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ซอ โซ่chain; motorcycle chainThe 11th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ซ (ซ)
TIS-620 value: 0xซ (ซ)

755 Thai words on 16 Pages

Page 1
ซ.saehnM siiatFnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for เซลเซียส ] Celsius; degrees C; °C
abbreviation[abbreviation for ซอย ] Soi
ซ.saawyM[alternate pronunciation of ซ.]
ซ.ก.[alternate spelling of ซก.]
ซ.ต.พ. saawM dtaawM phaawMabbreviation[abbreviation of ซึ่งต้องพิสูจน์] Q.E.D.
ซ.ม.[alternate spelling of ซม.]
ซ.ล.[alternate spelling of ซล.]
ซก.senM dtiL gramMnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for เซ็นติกรัม] centigram
ซกมก sohkH mohkHadjective, colloquial[colloquial slang] slovenly dirty or mucky
ซครูsaH khruuMnoun, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] screw
ซครูหัวจมsaH khruuM huaaR johmMnounsunken head screw
ซครูหางแบนsaH khruuM haangR baaenMnounthumb bolt
ซครูหางปลาsaH khruuM haangR bplaaMnounwing bolt
ซ้งsohngHproper noun[a common male name]
ซงอู sohngM uuMnoun[ต้นซงอู] the pomelo tree, Citrus maxima
ซด sohtHverb, transitiveto sip a drink; to suck in
ซดยาsohtH yaaMverbto take medication [in liquid form]
ซดยาพิษsohtH yaaM phitHverb, phraseto take poison [through a drink]
ซทรอนเชียมsohtH raawnM chiiamMnoun[chemistry] Strontium, Sr, atomic number 38
ซน sohnMadjective[is] mischievous; naughty; bad
verbto poke at a fire
ซนเหมือนลิงsohnM meuuanR lingMadjective[is] mischievous as a monkey
ซ้นsohnHadjective(of a joint) [is] dislocated; sprained
ซบsohpHverb, transitiveto nestle or bury one’s head on (a pillow, shoulder), to rest (one's face on something), to hang the head, to bend down
adjective(of the stock market) sluggish; dull; slow; slack
ซบเซาsohpH saoMadjective, phrase[economically] depressed; dispirited (as a metaphor); suffering [financial] losses
ซมsohmMadverblethargically; as in a stupor
ซมซานsohmM saanMadjective[is] pathetic; desperate
ซม.senM dtiL maehtFnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for เซ็นติเมตร ] centimeter
ซล.senM dtiL litHnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for เซ็นติลิตร] centiliter
ซวดเซsuaatF saehMadjective[is] staggering; unstable; tottering
adjective[is] unsteady; [is] unstable
verbto stagger; muddle; walk unsteadily
ซวนsuaanMverbstagger; reel
ซวนเซsuaanM saehMverbto stagger; reel
ซวย suayMnoun, colloquial, loanword, Chinese[แต้จิ๋ว  dialect] bad luck
adjective, colloquial, loanword, Chinesejinxed; luckless; unlucky; cursed; hapless; having bad luck
ซวาซิแลนด์ saH waaM siH laaenMproper noun, geographical[ประเทศซวาซิแลนด์] Swaziland, a country in Africa
ซเว่นธ์saH wenFadjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] seventh
ซเว่นธ์เดย์แอ๊ดเวนตีสsaH wenF daehM aaetH waehnM dteetLnounSeventh Day Adventist
ซอ saawM[pronunciation of the 11th letter of the Thai alphabet]
nouna stringed musical instrument played with a bow
verbto sing
noun[ซออู้] a two-stringed bass fiddle; low-pitched violin; a Thai fiddle with a sound in the alto range
ซอด้วงsaawM duaangFnoun[ซอด้วง] Thai-style bamboo fiddle (violin)
ซอไวโอลินsaawM waiM o:hM linMnoun[ซอไวโอลิน] violin
ซออู้saawM uuFnoun[ซออู้] a two-stringed bass fiddle; low-pitched violin; a Thai fiddle with a sound in the alto range
ซอก saawkFnounlane; alley; nook; enclave; corner; niche; recess
verbto hide in a nook
ซอกซอยsaawkF saawyMnounlanes; alleys; footways
ซอกแซกsaawkF saaekFverbto take an indirect route; to pick (one's way) through
ซอกแซกsaawkF saaekFadjective[is] winding; indirect; crooked; tortuous
ซอกแซกsaawkF saaekFadjective[is] inquisitive
ซอกเกอร์saawkF guuhrMnoun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] soccer
ซอกซอนsaawkF saawnMverbto go into hiding; conceal oneself
ซอง saawngMnounenvelope; packet; package
verb, transitive, intransitive, colloquial[gay male slang] to keep a male partner gratified by proffering him something; usually cash
classifier[numerical classifier for packs, or packages of things]
ซองขาวsaawngM khaaoRnoun, figurative[fig.] bribe; graft; payola; pink slip; termination of employment notice
ซองขาวsaawngM khaaoRnoun[lit.] white envelope
ซองจดหมาย saawngM johtL maaiRnounenvelope
ซองจดหมายอากาศ saawngM johtL maaiR aaM gaatLnounairmail envelope
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