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หอ หีบchest; wooden box; trunkThe 41st consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ห (ห)
TIS-620 value: 0xห (ห)

3606 Thai words on 73 Pages

Page 68
แหวนเพชรwaaenR phetHnoundiamond ring
แหวนล็อคสปริงwaaenR lawkH saL bpringMnounspring lock washer
แหวนสปริงwaaenR saL bpringMnounspring washer; lock washer; split washer
แหวนหมั้น  waaenR manFnounengagement ring
แหวนอีแปะwaaenR eeM bpaeLnounplain washer
แหววwaaeoR[euphonious suffix]
แหวววmaaeoMadverb[onomatopoeia] sound of a cat howling
แหวะ waeLverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquialto cut openly roughly; to rip open; to make an incision; to slit open; to carve into; to sever
colloquial[interjection] "Gross!" — "Ish!" — "Phooey!" — "Eew!"
verb, intransitiveto vomit
แห่แหน haaeL haaenRverbto parade; walk in a procession
แหะ haeLonomatopoeia[the sound of laughter] Ha!
โห่ ho:hLnoun, verb, transitive, intransitive, interjection, colloquial, sarcastic-humorous, onomatopoeiato boo, to hail; [onomatopoeia of the sound of a long undulating shout or cheer]; [an exclamation of contempt, disapproval, disapprobation or derision]
verb, intransitive, colloquial[calling or crying] shout, yell
โห่ร้อง ho:hL raawngHverbto cheer
โห่ฮา ho:hL haaMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquial[see โห่ฮาป่า]
โห่ฮาป่า ho:hL haaM bpaaLverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, colloquial[vi, vt] to boo and laugh loudly and derisively to mock someone; [n] n. derisive and rude laughter expressing contempt of a crowd or audience
โหง ho:hngRverbto die an unnatural and violent death
verbto lift up; to raise
โหงวฮี๊งngo:hR hengH[alternate spelling of โหงวเฮ้ง]
โหงวเฮ้งngo:hR hengHnoun, loanword, Chinesephysiognomy; physical characteristic (of someone); physical feature (of someone)
โหด ho:htLadjective[is] harsh-mannered; base; unmerciful; ruthless; heartless
noun[ความโหด] difficulty; trouble; hardness
noun[ความโหด] ruthlessness; savage; brutality; cruelness
โหดร้าย ho:htL raaiHadjective[is] atrocious; merciless; cruel; pitiless; ruthless; brutal
โหดร้ายทารุณho:htL raaiH thaaM roonMadjective[is] cruel, vicious, savage, unfeeling, merciless; in a cold-blooded manner
โหดเหี้ยม ho:htL hiiamFadjective[is] ruthless; brutal; pitiless; heartless; cruel
โหน ho:hnRverbto hang; dangle; swing
โหนบาร์ho:hnR baaMnounhorizontal bar to swing on for exercise
โหนรถเมล์ho:hnR rohtH maehMverb, phraseto hang on to the straps of a bus; hang from the outside of a รถสองแถว
โหนร่อน ho:hnR raawnFverbto hang-glide
โหนสถาบันho:hnR saL thaaR banMverb, phraseto use the the high social position of the monarch to make yourself feel superior
โหนสลิงho:hnR saL lingMverbto zipline
โหนกno:hkLnounbump; lump; protrusion; hematoma
adjective[is] protruding; swollen; bulging
โหนกแก้มno:hkL gaaemFnouncheekbone
โหน่ง no:hngLinterjection, loanword, onomatopoeia[sound of a gong]
โหม ho:hmRverbto exert; to strain; to call upon all forces
โหมกระหน่ำho:hmR graL namLverbto devastate; buffet; rage
โหมกำลังho:hmR gamM langMverbto gather forces
โหมตีดาบให้คมกริบด้วยมือท่านเองho:hmR dteeM daapL haiF khohmM gripL duayF meuuM thanF aehngMexample sentenceYou pound your sword to extreme sharpness with your own hand
โหมแรงho:hmR raaengMverbto make an all-out effort
โหมโรงho:hmR ro:hngMverbto play an overture; initiate a performance; begin; start a process
โหม่งmo:hngLverb, transitiveto use one's head to hit a volleyball or soccer ball; butt with one's head
verbto dive headfirst
โหมดmo:htLnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription for foreign loan word] mode
โหย hooyRverb, intransitiveto groan or moan for; to lament
adjective[is] eerie
adjective[is] fatigued; exhausted
โหยเจ็บปวดhooyR jepL bpuaatLexample sentence"Wow! That really hurt."
โหยหวน hooyR huaanRverb, intransitive, phraseto groan or moan for; to lament; [adj] [of a groan or moan] eerie, ghostly; spooky
โหยหาhooyR haaRverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, formal, poeticto desirously yearn, crave or long for
โหร ho:hnRnouna fortune teller; astrologer
โหรจารย์ho:hnR jaanMnounwise man; magi
โหรงro:hngRadjective[is] sparse; be thin; be watery
โหรงเหรงro:hngR raehngRadjective[is] thin; be sparse; be watery
adjective[is] wishy-washy
โหระพา ho:hR raH phaaMnoun[ต้นโหระพา] the sweet basil plant, Ocimum basilicum
โหราho:hR raaM[alternate spelling of โหร ]
โหราจารย์ho:hR raaM jaanMnounastrologer
โหราศาสตร์ ho:hR raaM saatLnoun, formal, loanword, Sanskritastrology
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