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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2221 Thai words on 45 Pages

Page 16
ลายพระหัตถ์laaiM phraH hatLnoun, phrase[royalty] handwriting
ลายพิมพ์นิ้วมือ laaiM phimM niuH meuuMnounimage of a fingerprint
ลายมือ laaiM meuuMnounhandwriting
ลายมือ laaiM meuuMnoun, formallines on the palm
ลายมือlaaiM meuuMnoun, phrasehandwriting
ลายมือ laaiM meuuMnounfingerprint
ลายมืออย่างกะไก่เขี่ย ใครจะไปอ่านออกlaaiM meuuM yaangL gaL gaiL khiiaL khraiM jaL bpaiM aanL aawkLexample sentence"You handwriting is like chicken scratching; who can possibly read it?"
ลายไม้ laaiM maaiHnoun[of wood] grain
ลายลักษณ์อักษร laaiM lakH akL saawnRnounwriting; the written word; in writing
ลายสอง laaiM saawngRnountwill
ลายเส้นlaaiM senFnounlined pattern; lined design; lined figure
ลายเนื้อไม้laaiM neuuaH maiHnounwood grain
ลายมือชื่อ laaiM meuuM cheuuFnouna signature
ลายสือlaaiM seuuRnoun, ancientletters of the alphabet
ลาลีกาlaaM leeM gaaMproper noun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] La Liga
ลาว laaoMproper noun, geographical, adjectiveLao; Laotian
[คนลาว] Lao person; Laotian
proper noun, geographical[ประเทศลาว] Laos
ลาวาlaaM waaMnoun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] lava
ลำ lamMtrunk; stalk; body of a plant
classifier[numerical classifier for long curved objects such as ships, airplanes, bamboo, etc.]
adjective[Northern dialect] [is] delicious
noun[ลำเรือ] hull of a boat
ลำกล้องlamM glaawngFnounbarrel (of a gun); monocular
ลำแข้งlamM khaaengFnounshin
ลำคลอง lamM khlaawngMnouncanal; waterway
ลำคอlamM khaawMnounthroat
ลำต้นlamM dtohnFnounstem; tree trunk
ลำตัว lamM dtuaaMnountorso
ลำน้ำlamM namHnounstream; canal; waterway; watercourse
ลำบ่lamM baawLexample sentence[Northern dialect] "Does it taste good?"
ลำเรือlamM reuuaMnoun[ลำเรือ] hull of a boat
ลำแสงlamM saaengRnounbeam of light
ลำไส้ lamM saiFnounbowels; intestines
ลำไส้เล็ก lamM saiF lekHnounsmall intestine
ลำไส้ใหญ่ lamM saiF yaiLnouncolon; lower intestine
ล่ำlamFadjective[is] muscular
ล้ำ lamHadverbextremely; very; exceptionally; surpassing; superior
verbto transgress; to infringe; to overstep; to go beyond; to encroach upon
ล้ำค่าlamH khaaFadjective[is] priceless, invaluable
ล้ำยุคlamH yookHadjective[is] ultra-modern; advanced; ahead of its time
ล้ำสมัยlamH saL maiRadjective[is] ultramodern; modern; up-to-date; novel
ล้ำเส้นlamH senFverb, phraseto overstep; cross the line
ล้ำหน้า lamH naaFverbto get ahead of; outstrip; overtake; catch up with and surpass
ล้ำหน้าlamH naaFnounoffsides [football/soccer]
ลำเค็ญlamM khenMverbto suffer severe hardships
ลำดับ lamM dapLnounsequence; order; line; arrangement; series
verbto put in the correct arrangement; to order; to sequence
noun[ลำดับแรก] first in line; first priority; primary
noun[ลำดับสอง] second in line; second priority; secondary
ลำดับชั้นlamM dapL chanHnounhierarchy; rank; level
ลำดับที่สองlamM dapL theeF saawngRadjectivesecond in position (as opposed to first or third)
ลำดับที่สามlamM dapL theeF saamRadjective, phrase, formalthird
ลำดับแรกlamM dapL raaekFnoun[ลำดับแรก] first in line; first priority; primary
ลำดับสองlamM dapL saawngRnoun[ลำดับสอง] second in line; second priority; secondary
ลำตัด lamM dtatLnoun[a Thai style of] 2-part singing
ลำธาร lamM thaanMnounstream; brook; creek
ลำธารละหาน ไหลซ่านผ่านภูผาlamM thaanM laH haanR laiR saanF phaanL phuuM phaaRphraseStreams flow through craggy mounts
ลำเนา lamM naoMnoundomain; row; line; zone; rank; way; manor; place
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