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Unsolicited Kudos for

Vadym K. 12/18/2003

Let me introduce myself my name is Vadym originally I am from the Ukraine, 30 years old, moved to London 3 years ago.. I went to Thailand just now I mean three weeks ago.... and fall in love with this great country and great people....

I have decide to learn Thai language... I have a lot of friends in this country now.... and one of them is too close to my heart now!..:-)and my biggest wish is to be able to speak Thai... sure I am doing a Thai reading and writing as well as speaking... I went on the Internet and have found your website about Thai language... just gr8 job has been done by you..... really...

I would like to tell you thank you very much for all time you have spent for that site... it is such a helpful and useful for me and I am sure for all people who has similar interest with me...
John P. 8/20/2003

I can now clean up my 'favorites' folder and simply keep this site at my fingertips
Philip R. 6/12/2003

This... this is incredible.

This is not only the best Thai site I have ever seen. It is by far the best language site of any kind I have ever seen. It may even be the best designed website I have ever seen, full stop.

H. D. 4/8/2003
thank you! thank you! thank you! this is very, very helpful to me! thank you! thank you! thank you!
Donald G. 2/19/2003

I am so grateful for [this site]! I visit your site everyday, and use the online dictionary extensively. It is by far the most thorough dictionary available, either online or even in print! The cross-hyperlinking with other words is so useful. I congratulate you a million times over. As a lover of all things Thai, I think you have done a great service.
Dara S. 12/2/2002

I am so glad to find your site... I teach Thai language classes at a Thai temple [in the U.S.] Keep up the good work so my students can benefit. So many thanks!
Eric L. 10/30/2002

User 10/11/2002

Joe T. 10/9/2002

...the best site I have found on the Internet for Thai studies!
Helene 10/4/2002

Fantastically helpful...
Ted 5/11/2002

awesome...I've been to your site before, but each time I check back I find something else to be impressed by.  Thanks again for this great resource.
Russ 4/8/2002

...kickass site!
David Butler 12/31/2001

I just found the site and love it... thanks again for the great work.
Y.. 12/7/2001 far it has been the most helpful site I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time...
Mark Z. 12/4/2001

...By the way, your website is terrific. Very easy to use and a wonderful resource.
Rory S. 10/15/2001

...I wanted to let you know that someone out in the vastness is using the site and enjoying it.
Steve D. 9/20/2001

thanks for providing such a great site! great job
Shong Kwon Au-Yeong, 9/20/2001

[this] website is amazingly GREAT!!!...creativity... innovation... splendid... great effort! I will highly recommend your website to all the people who are interested in this smiling country "Thailand"!!!
Sil C. 9/4/2001 compliments to you. What a fantastic job you've done on your website!! ...if I [were] not Thai, I'd definitely learn a lot of Thai language from your site. This is what I call a dedication. I'm sure that I'll visit your website more often, especially on the "Dictionary" page.
William S, Ph.D. 9/3/2001

What an enormously pleasant suprise to find this site...This is really a wonderful service.
Ken C. 8/29/2001

[your site] is absolutely incredible. It’s extremely functional and very resourceful. Great work!
Edward M. 8/26/2001

...great site you created...khawp koon maak kup!!!
Paul C. 8/22/2001

...congratulate you for your site which is I think one of the best I have ever found. ...your lessons are very helpful. So thanks again & go on with the good job.
SWDM 7/29/2001

I love! It looks like you've put a lot of work in... It should be the first place [a student] should visit.
Chaky F. 7/27/2001

...I would paint some scenes of [your photos] in watercolor, if you don't mind.

Kamil M. 7/27/2001

...thanks for a very nicely done website with a very impressive wealth of information.
Win 7/27/2001

Your site has helped me alot in my learning of Thai.
Dave B. 7/25/2001

Even [though] it's not finished I think you probably have one of the best sites I've come across for a english speaker looking for info on the thai language and alphabet. I really enjoyed your photos too.
Thomas D. 7/11/2001

great website!
Sheldon K. 7/11/2001

What a great looking site!
L.B. 6/27/2001

Loved your photo gallery and commentary.
Robert N. 6/24/2001

I love your web site...[it] seems really useful to learn Thai! Thanks!
May 5/1/2001

...very helpful to me. It is a wonderful site!!!
Marta C. 4/25/2001

...Good Job!...
Jeffrey H. 4/19/2001

...Your site happens to be one of the most useful and informative sites for travel in Thailand on the web, and I thank you for that.
Clifford K. 4/3/2001

thanks, I really appreciate people like you that have painstakingly taken the time to get info. about Thailand and provide it to others.
Fred L. 3/13/2001

Thai photos [are] fabulous and a boon to potential travelers such as myself.
Mark D. 3/7/2001

Jason K. 2/26/2001

...interesting and very educational.
David G. 12/14/2000

In my view [this] is the most useful Thai language resource on the web.
Melissa Z. 8/13/2000 wonderful your web page is... I especially love the photographs.
Nalinee C. 7/29/2000

...great!! I think it's very useful even for Thais.
Michael D. 7/18/2000

...I have discovered your website and find it interesting, informative, and nicely done.
Catherine 6/21/2000!...
Brad C. 6/1/2000

Lars-Olof O. 4/26/2000

...impressed by the effort...

Great work, it has really helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing.
A. Davis 4/24/2000

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful capture of Thailand. I felt like I was there!

Please continue to display your enthusiasm in your work. It shows!!
Mike N. 3/27/2000

...simple and complete.
Mylo 9/15/1999

...very informative...
Jonathan F. 7/9/1999

job well done!
Dennis S. 7/8/99

Frank K. 2/4/1999

thanks for the "crude thai typewriter" program. answer to my prayers
Dominic R. 1/12/1999

Congratulations on a site that has been an absolute pleasure to check out!

My special congratulations on your Thai language pages! The sort of information you have provided is extremely valuable even for those of us who have been studying Thai for some time.
Walter K. 10/17/1998

Your pages are the best so far in terms of free aid to the apprentice student and I commend you on them...

I particularly want to thank-you for your free download of the thai keyboard [diagram]... this is a godsend as I can now write my friends in BKK and surprise them with more and more true Thai script as I improve in its use.

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