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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2221 Thai words on 45 Pages

Page 26
ลูกฟักทอง  luukF fakH thaawngMnoun[ลูกฟักทอง] a pumpkin
ลูกฟุตบอล luukF footH baawnMnouna soccer ball; a football
ลูกฟุตบอล ไฮ-วิส รุ่นใหม่ที่ใช้เตะในฤดูหนาวฤดูกาลนี้ เป็นลูกฟุตบอลสีเหลืองผสมสีส้ม มีเส้นแถบสีม่วงคาดรอบลูกluukF footH baawnM haiM witH roonF maiL theeF chaiH dtehL naiM reuH duuM naaoR reuH duuM gaanM neeH bpenM luukF footH baawnM seeR leuuangR phaL sohmR seeR sohmF meeM senF thaaepL seeR muaangF khaatF raawpF luukFexample sentence"The hi-vis winter footballs which are being used this winter are yellow mixed with orange, segmented by purple stripes."
ลูกมะกอก luukF maH gaawkLnoun[ลูกมะกอก] an olive
ลูกมะตูม luukF maH dtuumMnoun[ลูกมะตูม] bael fruit
ลูกมะพร้าวluukF maH phraaoHnoun[ลูกมะพร้าว] the fruit or nut of the coconut tree
ลูกมะยงluukF maH yohngMnoun[ลูกมะยง] [fruit of] marian plum
ลูกมังคุด luukF mangM khootHnoun[ลูกมังคุด] a mangosteen fruit
ลูกมือ luukF meuuMnoun, phrase, colloquial, idiomunderling; assistant; helper; workmen
ลูกแม็กluukF maekHnounstaple
ลูกแมว  luukF maaeoMnounkitten
ลูกโม่luukF mo:hFnounroller
ลูกโม่luukF mo:hFnouncylinder (of a revolver type pistol)
ลูกไม่มีพ่อ luukF maiF meeM phaawFnoun, formalillegitimate offspring
ลูกไม่หล่นไกลต้นluukF maiF lohnL glaiM dtohnFexample sentence"The apple does not fall far from the tree."
ลูก ไม่อยู่บ้านเลยชวนเมียซั่มกันแต่หัววันluukF maiF yuuL baanF leeuyM chuaanM miiaM samF ganM dtaaeL huaaR wanMexample sentence"The children are not home so I persuade my wife to have sex before the usual time."
ลูกยางluukF yaangMnoun[automotive] small rubber parts, e.g. o-rings, rubber washers
ลูกยางluukF yaangMnounrubber ball; volleyball
ลูกรอกluukF raawkFnoun[ลูกรอก] pulley
ลูกรอกluukF raawkFnoun[ลูกรอก] egg sausage
ลูกระนาดluukF raH naatFnounxylophone bars
ลูกระนาดluukF raH naatFnounroad bump or hump (to warn motorists to slow down)
ลูกระเบิด luukF raH beertLnouna bomb
ลูกราสเบอร์รี่ luukF raatF buuhrM reeFnoun[ลูกราสเบอร์รี่] a raspberry
ลูกเรือ luukF reuuaMnoun, phraseship's crew member; sailor
ลูกเรือต้องฟังคำสั่งของไต้ก๋งluukF reuuaM dtawngF fangM khamM sangL khaawngR dtaiF gohngRexample sentence"Sailors must follow the orders of the captain."
ลูกแรกเป็นลูกโทษที่จุดโทษluukF raaekF bpenM luukF tho:htF theeF jootL tho:htFexample sentence"The first was the penalty goal [shot from] the penalty spot."
ลูกล่อลูกชนluukF laawF luukF chohnMnouncunning
ลูกล้อ luukF laawHnounsmall wheel
ลูกล้อluukF laawHfollower; henchman; lackey
ลูกลำไยluukF lamM yaiM[ลูกลำไย] longan fruit
ลูกลิ้นจี่luukF linH jeeL[ลูกลิ้นจี่] lychee fruit
ลูกลื่นluukF leuunFnoun[of a pen] ballpoint
ลูกเล็กเด็กแดงluukF lekH dekL daaengMnoun, phraselittle children; young children and babies
ลูกเล่นluukF lenFnountactics; artifice; tact; finesse
ลูกเลี้ยง luukF liiangHnounstepchild; stepson; stepdaughter; foster child
ลูกเลื่อนluukF leuuanFnounbolt (or a rifle or firearm)
ลูกโลกจำลอง luukF lo:hkF jamM laawngMnouna (model) world globe
ลูกไล่luukF laiFnoun[ลูกไล่] stooge; flunky; lackey
ลูกวอลนัทluukF waawnM natHnoun[ลูกวอลนัท] walnut (nut)
ลูกวอลเล่ย์บอล  luukF waawnM lehF baawnMnoun[ลูกวอลเล่ย์บอล] a volleyball
ลูกวัว luukF wuaaMnoun, formala calf (the animal)
ลูกวัวนึ่งluukF wuaaM neungFnounsteamed (steer) calf
ลูกศรluukF saawnRnoun[ลูกศร] arrow
ลูกศิษย์luukF sitLnoun[ลูกศิษย์] student; religious disciple
ลูกศิษย์ก้นกุฏิluukF sitL gohnF gootL dtiLnounone's favorite disciple or follower
ลูกสควอช luukF saL khwaawtFnounsquash ball
ลูกส้ม luukF sohmFnoun[ลูกส้ม] an orange
ลูกส้มโอluukF sohmF o:hMnoun[ลูกส้มโอ] a grapefruit or pomelo (fruit)
ลูกสมุน luukF saL moonRnoun, plural, phrase, colloquial[see สมุน ] henchman, lackey, yesman, flunky
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