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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3006 Thai words on 61 Pages

Page 10
หนุงหนิงnoongR ningR[alternate spelling of กระหนุงกระหนิง]
หนุนnoonRverb, transitive, intransitiveto support; to back up; to prop; to strengthen; to reinforce; to sustain; to assist; to help
verbto resonate; to reinforce itself or oneself
adjective[หนุนใจ] [gives] moral support, [is] inspiring; hope-giving; encouraging
หนุนใจnoonR jaiMadjective[หนุนใจ] [gives] moral support, [is] inspiring; hope-giving; encouraging
หนุนเนื่องnoonR neuuangFverbto reinforce; continuously increase
หนุนหลังnoonR langRverbto support; back up
หนุบnoopLadjective[is] herky-jerky; spasmodic
adverb[หนุบ ๆ] spasmodically
หนุบ ๆnoopL noopLadverb[หนุบ ๆ] spasmodically
หนุ่ม noomLnounteenage male; young man; adolescent
adjectiveyouthful; boyish
noun[คนหนุ่ม] young person; young people
หนุ่มคนนั้นชื่ออะไรครับ? noomL khohnM nanH cheuuF aL raiM khrapHexample sentence[spoken by a male] "What is that young man’s name?"
หนุ่มฉกรรจ์noomL chaL ganMnouna man in the prime of his life, a sturdy young chap
หนุ่มทั้งแท่ง noomL thangH thaaengFnouna virgin boy
หนุ่มบริสุทธิ์ noomL baawM riH sootLnouna virgin boy
หนุ่มฟ้อหล่อเฟี้ยวnoomL faawH laawL fiaaoHnoun, phrasea rising young star (male); dashing young man
หนุ่มยุ่นบุกกราดยิงโรงยิมตายเจ็บ ๘ รายไม่เว้นกระทั่งเด็กnoomL yoonF bookL graatL yingM ro:hngM yimM dtaaiM jepL bpaaetL raaiM maiF wenH graL thangF dekLexample sentence"The Japanese youth invaded the gym and indiscriminately opened fire; 8 were killed or injured including children."
หนุ่มสาว noomL saaoRnouna teenage couple, boy and girl; young men and women
หนุ่ม-สาวnoomL saaoRnounyoung men and women
หนุ่มสาว และคงเด็ก ๆ ด้วยก็เล่นสาดน้ำกันก่อนกลับบ้านnoomL saaoR laeH khohngM dekL dekL duayF gaawF lenF saatL naamH ganM gaawnL glapL baanFexample sentence"Young men and women, and children too, play at throwing water at each other before going home."
หนุ่มโสดยังไม่มีใครจอง noomL so:htL yangM maiF meeM khraiM jaawngMnoun, phrase, colloquialan eligible young bachelor
หนุ่มใหญ่ noomL yaiLnounman (age 30 to 50)
หนุมาน haL nooH maanMproper noun, personHanuman, the monkey king from the Ramayana epic
หนุมานขย่มตอhaL nooH maanM khaL yohmL dtaawMnoun, idiom"woman on top" position for sexual intercourse
หนู nuuRnounmouse; mice; rat
pronoun, colloquial[fairly impolite 2nd person pronoun used to call over a waitress in a restaurant and a girl or woman working in a nightclub, café or escort business] you
nountiny; petite little thing
pronoun, colloquial[1st person pronoun that a little girl, daughter or grown-up woman uses to refer to herself in a cute way, usually when speaking to her parents or elder relatives] I, myself
pronoun, colloquial[2nd person pronoun used for calling a little girl or boy (usually หนู + the child's nickname) and implying the speaker's tender feeling towards the child] you, little boy, little girl
pronoun, colloquial[1st person pronoun that a female servant and country girl or woman uses to to refer to herself when speaking to anyone] I, myself
proper noun, person, colloquialNuu [a common Thai nickname]
noun, proper noun, colloquial[ปีหนู] year of the Rat or Mouse
noun[สารหนู] rat poison; [specifically,] Arsenic
หนูเจอร์บิล nuuR juuhrM binMnoungerbil
หนูแดง nuuR daaengM[i.e., name of a tabby cat] little red sweetie
หนูตะเภา nuuR dtaL phaoMnoun[หนูตะเภา] guinea pig; Cavia porcellus
หนูตัวเล็ก nuuR dtuaaM lekHnounmouse
หนูทดลองnuuR thohtH laawngMnounlaboratory rat; lab mouse
หนูนาnuuR naaMnounfield rat
หนูนิดนี้ทำอะไรไม่รู้จักหัวนอนปลายเท้า เอาถุงเท้ามาวางบนหมอนได้หรือnuuR nitH neeH thamM aL raiM maiF ruuH jakL huaaR naawnM bplaaiM thaaoH aoM thoongR thaaoH maaM waangM bohnM maawnR daiF reuuRexample sentence"Hey, child, don’t you know how different your head and your feet are? Are you really putting your socks on your pillow? "Don’t you know that putting your socks on your pillow makes you appear uncouth?"
หนูพุกใหญ่nuuR phookH yaiLnoun[หนูพุกใหญ่] grater bandicoot rat, Bandicota indica
หนูยอมรับว่าคำพูดของเพื่อนสนิทยังอ้อยอิ่งอยู่ในความทรงจำไม่ลืมเลือนnuuR yaawmM rapH waaF khamM phuutF khaawngR pheuuanF saL nitL yangM aawyF ingL yuuL naiM khwaamM sohngM jamM maiF leuumM leuuanMexample sentence"I readily admit that my close friends’ words still linger in my memory; they will not fade."
หนูแหม่มแต่งหน้าเช้งวับ ใส่เสื้อผ้าสุดเริ่ดnuuR maemL dtaengL naaF chengH wapH saiL seuuaF phaaF sootL reertFexample sentence"The European woman put on stunning make-up and was dressed in a most striking dress."
หนูแฮมสเตอร์ nuuR haaemM saL dtuuhrMnounhamster
ห่ม hohmLverbto cover; clothe; wrap; enclose; dress
verbcover; close
ห่มจีวรhohmL jeeM waawnMverbto wear a monk’s robe; don a Buddhist monk’s robe
ห่มดองhohmL daawngMnounthe way to dress a robe over a Buddhist monk’s shoulders.
หมก mohkLverb, intransitiveto hide; to cover; to bury; to conceal
หมกมุ่นmohkL moonFadjective[is] immersed oneself in; be absorbed in; be engrossed in/with; be preoccupied with
หมกเม็ดmohkL metHverbhide; conceal; cover; hush up; keep secret; disguise
หมกไหม้mohkL maiFadjective[is] weighed down with anxiety or bitterness; burning with anxiety or bitterness
หมกหมุ่นmohkL moonLadjective[is] immersed oneself in; be absorbed in; be engrossed in/with; be preoccupied with
หมด mohtLadjective[is] empty; finished; all used up; complete; lost
adverbcompletely; totally; entirely; all
verb[จะหมด] will finish; will complete
หมดกระเป๋าmohtL graL bpaoRverbto become bankrupt; become insolvent
หมดกำลังใจmohtL gamM langM jaiMadjective[is] dispirited; discouraged; disheartened
หมดเกลี้ยงmohtL gliiangFverb[is] completely gone; totally empty
หมดแก้วmohtL gaaeoFinterjectionBottom's up!
หมดเงินmohtL ngernMadjective[is] out of money; flat broke
หมดจดmohtL johtLadjective[is] clear; flawless
หมดจดmohtL johtLadverbcleanly; purely; clearly
หมดชีวิตนี้เราจะมีกัน...ตราบนานเท่านานmohtL cheeM witH neeH raoM jaL meeM ganM dtraapL naanM thaoF naanMexample sentence"We will live our entire lives together...forever."
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