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มอ ม้าhorseThe 33rd consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ม (ม)
TIS-620 value: 0xม (ม)

3784 Thai words on 76 Pages

Page 35
มุขยmookH khaL yaHnoun, loanword, Paliprincipal; leader; chief
มุขยประโยคmookH khaL yaH bpraL yo:hkLnoun[Thai grammar] main clause; independent (principal) clause of a sentence
มุง moongMverbto thatch; to roof
verbto crowd around; throng; gather around; rubber-neck
มุ่ง moongFverbto intend; aim at; set at goal of
มุ่งเน้นmoongF nenHverbto emphasize; focus on
มุ่งไปสู่moongF bpaiM suuLverbto head for; move in the direction of
มุ่งมั่น moongF manFadjective[is] engrossed (in); [has] immersed oneself (in); [is] absorbed (in); concentrating (on); working hard (on)
มุ่งร้ายmoongF raaiHverbto bear ill will; intend to do harm; have bad intention; bear malice toward somebody
มุ่งส่งmoongF sohngLverb, phrasedirect
มุ่งหน้าmoongF naaFverbto head (for); to head towards; to make for
มุ่งหมาย moongF maaiRverbto aim at or for; to intend; to mean; to endeavor; to attempt
มุ่งหวังmoongF wangRverbto aim for; to hope for
มุ้ง moongHnounmosquito net
มุ้งกันยุง moongH ganM yoongMnounmosquito net
มุ้งลวด  moongH luaatFnoundoor or window screen
มุ้งสายบัวmoongH saaiR buaaMnoun, colloquial, idiomjail; “the clink”; “lockup”; prison
มุ่งมาดmoongF maatFadjective[is] determined
verbto aim at; intend; expect; look forward to; desire; hope for
มุด mootHverbto duck underneath; to burrow; to hide; to lodge inside
มุทะลุ mooH thaH looH[is] hasty; reckless; rash; impetuous
มุทิตา mooH thiH dtaaMnoun, formal, loanword, Palikindliness; benignity; rejoicing with others in their good fortunes
มุ่น moonFverb(of hair) to knot; to twist or roll up; to tie up in a bun
adjective[is] anxious; concerned; apprehensive; worried
มุม moomMnounangle
noun[of a street or room] a corner
noun[แมงมุม] spider
classifier[numerical classifier for corner]
มุมกลับmoomM glapLnounreflex angle; an angle of more than 180 degrees, but less than 360 degrees
มุมขนาด 90 องศาเรียกว่ามุมฉากmoomM khaL naatL ohngM saaR riiakF waaF moomM chaakLexample sentence"A 90 degree angle is called a right angle."
มุมคานmoomM khaanMnouncrossbar; support bar
มุมฉาก  moomM chaakLnoungeometric right angle; 90° angle; an angle of 90 degrees
มุมฉากจะมีมุม 90 องศาmoomM chaakL jaL meeM moomM ohngM saaRexample sentence"A right angle is equal to 90 degrees."
มุมถนน moomM thaL nohnRnounstreet corner
มุมประชิดmoomM bpraL chitHnounadjacent angle
มุมป้าน moomM bpaanFnounobtuse angle, a geometric angle of greater than 90 degrees, but less than 180 degrees
มุมมอง moomM maawngMnounview point; angle; aspect; point of view; perspective
มุมมืดmoomM meuutFnoundark corner; secret place; place in the shadows
มุมยอด moomM yaawtFnoungeometric angle; apex; angle of a triangle
มุมแหลม moomM laaemRnounacute angle, a geometric angle of less than 90 degrees
มุมอับmoomM apLnoun[มุมอับ] unventilated corner
มุมไบ moomM baiMproper noun, geographicalMumbai, a city in India
มุมานะmooH maaM naHverbto work hard; be diligent; be industrious hard; be persistent; strive; make determined effort
[ความมุมานะ] diligence; persistence; industriousness
มุ่ย muyFadjective[is] frowning
มุสลิม mootH saL limMadjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Muslim
มุสา mooH saaRverbto lie
มุสาวาทmooH saaR waatFnouna lie; false speech
มุฮัมมัด mooH hamM matLproper noun, personMuhammad, [i.e.] Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allāh; Mohammed; Muhammed; Mahomet
มูก muukFnounmucus; snot; anal mucus; mucilage
noun[ขี้มูก] mucus
มูชาร์ราฟmuuM chaaM raafFproper noun, personMusharraf (Pakistani prime minister)
มูเซอ muuM suuhrMproper nounMuser, an ethnic minority group in northern Thailand
มูเซอร์ muuM suuhrM[alternate spelling of มูเซอ ]
มูตร muutFnounurine
มูน muunMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] moon
มูมมามmuumM maamMadverbfilthily; greedily; vulgarly; sloppily; devouringly; voraciously; gluttonously
มูรติ muuM raH dtiLnoun, formal, loanword, Sanskritbody; form
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