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ยอ ยักษ์[a character from the Ramayana epic, a] giant [or] demonThe 34th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ย (ย)
TIS-620 value: 0xย (ย)

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Page 10
ยังอยู่yangM yuuLverb, phraseis still located; still in the process of
ยังอ่อน yangM aawnLadjective, phrase, colloquial[of human and animals] immature
ยังอะyangM aLexample sentence"Not yet."
ยังอ่านyangM aanLverb[ยังอ่าน] <subject> still reads
ยังอ่านหนังสือพิมพ์อยู่yangM aanL nangR seuuR phimM yuuLverb, still reading the newspaper
ยั้ง yangHverb, transitive, intransitive, formalto stop; to cease; to curb; to withhold; to halt; to restrain; to refrain from; to defer; to be constant
ยั้งคิดyangH khitHverbto give pause to one's thinking
ยังงี้yangM ngeeHpronoun, colloquiallike this [colloquial]
ยั่งยืน yangF yeuunMadjective[is] lasting
verbto endure; to last; to remain
noun[ความยั่งยืน] permanence
ยัชโญปวีตyatH chaH yo:hM bpweetLnounblessed string used in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies
ยัญyanMnounsacrifice; offering; tribute; expiation; reparation; penance; propitiation; libation
ยัญyanM naH[alternate pronunciation of ยัญ]
ยัญกรรมyanM naH gamMnounsacrifice; offering; tribute; expiation; reparation; penance; propitiation; libation
ยัญพิธีyanM naH phiH theeMnounrite to the spirits of Brahmin; offering; tribute; expiation; reparation; penance; propitiation; libation
ยัด yatHverbto stuff; cram; press in; crowd in
ยัดเข้าไปyatH khaoF bpaiMverbto stuff; cram
ยัดทะนานyatH thaH naanMadjective[is] packed together
ยัดไส้ yatH saiFverb(in cooking) to stuff
ยัดเยียด yatH yiiatFadverbtightly
adjectiveto crowd; [is] crowded; [is] crammed; jammed; flock; congregate; gather; mass; throng
verbto press; squeeze; force; indoctrinate; pressurize
ยัตติภังค์yatH dtiL phangM[alternate spelling of ยัติภังค์]
ยัติภังค์yatH dtiL phangMnoun[orthography] hyphen, dash
noun[เครื่องหมายยัติภังค์] [orthography] hyphen symbol
ยัน yanMverbto support; sustain; prop up; brace
adjectivecontinuous; all the time
adjective[is] drunk on betel
prepositionuntil; up to; to
ยันป้ายyanM bpaaiFadverbforever; to the bitter end
...ยันเรื่องรบเร้าให้ผมหาคนมาทาสีบ้านใหม่ yanM reuuangF rohpH raaoH haiF phohmR haaR khohnM maaM thaaM seeR baanF maiLexample sentence" our repeated disagreement about finding someone to repaint our home."
ยันต์yanMnoun, Pali, Sanskritmagical design; mystical insignia
ยับyapHadjective[is] crushed; crumpled; wrinkled
ยับย่นyapH yohnFadjective[is] wrinkled
ยับยู่ยี่yapH yuuF yeeFadjective[is] creased; wrinkled; not ironed
ยับเยินyapH yeernMadjective[is] damaged; wrecked; crushed; crumpled
ยับย่อยyapH yaawyFadverbtotally; completely; severely
ยับยั้ง yapH yangHverbto deter, restrain, suppress, hold back
verb[ยับยั้งใจ] to restrain oneself
ยับยั้งใจyapH yangH jaiMverb[ยับยั้งใจ] to restrain oneself
ยับยั้งชั่งใจyapH yangH changF jaiMadjective[is] restrained; be cautious; be careful; be guarded; be prudent; be careful
ยับยั้งศึกyapH yangH seukLverbto try to stop people from quarreling
ยัยyaiMpronoun, colloquial, vulgar[a third person singular female pronoun, used in a context of denigration] she
ยัยคนyaiM khohnMnoun[disapproving word for] a woman
ยัยคนนี้กระดูกจริง ๆ yaiM khohnM neeH graL duukL jingM jingMexample sentence"She is so difficult to deal with!"
ยัยบ้า yaiM baaFnoun, pronoun[crude epithet for a] crazy woman
ยั่ว yuaaFverbto provoke, incite, or tease
ยั่วโมโหyuaaF mo:hM ho:hRverbto anger; to stir up or incite anger; to instigate
ยั่วยวน yuaaF yuaanMadjectivesexy; provocative
ยั่วยวนใจyuaaF yuaanM jaiMverb[ยั่วยวนใจ] to tempt; entice; attract; allure; coax; lure
ยั่วยุyuaaF yooH[ยั่วยุ] to incite; provoke; instigate; urge; stir up; encourage; spur; stimulate; fomen
ยั่วยุให้เกิดความรุนแรงyuaaF yooH haiF geertL khwaamM roonM raaengMverb, phraseto incite violence
ยั่วเย้าyuaaF yaaoHverbto provoke; tease
ยั่วสวาทyuaaF saL waatLadjective[is] flirtatious, alluring
ยั้วเยี้ยyuaaH yiiaHadverbmany; a lot of; much; numerous; plentiful
ยัวะyuaHverbto annoy, provoke, make others feel uncool, anger
adjective[is] provocative; alluring
adjective, colloquial[is] up in arms; upset; angry
ยา yaaMnoundrug; medicine; remedy; medication; having to do with medical treatment
nounchemical; chemicals; substance; pesticides, etc.
noun[ใบยา] tobacco leaf
noun[royal language] suffix indicating "male"
ยากระตุ้น yaaM graL dtoonFnoun, phrase, formalstimulant
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