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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3606 Thai words on 73 Pages

Page 55
หุบเหวhoopL haayoRnounvalley; ravine; vale
หุบผาhoopL phaaRnouncanyon
หุ้ม hoomFverbto cover; to clothe; wrap up; armor
หุ้มเกราะhoomF grawLadjective[หุ้มเกราะ] [is] armored
หุหุhooL hooLinterjection[sound of laughter]
หู huuRnounear
nounhandle (e.g. of a cup or telephone)
noun[ใบหู] the external portion of the ear
noun[คู่หู] a close friend; an intimate
[คู่หู] [is] intimate; close
verb[สนิทหู] to sound good; sound plausible; sound reasonable
หูฉลาม huuR chaL laamRnounfin of a shark
หูฉี่huuR cheeLadverbvery; exorbitantly; utterly
หูชั้นกลางhuuR chanH glaangMnounmiddle ear
หูชั้นนอกhuuR chanH naawkFnounouter ear
หูชั้นในhuuR chanH naiMnouninner ear
หูดับตับไหม้huuR dapL dtapL maiFadjective[is] extremely loud
หูดีhuuR deeMadjective, verb, intransitive, phrase, colloquialto have good ears/hearing
หูตาไวhuuR dtaaM waiMadjective[is] aware of one's surroundings; informed
หูตาสว่างhuuR dtaaM saL waangLadjective, phrase[is] well informed; enlighted; knowledgeable
หูตึงhuuR dteungMadjective, colloquial[is] hard of hearing; partially deaf
หูทวนลม huuR thuaanM lohmMverbto turn a deaf ear toward; refuse to listen to
หูทิพย์huuR thipHnounextra-keen hearing; a person with extraordinary hearing
หูโทรศัพท์ huuR tho:hM raH sapLnountelephone handpiece
หูเบา huuR baoMadjective, idiom[is] gullible; overly believing of what one hears; naïve
หูผึ่งhuuR pheungLverbto listen carefully; to get your interest; to peak your interest
หูฝาด huuR faatLadjective, verb, intransitive, phrase, colloquial, idiomto hear things; to hear mistakenly, to mishear; acoustic or audio illusion
หูฟัง  huuR fangMnounheadphone(s); earphones; earbuds
หูฟังของแพทย์huuR fangM khaawngR phaaetFnounstethoscope
หูฟังไร้สายhuuR fangM raiH saaiRnoun, phrase[หูฟังไร้สาย] wireless earphones; wireless earbuds
หูฟังวิทยุ huuR fangM witH thaH yooHnounradio headphone
หูเราฟังมันร้องดังกระโต้งโห่ง มันดังก้อกก้อก ก้อกก้อก กระโต้งโห่งhuuR raoM fangM manM raawngH dangM graL dto:hngF ho:hngL manM dangM gaawkF gaawkF gaawkF gaawkF graL dto:hngF ho:hngLexample sentence"I heard it crow loudly: it screamed “caw, caw, caw” so fervently."
หูวิทยุ huuR witH thaH yooHnounearphone
หูแว่วhuuR waaeoFverb, phraseto have auditory hallucinations; hear strange things
หูหนวก huuR nuaakLadjective[is] deaf
หูหิ้วhuuR hiuFnouncarrying handle
หูอื้อhuuR euuFadjective[has a] buzzing in the ears; [feels] temporarily deafened; tinnitus
หูก huukLnouna loom
หูกการทอผ้า huukL gaanM thaawM phaaFnounfabric weaving loom
หูด huutLnounwart
proper noun, particle[Isaan term for] มะกรูด , kaffir lime
หูรูดhuuR ruutFnounsphincter
purse string (as in a type of bag with a string used to close the opening)
เห haehRto veer; to swerve; to deflect; to deviate
เห่hehLnountype of Thai tune
noun[เพลงเห่] a type of Thai song
เห่เรือhehL reuuaMverb, phraseto chant while padding a barge
เหงhaehngRverb[alliterative suffix]
เหง่งหง่างngengL ngaangLnoun[onomatopoeia] sound of a bell ringing
เหงาngaoRadjective[is] lonely
verb[เหงาใจ] [is] (feeling) lonely
noun[ความเหงา] loneliness; solitude; desolation; isolation; seclusion
เหงาใจngaoR jaiMverb[เหงาใจ] [is] (feeling) lonely
เหงาหงอย ngaoR ngaawyRadjective[is] lonely
เหงา ๆ หงอย ๆngaoR ngaoR ngaawyR ngaawyRadjective[is] very lonely; lonesome; depressed
เหง้า ngaoFnoun, colloquial[of plants] tuber; bulb; root; stump
noun, colloquial, vulgar, sarcastic-humorous[derogatory] ancestor; origin; source
เหงาก๋อยngaoR gaawyRadjective[is] lonesome; lonely
เหงี่ยงngiiangLadjective[Northern dialect] [is] slanted; inclined
เหงื่อ ngeuuaLnounsweat; perspiration
เหงื่อกาฬ ngeuuaL gaanMnoun[written Thai] sweat of a dying or frightened person, cold sweat
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