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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3606 Thai words on 73 Pages

Page 25
หลงรัก lohngR rakHverbto be lost in love; to be "head over heels" in love
หลงลมปากlohngR lohmM bpaakLadjective[is] charmed; fooled; beguiled; duped; taken-in by someone's words
หลงเสน่ห์ lohngR saL naehLadjective[is] fascinated (by); charmed (by)
หลงเหลือlohngR leuuaRadjective[is] left over; remaining
หล้ง lohngFprepositionafter
หลงจู๊lohngR juuHnoun, loanword, Chineseboss; manager
หลงใหล lohngR laiRadjective[is] fascinated by; infatuated with; crazy about
หลงใหลคลั่งไคล้lohngR laiR khlangF khlaiHverb, transitive, phrase, colloquial, idiom[of a person or an object] to be infatuated with; to be captivated by; to be enamoured of; to be enraptured by; to be deeply fascinated by; to be smitten by; to be spellbound by
หลงใหลได้ปลื้มlohngR laiR daiF bpleuumFadjective, phrase[is] enchanted; mad about; infatuated with; doting on
หลน lohnRto stew, or simmer in cooking
หล่น lohnLverb, intransitiveto drop; to fall
หลบ lohpLverbto duck; avoid; dodge; escape
หลบฉากlohpL chaakLverbto evade; run away
หลบซ่อนlohpL saawnFverbto hide, conceal, put out of sight
หลบ ๆ ซ่อน ๆlohpL saawnFadverbsneakily; below the radar; stealthily
หลบตาlohpL dtaaMverbto avoid someone's eyes, avoid being noticed, elude observation
หลบภัยlohpL phaiMverbto take refuge; seek refuse; seek asylum
หลบมุมlohpL moomMverbto shirk; evade
หลบไม่พ้นlohpL maiF phohnHadjective, verb, phrase[is] unable to avoid; cannot escape
หลบลี้lohpL leeHverbto escape; avoid; dodge
หลบลี้หนีหน้าlohpL leeH neeR naaFverb, phraseto avoid; run away from; escape
หลบเลี่ยงlohpL liiangFverbto avoid; keep from paying
หลบหน้าlohpL naaFverb, phraseto avoid meeting someone
หลบหน้าค่าตาlohpL naaF khaaF dtaaMverb, phraseto avoid meeting someone; stay of of sight
หลบหนี lohpL neeRverbto escape
หลบหนีอย่างรวดเร็วlohpL neeR yaangL ruaatF reoMverb, phraseto run away quickly; escape fast
หลบหลีก lohpL leekLverbmove out of the way; to avert; to parry
หลบหัวlohpL huaaRverbto disappear
หลบออกมานอกห้างก็มีอีเวนต์ข้างหน้าห้างอีกlohpL aawkL maaM naawkF haangF gaawF meeM eeM waehnM khaangF naaF haangF eekLexample sentence"Escaping from the shopping center, [one finds that] there is another event in front."
หล่ม lohmLnounbog; quagmire; mudhole
หลวกluaakLadjective[Northern dialect] [is] smart; intelligent
หลวง luaangRadjective[is] royal; of the court; superior; official; great
adjectivestate (pertaining to the government)
noun, proper noun, person, pronoun, formal[a conferred title or rank of the ancient Thai civil nobility being the second of a series of five conferred ranks: ขุน  (Khun), Luang, พระ  (Phra), พระยา  (Phraya), เจ้าพระยา  (Chao Phraya)]
noun, proper nountitle of respect shown to elderly relatives while in the Buddhist monkhood
หลวงตาluaangR dtaaMnouna term of familiar address for a senior monk, one who is the age of one's grandfather
หลวงปู่luaangR bpuuLnoun[หลวงปู่] a revered monk
หลวงปู่ก็มีส่วนในการปลุกกระแสปฏิรูปพุทธศาสนา และมหาเถรสมาคมluaangR bpuuL gaawF meeM suaanL naiM gaanM bplookL graL saaeR bpaL dtiL ruupF phootH thaH saatL saL naaR laeH maH haaR thaehR raH saL maaM khohmMexample sentence"The revered monk is involved in creating a wave of reform of Buddhism and the Sangha Supreme Council of Thailand."
หลวงปู่ได้ละสังขารด้วยอาการสงบท่ามกลางความอาลัยอาวรณ์ของบรรดาศิษยานุศิษย์โดยทั่วกันluaangR bpuuL daiF laH sangR khaanR duayF aaM gaanM saL ngohpL thaamF glaangM khwaamM aaM laiM aaM waawnM khaawngR banM daaM sitL saL yaaM nooH sitL dooyM thuaaF ganMexample sentence"The revered elderly monk passed away peacefully amidst the grief and mourning of his students and followers."
หลวงพระบางluaangR phraH baangMproper noun, geographical[หลวงพระบาง] Luang Prabang (ຫລວງພະບາງ); a city on the Mekong River in north-central Laos
หลวงพ่อ luaangR phaawFnoun[honorific for a high ranking monk]
หลวงพ่อตัดสินใจออกบวชเมื่ออายุย่างเข้า ๓๙ ปีluaangR phaawF dtatL sinR jaiM aawkL buaatL meuuaF aaM yooH yaangF khaoF saamR sipL gaoF bpeeMexample sentence"The senior monk decided to become ordained when he was 39 years old."
หลวงพ่อท่านเมตตามาก ให้เด็กเขมรมาช่วยงานวัด ล้างจาน แล้วก็สอนธรรม สอนหนังสือไปด้วยluaangR phaawF thanF maehtF dtaaM maakF haiF dekL khaL maehnR maaM chuayF ngaanM watH laangH jaanM laaeoH gaawF saawnR thamM saawnR nangR seuuR bpaiM duayFexample sentence"A senior monk took pity on them and had the Cambodian children help with the work around the temple and wash dishes; [the monk] also instructed them in Buddhist teachings an as well as [their secular] studies."
หลวงพี่luaangR pheeFnoun[honorific title for a respected monk who is somewhat older that the speaker]
หลวม luaamRadjective[is] loose
adverb[อย่างหลวม ๆ] generally; in generally; loosely
noun[กวย  (Suay) language] liver
หลวมโพรกluaamR phro:hkFadjective[is] loose; large; to become loose
หลอ laawRadjectivehollowed out; worn-down; missing from a row; indented
verbto remain; be left over
หล่อ laawLadjective[is] handsome; good-looking; attractive; statuesque
verbto cast in metal (as is done at a foundry)
verbto lubricate
หล่อดอกยาง laawL daawkL yaangMverbretread a tyre
หล่อลื่น laawL leuunFverbto lubricate
หล่อเลี้ยงlaawL liiangHverb, phraseto nourish, lubricate, feed
หล่อวัวตายควายล้มlaawL wuaaM dtaaiM khwaaiM lohmHadjective, phrase[is] very handsome
หล่อหลอมlaawL laawmRverbto preach; teach; instruct; enlighten
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