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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2221 Thai words on 45 Pages

Page 10
ละเม็งละคร laH mengM laH khaawnMnounan entertaining play, show, or production
ละเมอ laH muuhrMverbto talk while sleeping, have a nightmare, sleepwalk, or be deluded
ละเมอพูด laH muuhrM phuutFverbto talk in one's sleep
ละเมาะlaH mawHnoungrove; thicket; coppice
[ละเมาะไม้] woods; forest; thicket
ละเมาะไม้laH mawH maaiH[ละเมาะไม้] woods; forest; thicket
ละเมิด laH meertFverb, transitiveto break a law, violate rules, infringe, disregard instructions or orders, to transgress
ละเมิดความไว้วางใจlaH meertF khwaamM waiH waangM jaiMverbto violate one's trust in; breach of trust
ละเมิดลิขสิทธิ์laH meertF likH khaL sitLverbto violate copyright; to infringe
ละเมิดสิทธิlaH meertF sitL thiHverbto violate (someone's) rights
ละเมิดอำนาจศาลlaH meertF amM naatF saanRnoun, phrasecontempt of court
ละเมียดlaH miiatFadjective[is] gentle; soft; tender; smooth; mild; kind
adverbgently; softly; tenderly; smoothly; mildly; kindly
ละเมียดละไม laH miiatF laH maiMadjective[is] gentle; soft; tender; smooth; mild; kind
ละเมียดละไมlaH miiatF laH maiMadverbgently; softly; tenderly; smoothly; mildly; kindly
ละโมบ laH mo:hpFadjective[is] greedy; insatiable; avaricious
verb, transitiveto covet; hanker after
ละไม laH maiMadjective[is] soft; tender; attractive; graceful; sweet; pleasant
ละลานlaH laanMadjective[is] dazzling; bright and shining; amazing
ละลานตาlaH laanM dtaaMadjective[is] dazzling; bright and shining; amazing
ละลาบละล้วงlaH laapF laH luaangHverbto intrude; take liberties; trespass; offend
ละลาย laH laaiMverbto dissolve; melt
verb[ทำให้ละลาย] to dissolve
noun[การละลาย] [the process of] dissolving; dissolution; melting; entering solution
noun[สารละลาย] [chemistry] solution; a liquid in which something has been dissolved
ละลายพฤติกรรมlaH laaiM phreuH dtiL gamMverbto put someone at ease; break the ice
ละล้าละลังlaH laaH laH langMverbto hesitate; waver; tarry; be reluctant
ละล่ำละลักlaH lamF laH lakHverbto sputter; splutter; falter; speak confusedly or incoherently; talk excitedly
ละเลง laH laehngMverbto smear (on); to spread (over with)
ละเล่น laH lenFverb, intransitive, colloquialeuphonious version of "play"
ละเลียด laH liiatFverb, intransitiveto proceed little by little
ละว้าlaH waaH[alternate spelling of ลัวะ]
ละแวก laH waaekFnounneighborhood; outskirt; village; encampment; vicinity
ละหมาดlaH maatLnounMuslim worship; worship of the Allah's kindness
ละห้อย laH haawyFadverbmorosely; woefully; with melancholy
ละหาน laH haanRnounbrook; swamp, bog
adjective[is] hanging
ละหุ่ง laH hoongLnoun, adjective[general] castor-oil
noun[ต้นละหุ่ง] the castor-oil plant, Ricinus communis
noun[น้ำมันละหุ่ง] castor-oil
ละเหี่ย laH hiiaLadjective, verb, transitiveto feel weary; tired; weak; to feel tired (physically and mentally)
ละออ laH aawMadjective, loanword, Cambodian[is] handsome; lovely; good-looking; fine
ละออง laH aawngMnoundust; spray; mist; particles; fine particles; powder; fall-out
ละอองเกสรlaH aawngM gaehM saawnRnounpollen
ละอองธุลีlaH aawngM thooH leeMnoundust; a mere dust particle
ละอองในอากาศlaH aawngM naiM aaM gaatLnoun, phraseaerosol
ละอองฝน laH aawngM fohnRnounfine raindrops; mist; drizzle
ละอองฝอยlaH aawngM faawyRnounaerosol
ละอ่อนlaH aawnLadjective[is] a novice; inexperienced; child-like
ละอาย laH aaiMadjective[is] ashamed; timid; shy
noun[ความละอาย] shame
adjective[ละอายใจ] [has a feeling of] shame
ละอายใจlaH aaiM jaiMadjective[ละอายใจ] [has a feeling of] shame
ละเอียด laH iiatLadjective[is] detailed; exact; delicate; fine; powdered; finely powdered; meticulous; careful; thorough; methodical
adverb[ละเอียดยิบ] thoroughly; scrupulously; exhaustively
adjective[ละเอียดยิบ] [is] delicate; exquisite; fine
noun[ความละเอียด] resolution (e.g. number of pixels on a digital camera sensor)
ละเอียดยิบlaH iiatL yipHadverb[ละเอียดยิบ] thoroughly; scrupulously; exhaustively
ละเอียดยิบlaH iiatL yipHadjective[ละเอียดยิบ] [is] delicate; exquisite; fine
ละเอียดละออlaH iiatL laH aawMadverbthoroughly; meticulously; scrupulously; carefully; intensively; exhaustively
ละเอียดอ่อน laH iiatL aawnLadjective[is] delicate; fine; subtle
ละเอียดอ่อนlaH iiatL aawnLadjective[is] sensitive; touchy; likely to cause emotional pain
ละเอียดลออlaH iiatL laH aawMadjective[is] careful; meticulous; thorough; scrupulous; exhaustive
ละฮู้ laH huuHproper nounLahu, an ethnic minority group in northern Thailand
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