saaiR buaaMverb, transitiveto curtsy; curtsey
ถอนหมั้น thaawnR manFverbto break off the engagement; jilt
ถอนหายใจ thaawnR haaiR jaiMverbto sigh
ถอนหายใจอย่างโล่งอกthaawnR haaiR jaiM yaangL lo:hngF ohkLverbto breathe a sigh of relief
ถอนอำนาจthaawnR amM naatFverbto take away one's authority; revoke authority
ถ่อม thaawmLverbto humble (oneself)
ถ่อมตน thaawmL dtohnMadjective[is] modest; humble
ถ่อมตนthaawmL dtohnMverbto act modestly; humbly
ถ่อมตัว thaawmL dtuaaMverbto abase; lower oneself
ถ่อมตัวthaawmL dtuaaMadjective[is] humble; modest
ถ่อมตัวลงมา thaawmL dtuaaM lohngM maaMverb, intransitive, phrase, formal, sarcastic-humorous[showing disapproval] to deign
ถอย thaawyRverb, intransitiveto withdraw; move back; retreat
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