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ทอ ทหารsoldierThe 23rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ท (ท)
TIS-620 value: 0xท (ท)

2709 Thai words on 55 Pages

Page 3
ทรงพระเจริญsohngM phraH jaL reernMexample sentence"Long live the King."
ทรงพระเจริญ ยิ่งยืนนานsohngM phraH jaL reernM yingF yeuunM naanMexample sentence"Long live the King. May his days be without number"
ทรงพลังsohngM phaH langMadjective[is] powerful, potent
ทรงพลังอำนาจsohngM phaH langM amM naatFverb, phraseto exercise power
ทรงม้าsohngM maaHverb, formal[ทรงม้า] [royal use only] to ride a horse
ทรงม้าsohngM maaH[ทรงม้า] in the form or shape of a horse, equestrianesque
ทรงยินดีsohngM yinM deeMverb, phrase, formal[royal use only] to be delighted or glad
ทรงรักsohngM rakHverb[ทรงรัก] [as royalty or a deity] to love
ทรงราชย์sohngM raatFverb, phraseto reign; rule
ทรงแรกที่ผมเริ่มตัดก็คือทรงนักเรียนsohngM raaekF theeF phohmR reermF dtatL gaawF kheuuM sohngM nakH riianMexample sentence"My first hairstyle was a student cut."
ทรงศรsohngM saawnRverb, formal[ทรงศร] [royal use only] to hold an arrow
ทรงศีลsohngM seenRverb, formal[ทรงศีล] [royal use only] to follow the Buddhist precepts
ทรงอานุภาพsohngM aaM nooH phaapFadjective[is] mighty, powerful, forceful
ทรงอิทธิพลsohngM itL thiH phohnMadjective[is] influential; prominent; leading
ทรชน thaawM raH chohnMnoun, pluralknaves; rascals; hooligans
ทรนงthaH raH nohngM[alternate spelling of ทะนง ]
ทรพิษ thaawM raH phitHadjective[is] poisonous; toxic; venomous
noun, adjective[ไข้ทรพิษ] smallpox
ทรพี thaawM raH pheeMnouna ladle
ทรมาน thaawM raH maanMadjective, verb, formal, loanword, Palito suffer
verb, transitive, formal, loanword, Palito torture
[ความทรมาน] suffering; torture
ทรยศ thaawM raH yohtHverb, intransitiveto betray; is unfaithful to; break one's promise
adjectivetreacherous; traitorous
ทรยศชาติthaawM raH yohtH chaatFadjective[is] a traitor to one's country
ทรยศชาติthaawM raH yohtH chaatFverbto betray one's country
ทรรศน์thatH saL[alternate spelling of ทัศน์]
ทรรศน์thatH[alternate spelling of ทัศน์]
ทรรศนะthatH saL naH[alternate spelling of ทัศน์]
ทรราช thaawM raH raatFnoundespot; tyrant
ทรวง suaangMnoun[body] chest, bosom
ทรวงอกsuaangM ohkLnoun, formalchest
ทรวด suaatFverbto deteriorate; decrease; get worse
ทรวดทรง suaatF sohngMnounfigure; outline; shape
ทรวาร thaawM raH waanMnoundoor; gateway
ทรสองทรสุมthaawM raH saawngR thaawM raH soomRverbto assemble; meet together; congregate; swarm; flock together; gather
ทรสาย thaawM raH saaiRnouna brush
adjective[is] unkempt; messy
ทรสายทรสุม thaawM raH saaiR thaawM raH soomRadjective[same as ทรสาย ]
ทรสุม thaawM raH soomRadjective[is] bunched together; clustered
ทรสุมทรสาย thaawM raH soomR thaawM raH saaiRadjective[same as ทรสุม ]
ทรหด thaawM raH hohtLadjective[is] tough; able to endure or tolerate; able to stand up to or resist
ทรหดอดทนthaawM raH hohtL ohtL thohnMadjective[is] unyielding; indomitable; unflinching; undaunted
ทรหน thaawM raH hohnRnouna difficult path or way; a course of hardship and peril
ทรหวล thaawM raH huaanRadjective[is] being blown or carried away
ทรหึง thaawM raH heungRadjective[is] boisterous; loud; noisy
adjective[is] of long duration; enduring; sustained; long-lasting
ทรหึงทรหวล thaawM raH heungR thaawM raH huaanRadjective[is] tumultuous
ทรเหล thaawM raH haehnRnouna limp
ทรอมโบนthraawmM bo:hnMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] trombone
ทรอยthraawyMproper noun, loanword, EnglishTroy [an English given name]
ทรอึง thaawM raH eungMadjective[is] conceited; overly proud; haughty
ทรอุ้ม thaawM raH oomFadjective[is] dark; overcast; gloomy
ทระนง thaawM raH nohngMverbto be arrogant, conceited, proud, or haughty
ทรัพย์ sapHnoun, Sanskritasset; wealth; possessions; riches
ทรัพย์ศฤงคารsapH sringR khaanMnounwealth; possessions; property
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