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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2221 Thai words on 45 Pages

Page 13
ลับ lapHadjective[is] confidential; secret; private; hidden
verbto fade; die away; vanish; disappear; dissolve; wane
verb[ลับมีด] to sharpen a knife
verb, transitive, intransitiveto hone; to sharpen; to whet
verb, transitive, colloquial[usually followed by ตา ] to be out of sight
noun[ความลับ] a secret
ลับเฉพาะ lapH chaL phawHadjective, phrase, colloquialexclusively secret or confidential
ลับตาlapH dtaaMadjective[is] beyond eyesight; out of sight; not visible
ลับมีดlapH meetFverb[ลับมีด] to sharpen a knife
ลับลมคมใน lapH lohmM khohmM naiMadjective, phrase, colloquial[is] mysterious, secretive, furtive, hidden, concealed, suspicious
ลับลมคมในlapH lohmM khohmM naiMnounulterior motive
ลับลวงพรางlapH luaangM phraangMverb, phrase“disguise, deceive, conceal”; (Gen. Anupong Boonyaratkalin’s avowed military strategy)
ลับลวงพรางlapH luaangM phraangMnoun"Secrets, Trickery, and Camouflage" (name of a series of books by Watsana Nanuam)
ลับแลlapH laaeMnounscreen; partition
ลับสมองลองปัญญาlapH saL maawngR laawngM bpanM yaaMverb, phraseto sharpen the mind and test one’s intellect; solve puzzles
ลับสุดยอดlapH sootL yaawtFadjective[is] top secret
ลับหลังlapH langRadverbbehind; behind one's back; hidden
ลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆlapH lapH laawF laawFadjective[is] stealthy; sneaky; furtive; secret
ลับ ๆ ล่อ ๆlapH lapH laawF laawFadverbfurtively; sneakily; stealthily
ลับๆ ล่อๆlapH lapH laawF laawFverbto bob and weave, bob up and down
adverbin a furtive manner; stealthily; sneakily
ลัพธ์ lapHnounresult; quotient
adjectiveobtained; received; caught; gotten
ลัมโบร์กีนีlamM bo:hM geeM neeMproper noun, loanword, Italian[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] Lamborghini
ลัย laiMnounmoment; period; rhythm; resting place; end; death; disappearance; dissolution
ลัวะlaH waHproper nounLawa, an ethnic group and Austro-Asiatic language of Laos and northern Thailand
ลั๊วะlaH waH[alternate spelling of ลัวะ]
ลา laaMverbto say good-bye; to be on leave; to take one's leave; to bid farewell
noundonkey; ass
adjectiveminor; small; little
nounturn; time; instance
noun, loanword, French[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] la
[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] la; the 6th note of the solfeggio scale
noun, loanword, Latin[music] la, the sixth note of the major diatonic scale
ลากลับlaaM glapLverbto say goodby to someone as one is leaving
ลาก่อน laaM gaawnLexample sentence"Goodbye"; "Bye."
ลาก่อนนะ laaM gaawnL naHexample sentence"Goodbye."
ลาคลอดlaaM khlaawtFverbto take maternity leave
ลางานlaaM ngaanMverb, phraseto take off from work
ลาจากlaaM jaakLverbto die; pass away
ลาทีละนะlaaM theeM laH naHexample sentence"Goodbye, now."
ลาป่วย laaM bpuayLverb, intransitiveto be on sick leave
ลาลับlaaM lapHverbto bid farewell; say goodby forever
ลาสิกขาlaaM sikL khaaRverbto leave the monkhood; disrobe
ลาหยุดพักlaaM yootL phakHverbto vacation
ลาออก laaM aawkLverbto resign; abdicate; quit
ล่า laaFverb, transitive, intransitiveto hunt; pursue; chase
noun[การล่า] a hunt
verb, transitive, intransitive, formalto retreat; withdraw; back away; back off; depart; draw back; fall back; go back; leave; pull back
adjective, formal[is] slow; late; tardy
ล่าช้าlaaF chaaHadjective[is] late; tardy; slow
ล่าทัพlaaF thapHverb, intransitive, phrase, formalto retreat (a troop)
ล่าแม่มดlaaF maaeF mohtHverbto conduct a witch-hunt
ล่าสัตว์laaF satLverb, intransitive, phraseto hunt (animals)
ล่าสุด laaF sootLadverblately; recently
ล่าสุดlaaF sootLadjectivelatest; current; most recent; up-to-date; newest; modern
ล่าสุดจึงมีความพยายามในการควบคุมจัดการเรื่องนี้ก่อนที่จะสายเกินแก้laaF sootL jeungM meeM khwaamM phaH yaaM yaamM naiM gaanM khuaapF khoomM jatL gaanM reuuangF neeH gaawnL theeF jaL saaiR geernM gaaeFexample sentence"Most recently there has been an attempt to control and manage these issues before it is too late to correct."
ล่าสุด เดอะ การ์เดียน ก็หยิบประเด็นข่าวเรื่องนี้มานำเสนอไว้เมื่อวันที่ ๕ พฤศจิกายนlaaF sootL duhL gaaM diianM gaawF yipL bpraL denM khaaoL reuuangF neeH maaM namM saL nuuhrR waiH meuuaF wanM theeF haaF phreutH saL jiL gaaM yohnMexample sentence"The latest is that on November 5th The Guardian featured this news story."
ล่าสุดปรอทวัดอุณหภูมิก็ขยับขึ้นไปlaaF sootL bpaL raawtL watH oonM haL phuumM gaawF khaL yapL kheunF bpaiMexample sentence"Most recently (i.e., political) temperatures have been rising."
ล่าสุดมีการปูด การทุจริตคอรัปชั่น ขึ้นมาในท่ามกลางภาวะที่ประชาชนปากกัดตีนถีบlaaF sootL meeM gaanM bpuutL gaanM thootH jaL ritL khaawM rapH chanF kheunF maaM naiM thaamF glaangM phaaM waH theeF bpraL chaaM chohnM bpaakL gatL dteenM theepLexample sentence"The latest is that there have been news leaks regarding corruption arising at a time when the people are struggling economically."
ล่าสุดเมื่อเช้านี้ตาใช้แม่ไปซื้อของเพื่อมาทำกับข้าวตอนเย็นlaaF sootL meuuaF chaaoH neeH dtaaM chaiH maaeF bpaiM seuuH khaawngR pheuuaF maaM thamM gapL khaaoF dtaawnM yenMexample sentence"Just this morning grandfather wanted mother to buy some food for him so that she could cook dinner for him."
ล่าสุดรัฐบาลมีแนวคิดจะยกเลิก "รถเมล์ฟรี-รถไฟฟรี" อีกlaaF sootL ratH thaL baanM meeM naaeoM khitH jaL yohkH leerkF rohtH maehM freeM rohtH faiM freeM eekLexample sentence"The latest is that the government will cancel its “free bus, free electric train” program..."
ล้า laaHadjective[is] exhausted; fatigued; tired
ล้าสมัย laaH saL maiRadjective[is] old-fashioned; old fashioned; out of date; anachronistic
ล้าหลังlaaH langRadjective[is] outmoded; backward; obsolete
ล้าหลังlaaH langRadverbbehind
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