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รอ เรือboat; ship; barge; vesselThe 35th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ร (ร)
TIS-620 value: 0xร (ร)

3173 Thai words on 64 Pages

Page 35
ร่ำไห้ramF haiFverbto cry; weep and wail incessantly
รำคาญ ramM khaanMverb[is] annoyed; disturbed; irritated
adjective[น่ารำคาญ] [is] annoying; irritating
adjective[รำคาญใจ] [is] annoyed; disturbed; irritated
รำคาญคนขายประกันจัง ตื้ออยู่ได้ramM khaanM khohnM khaaiR bpraL ganM jangM dteuuF yuuL daiFexample sentence"I'm so annoyed at the insurance representative. He kept insisting me (to purchase a plan)."
รำคาญใจramM khaanM jaiMadjective[รำคาญใจ] [is] annoyed; disturbed; irritated
รำจวนramM juaanMadjective[is] agitated
รำพันramM phanMverbto complain; grumble; speak incessantly
รำพึง ramM pheungMverb, formalto ponder; to reflecting; to consider; to contemplate
verbto groan; lament; mourn; bemoan; cry over; complain
รำพึงรำพันramM pheungM ramM phanMverbto bemoan; bewail; lament
รำไพramM phaiMadjective[is] beautiful; pretty
nounthe Sun
รำมะร่อramM maH raawFadverbvery nearly
ร่ำรวยramF ruayMadjective[is] very rich; filthy rich
ร่ำไร ramF raiMadjective[is] long-winded; wordy; garrulous; verbose
adjective[is] troublesome; tiresome; tedious
adjective[is] sluggish; inactive; dull; indolent
ร่ำไรramF raiMadjective[is] tardy; late
ร่ำไรรำพันramF raiM ramM phanMverbto moan; complain
รำลึก ramM leukHverbrecall; recollect; remember; think of
ริ riHverb, intransitive, colloquialto initiate; originate; to consult; to begin to think; to begin to do; think; to begin; to start
ริคิดอ่านriH khitH aanLverb, phrase[same as ริอ่าน]
ริลองriH laawngMverb, transitive, phrase, colloquialto try something risky
ริอ่านriH aanLverb, phraseto initiate; to begin to plan; to originate plans
ริกบี้rikH beeFnoun, loanword, EnglishRigby [a given name]
ริกา riH gaaMproper noun, geographicalRiga, the capital city of ลัตเวีย  (Latvia)
ริโกriH go:hMproper noun, loanword, EnglishRico [an Italian given name]
ริค rikHproper noun, personRick [an English given name]
ริค คู่ชีวิตของฉัน rikH khuuF cheeM witH khaawngR chanRphrase, formalRick; my soul mate
ริงโทนringM tho:hnMnoun[English load word "ringtone"]
ริช ritHproper noun, loanword, EnglishRich [an English given name]
ริชมอนด์ ritH maawnMproper noun, geographicalRichmond, the capital city of เวอร์จิเนีย (Virginia)
ริชาร์ด riH chaadFnoun, proper noun, personRichard [an English given name]
ริชาร์ด นิกสันriH chaadF nikH sanRproper noun, personRichard Nixon
ริด ritHverb, formalto take away; cut
ริดรอนritH raawnMverb, transitive, phrase, formalto take away or cut (one's rights)
ริดสีดวง ritH seeR duaangMnounadenoids; hemorrhoids; trachoma; tuberculosis; etc.
ริดสีดวงทวาร ritH seeR duaangM thaH waanMnounhemmorrhoid
ริต้าriH dtaaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishRita [an English given name]
ริตาลิน riH dtaaM linMproper nounRitalin®, a brand of เมธิลเฟนิเดต ไฮโดรคลอไรด์ (methylphenidate hydrochloride) manufactured by โนวาร์ติส เอจี (Novartis AG)
ริน rinMverbto pour slowly; to decant
adverbslowly; gently; little by little
nounlow quality gold
ริ้นrinHnounbiting midge, a small mosquito Culicoides (ceratopogonidae)
รินรดาrinM raH daaMproper nounRinrada [a Thai female given name]
ริบripHverbto confiscate; to appropriate
adjective[is] sharp
ริบอำนาจripH amM naatFverbto revoke one's authority
ริบบิ้นripH binFnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] ribbon
ริบหรี่ripH reeLadjective(of light) [is] dim; flickering; faded; faint
ริม rimMnounedge; rim; banks (of a river or canal)
prepositionby; beside; alongside; at the side of
ริมคลอง rimM khlaawngMnounedge of a canal; next to the canal
ริมถนนrimM thaL nohnRnounroadside; side of a road
ริมถนนสายนี้มีใบปิดโฆษณาสินค้าติดเต็มไปหมดrimM thaL nohnR saaiR neeH meeM baiM bpitL kho:htF saL naaM sinR khaaH dtitL dtemM bpaiM mohtLexample sentence"The sides of this road are completely papered over with advertising posters."
ริมธารน้ำในป่า rimM thaanM naamH naiM bpaaLpreposition, phraseby or beside a brook in the woods
ริมน้ำ rimM naamHnounwaterfront
ริมฝั่งrimM fangLadverbalongshore
ริมฝีปาก rimM feeR bpaakLnounlip
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