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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2221 Thai words on 45 Pages

Page 3
ลดโทษlohtH tho:htF saLverbto reduce punishment; lighten penalty
ลดน้อยถอยลงlohtH naawyH thaawyR lohngMverbto decline; decrease; reduce
ลดน้อยลงlohtH naawyH lohngMverb, phraseto decrease; decline; reduce in number
ลดน้ำหนักlohtH namH nakLverb, phraseto lose weight
ลดราคา lohtH raaM khaaMverbto discount; to lower the price; on sale
ลดราคาได้ไหม lohtH raaM khaaM daiF maiHexample sentence"Can you lower the price?"
ลดราคาลงอีกได้ไหมคะ lohtH raaM khaaM lohngM eekL daiF maiH khaHexample sentence"Can you reduce the price any more?"
ลดราคาหน่อยได้ไหมlohtH raaM khaaM naawyL daiF maiHexample sentence"Can you reduce the price a bit?"
ลดราคาให้เห็น ๆ ลดกันเป็นล้านบาท แบบยอมให้ลูกค้าที่โอนไปแล้วด่าก็ยอมlohtH raaM khaaM haiF henR lohtH ganM bpenM laanH baatL baaepL yaawmM haiF luukF khaaH theeF o:hnM bpaiM laaeoH daaL gaawF yaawmMexample sentence"They reduce advertised prices by millions of baht, like they understand that customers who have already acquired units are outraged."
ลดลง lohtH lohngMverbto decrease; lower; depreciate; lessen; decline
ลดแลกแจกแถมlohtH laaekF jaaekL thaaemRverb, phraseto provide a discount to customers; discount, give away, bonus gift
ลดเสียงหน่อยครับlohtH siiangR naawyL khrapHexample sentence"Please turn down the volume."
ลดหน่อยได้ไหมครับ lohtH naawyL daiF maiH khrapHexample sentence"Can you lower the price?"
ลดหย่อนlohtH yaawnLverbto reduce; lower; decrease; abate
ลดหย่อนผ่อนโทษlohtH yaawnL phaawnL tho:htFverbto reduce a punishment; decrease penalty
ลดหลั่น lohtH lanLadjectiveterraced; in tiers; in stages or steps
ลดหลั่นlohtH lanLadverbin descending order
ลดอีกไม่ได้ครับ lohtH eekL maiF daiF khrapHexample sentence"I can’t reduce it further."
ลดราวาศอกlohtH raaM waaM saawkLverbto yield; to give in
ลดเลี้ยว lohtH liaaoHadjectivetwisting (e.g. a road); winding
ลน lohnMverbto singe
ลนไฟlohnM faiMverbto singe with fire
ล้น lohnHverbto overflow or spill over the brim
verb, colloquialto act sharply and aggressively, to overwhelm
noun[การล้น] spillover; ooze; excess
ล้นเกล้าล้นกระหม่อมlohnH glaoF lohnH graL maawmLproper nounHis Majesty; Her Majesty
ล้นพ้นlohnH phohnHadjective[is] overwhelming
ล้นมือlohnH meuuMadjective[is] overloaded; swamped
ล้นหลามlohnH laamRadjectiveexcessive; overwhelming
ล้นหลามlohnH laamRadverboverwhelmingly; excessively
ล้นเหลือlohnH leuuaRadjectivesurplus; excess; superabundant
ลนลานlohnM laanMverbto hurry; dart; dash; run about hurriedly and excitedly
ลบ lohpHverbto erase
verbmathematical subtraction; minus
[charge, digit, medical test] negative; non-positive
to delete (computer command); DELETE
ลบคำสบประมาทlohpH khamM sohpL bpraL maatLverb, phraseto refute an allegation; expunge an insult
ลบรอยตีนตะขาบlohpH raawyM dteenM dtaL khaapLverb, phrase, idiomto erase the history of military intervention in politics
ลบล้าง lohpH laangHverbto obliterate; eradicate; wipe out; erase
ลบล้างคำสบประมาทlohpH laangH khamM sohpL bpraL maatLverb, phraseto refute an allegation; expunge an insult; remove the insult of a slap in the face
ลบเลือนlohpH leuuanMverbto fade away; be dim; dissolve; vanish
ลบหลู่lohpH luuLverbto disparage, disdain, show disrespect
ลบหลู่ดูหมิ่นlohpH luuL duuM minLverb, phraseto disdain; show disrespect
ลบเหลี่ยมlohpH liiamLverbto outdo; outsmart
ลบออก lohpH aawkLverb, formalerase; rub out
ลบ.lohpH booL reeMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ลพบุรี ] LRI
ลป.proper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ลำปาง ] LPG
ลพ.lamM phuunMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ลำพูน ] LPN
ลพบุรี lohpH booL reeMproper noun, geographicalLopburi, a province in central Thailand with a 1995 population of 740,826 (rank 31 of 76); the capital city having been the capital of Thailand for a period in the 1600s.
ลม lohmMnounair; wind; storm; breeze
noun, figurative, colloquial[always used in a negative way] temper; word
noun, formalinspiration; breath
adjective[ลม ๆ] [is] futile; empty
adjective[ลม ๆ] [is] very windy
ลมกรดlohmM grohtLnoungale
ลมกระป๋องlohmM graL bpaawngRnounpower duster; canned air
ลมโกรกlohmM gro:hkLverbto blow moderately; fair wind
ลมคำรามพัดพาน้ำเป็นระลอกคลื่น ฟองฝอยซัดสาดชะง่อนหินในทะเลlohmM khamM raamM phatH phaaM naamH bpenM raH laawkF khleuunF faawngM faawyR satH saatL chaH ngaawnF hinR naiM thaH laehMexample sentence"The wind howled and churned up the water into a swirling foam which dashed against rocks jutting far into the sea."
ลมจัด lohmM jatLadjective[is] windy
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