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วอ แหวนa ring (worn on the finger)The 37th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ว (ว)
TIS-620 value: 0xว (ว)

1658 Thai words on 34 Pages

Page 25
วิศิษฏ์wiH sitLnounWisit [a Thai male given name] (glorious)
วิเศษ wiH saehtLadjectivetremendous; amazing; very good; fine; God-like; magic; supernatural; paranormal
proper nounWiset [a Thai given name]
วิเศษพิสดารwiH saehtL phitH saL daanMadjective[is] extraordinary; wonderful
วิเศษณ์ wiH saehtLadjective[is] qualifying; discriminating; specifying
adjective[Thai grammar] [is] modifying
noun[คำวิเศษณ์] [grammar] modifier; modifying word
วิเศษณานุwiH saehtL naaM nooHnoun[grammar] adverb
วิเศษณานุประโยคwiH saehtL naaM nooH bpraL yo:hkLnoun[Thai grammar] adverbial dependent clause
วิษณุ witH saL nooHnoun, proper noun, person, formal[พระวิษณุ] [Hinduism] (in popular Hinduism) a deity believed to have descended from heaven to earth in several incarnations, or avatars, varying in number from nine to twenty-two, but always including animals. His most important human incarnation is the Krishna of the Bhagavad-Gita
noun, proper noun, formal[พระวิษณุ] [Hinduism] “the Pervader,” one of a half-dozen solar deities in the Rig-Veda, daily traversing the sky in three strides, morning, afternoon, and night
noun, proper noun, person, formal[พระวิษณุ] [Hinduism] (in later Hinduism) "the Preserver," the second member of the ตรีมูรติ (Trimurti), along with พระพรหม  (Brahma the Creator) and พระศิวะ (Shiva the Destroyer)
วิษณุกรรมwitH nooH gamMnounthe architect of the gods in Hindu mythology
วิษุวัต wiH sooL watHnounequinox
วิสกี้witH saL geeFloanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] "whiskey", "whisky"
วิสคอนซินwitH khaawnM sinMproper noun, geographicalWisconsin [state of the United States]
วิสตาwitH dtaaMproper noun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Vista; (i.e.) Windows Vista™
วิสต้าwitH dtaaFproper noun[Thai transcription of foreign loan word] Vista; Vista, a movie theater in Chiang Mai
วิสรรชนีย์ wiH sanR chaH neeMnoun, loanword, Sanskrit[grammar, the formal name of] the vowel "" when used behind a consonant
verb[ประวิสรรชนีย์] [grammar, formal] to add (or write) a วิสรรชนีย์  (the vowel "") after a syllable, consonant or word
วิสัชนา wiH satL chaH naaMnoun, formal, loanword, Pali[formal term] an answer, a reply
to answer; reply
วิสัญญีwiH sanR yeeMadjective[is] unconscious
verbto faint
noun[combining form for] anesthesia
วิสัญญีแพทย์wiH sanR yeeM phaaetFnounanesthesiologist
วิสัย wiH saiRnoun, formal, loanword, Paliobject of the senses
noun, formal, loanword, Palithe present conditions or characteristics of a being; nature of being
noun, formal, loanword, Paliability; limit of one's ability; limit
noun, loanword, Paliboundary; region; district; location; sphere; realm; zone; land
วิสัยทัศน์wiH saiR thatHnounvision; view of the future; outlook
วิสัยทัศน์อื่นที่ออกดอกออกผลแล้วก็มีwiH saiR thatH euunL theeF aawkL daawkL aawkL phohnR laaeoH gaawF meeMexample sentence"There are also been other visions which have been realized."
วิสาwiH saaRproper nounWisa [Thai female given name]
วิสาพลิกร่างหนีแสงไฟพลางบ่นเสียงอู้อี้ว่า "นี่กี่ทุ่มกี่ยามเข้าไปแล้ว"wiH saaR phlikH raangF neeR saaengR faiM phlaangM bohnL siiangR uuF eeF waaF neeF geeL thoomF geeL yaamM khaoF bpaiM laaeoHexample sentenceWisa turned over away from the light and complained in a mumbling voice, “Hey, what ungodly hour is it now?”
วิสาขwiH saaR khaLnoun, loanword, Palifull-moon day
วิสาขบูชาwiH saaR khaL buuM chaaMproper nounWisaka Puja; Wisakabucha
วิสาขมาสwiH saaR khaL maatFnoun, proper nounthe sixth lunar month
วิสาขะwiH saaR khaL[alternate spelling of วิสาข]
วิสามัญwiH saaR manMadjectiveextraordinary; special; unusual; uncommon; specific; particular
วิสามานยนาม wiH saaR maanM yaH naamMnoun, formal, loanword, Palispecific noun; proper noun
วิสารทะwiH saaR raH thaHadjective[is] strong; mighty
วิสาสะwiH saaR saLadjective[is] familiar; intimate; informal
verbto socialize; to chat informally (with)
adverbfamiliarly; informally; intimately; closely
วิสาห wiH saaR haLverb, particle, loanword, Palito enterprise; to own; to hold or own a share in property
วิสาหกิจ wiH saaR haL gitLnoun, formal, loanword, Palicorporation; enterprise
วิสุงคามสีมาwiH soongR khaamM maH seeR maaMnouna land grant set apart for the Sangha of a monastery; consecrated boundaries; consecrated area; concession; a tract of land officially granted to the Sangha for establishing the boundaries of the jurisdiction of a community of monks
วิหคwiH hohkLnounbird
วิหคเพลิงwiH hohkL phleerngMproper nounFlaming Flyers (nickname for the Thai TOT-CAT football club)
วิหงค์wiH hohngR[alternate spelling of วิหค]
วิหาร wiH haanRnoun, formal, loanword, Paliviharn; temple; hall of image; edifice; place for preaching; priest's abode
วิหารทานการบุญwiH haanR thaanM gaanM boonMnountemple constructed to make merit
วิหิงสาวิตกwiH hingR saaR wiH dtohkLnoun(Buddhism) cruel thoughts
วิฬาร์ wiH laaMnoun, formal, poetic, loanword, Pali[royal word] a cat; cats
วิฬารwiH laanM[alternate spelling of วิฬาร์ ]
วิโอลาwiH o:hM laaMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] viola
วี weeM[Thai pronunciation of the English letter,] 'V'
proper noun, person, colloquialWee [a common Thai nickname, probably a variant of วีระ ]
วีเอชเอสweeM aehtL aehtLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "VHS"] VHS video tape
วี.ไอ.พี. weeM aiM pheeMnoun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "V.I.P."] very important person
วีไอพี weeM aiM pheeMnoun[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword, "V.I.P."] very important person
วี่weeFadverb[euphonious suffix]
วีซ่า weeM saaFnounvisa
วีซ่าเชงเก็นweeM saaF chaehngM genMnounSchengen Visa, a visa for borderless travel around Europe
วีซ่าท่องเที่ยวweeM saaF thaawngF thiaaoFnountourist visa
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