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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2075 Thai words on 42 Pages

Page 8
ล้อมคอกlaawmH khaawkFverbto build an enclosure (for animals); build stalls; fence in
ล้อมโดยรอบlaawmH dooyM raawpFverb, phraseto surround
ล้อมปราบlaawmH bpraapLverbto encircle and seize
ล้อมรอบ laawmH raawpFverb, phraseto encircle [referring to communist China]
ล้อมรอบlaawmH raawpFverbto surround
ล้อมรั้วlaawmH ruaaHverbto fence; to create a stockade; enclose
ลอย laawyMadjective[is] floating; transient
to float, to set afloat or adrift; to waft through (the air)
verb[of planes] to fly up into the air
ลอยlaawyMadverb[ลอย ๆ] thoughtlessly; heedlessly; irresponsibly; without thinking; off the cuff
adverb[ลอย ๆ] indistinctly; vaguely; unclearly; in a circuitous or rambling fashion
adverb[ลอย ๆ] absently; vacantly; without provocation
ลอยกระทงlaawyM graL thohngMproper noun, eventLoi Kratong, Loy Krathong, a Thai festival and ceremony of Brahmin origin celebrated throughout the nation on the full moon night of November each year by floating กระทง  onto the local rivers or canals to ask for forgiveness from the River Goddess Ganges (พระแม่คงคา) for having polluted her in the past and to express gratitude toward her for giving everyone water
ลอยขึ้น laawyM kheunFverb, intransitive, phraseto climb
ลอยเคว้งlaawyM khwengHverbto drift; float around aimlessly
ลอยเคว้งคว้างlaawyM khwengH khwaangHverbto float
ลอยชายlaawyM chaaiMadverbleisurely; casually
ลอยตัว laawyM dtuaaMverbto float; have no obligation; disconnect from a standard (e.g. a currency); release from control
ลอยนวล laawyM nuaanMadjective[is] at large; free; free to go; unencumbered; unhampered; scott free
ลอยนวล laawyM nuaanMverbto get off scott-free; to get off without a penalty
ลอยน้ำlaawyM naamHverbto drift; float
ลอยแพlaawyM phaaeMverb, idiomto lay off; abandon; dismiss; sack
ลอยแพlaawyM phaaeMadjective[is] adrift on a raft; adrift
ลอยแพlaawyM phaaeMverbto float on a raft
ลอยแพคนงานlaawyM phaaeM khohnM ngaanMverbto lay off workers
ลอยฟ้า laawyM faaHadverbfloating in the sky
ลอยละล่อง laawyM laH laawngFverbto drift; float; wander; waft along
ลอยหน้าlaawyM naaFverbto sprinkle on top
ลอยหน้าlaawyM naaFverbto waggle one's head; move the head from side to side while talking
ลอยหน้าลอยตาlaawyM naaF laawyM dtaaMverbto move the head from side to side while talking
ลอยอังคารlaawyM angM khaanMverb, phraseto cast the ashes of a cremated deceased on the water
ลอย ๆlaawyM laawyMadverb[ลอย ๆ] thoughtlessly; heedlessly; irresponsibly; without thinking; off the cuff
ลอย ๆlaawyM laawyMadverb[ลอย ๆ] indistinctly; vaguely; unclearly; in a circuitous or rambling fashion
ลอย ๆlaawyM laawyMadverb[ลอย ๆ] absently; vacantly; without provocation
ลอยด์laawyMproper noun, loanword, EnglishLloyd [an English given name]
ลอยละลิ่วlaawyM laH liuFadjective[is] blown away
ลอยลำlaawyM lamMadverbabsolutely; overwhelmingly
to float; drift
verbto take a large lead; hold a safe lead; have a good lead
ลอร่าlaawM raaFproper noun, loanword, EnglishLaura [an English given name]
ลอรี่laawM reeFproper noun, loanword, EnglishLaurie [an English given name]
ลอเรนlaawM raehnMproper noun, loanword, EnglishLoren [an English given name]
ลอเร็น laawM renMproper noun, loanword, EnglishLauren [an English given name]
ลอเรนซ์laawM raehnMproper noun, loanword, EnglishLaurence [an English given name]
ลอว์เรนซ์laawM raehnMproper noun, loanword, EnglishLawrence [an English given name]
ลอสแองเจลิสlaawtF aaengM jaehM litHproper noun, geographical, loanword, EnglishLos Angeles, a city and county in California, United States, 2001 county population 9,637,494
ละ laHadjectiveeach; every; one at a time; [implying division] per
verbto forsake; abandon; or leave
particle, formal[a particle used at the end of a statement or question to add an imperative quality]
adverb[ทีละ] each; at a time
ละตัวจะมีชื่อตามสีของขนมัน laH dtuaaM jaL meeM cheuuF dtaamM seeR khaawngR khohnR manMexample sentence"Each [pet] is named according to it's fur color."
ละพยศlaH phaH yohtHverbto behave oneself; stop throwing tantrums; stop being belligerent
ละมั่งlaH mangFadverb[ละมั่ง] [end of sentence particle used for emphasis]
ละล่องlaH laawngFverb[ละล่อง] [ลอยละล่อง]
ละเลย laH leeuyMverbto abandon; desert; forsake; neglect
ละเลยlaH leeuyMverb, transitiveto be remiss; to neglect
ละเว้นlaH wenHverb, transitiveto refrain (from doing something); exclude; leave out; omit; reject; make an exception of
ละเว้นการปฏิบัติหน้าที่laH wenH gaanM bpaL dtiL batL naaF theeFverbto refrain from doing one’s duty; nonfeasance
ละสายตาlaH saaiR dtaaMverbto stop looking at; take one's eyes off (someone or something)
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