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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2297 Thai words on 46 Pages

Page 1
laH[alternate spelling of ลัคนา]
ล. litHnoun, abbreviation[abbreviation for ลิตร] liter
ลคร laH khaawnMnouna play (in a theater)
ลง lohngMverbto come down; go down; get off; get out of; descend; land
[used in connection with กลืน  or กิน ] to swallow
verbto lay down; put down; set down
[directional auxiliary indicating "downward" or "reduction"]
verbto sign (one's name); to inscribe; to jot down; to write
adverb, prepositiondown
verbto rub
verb, colloquial[usually preceded by มา  and followed by กับ ] to take (something) out on (someone)
[semi-perfective aspect marker]
ลงกลอน lohngM glaawnMverbto lock (a lock); to latch (a latch); bolt (a door)
ลงขันlohngM khanRverb, intransitive, figurativeto contribute money; to donate; [lit.] to place money in the collection bowl; pass the hat around; contribute to a war chese [for some purpose]
ลงข่าวlohngM khaaoLverb, transitiveto publish the news
ลงเข็มlohngM khemRverb, intransitiveto drive a (foundation) pile
ลงแขกlohngM khaaekLverb, transitive, intransitive(of neighbors or the local community) to come down to help (ie. at harvest time)
ลงแขกlohngM khaaekLverb, figurative, colloquialto gang-rape
ลงความเห็นlohngM khwaamM henRverbto conclude; to judge
ลงคอlohngM khaawMadverbwithout remorse; hardheartedly; heartlessly; shamelessly
ลงคะแนน lohngM khaH naaenMverbto vote (in an election)
ลงโฆษณาlohngM kho:htF saL naaMverb, phraseto advertise; place an ad
ลงจอlohngM jaawMverb, phraseto broadcast [on a television channel]
ลงชื่อlohngM cheuuFverb, intransitiveto sign (one's) name; to sign a petition
ลงดาบlohngM daapLverb, phraseto punish; behead [arhaic]
ลงแดงlohngM daaengMverbto suffer from excessive bloody flux; suffer from severe dysentery
ลงตัวlohngM dtuaaMadjective[is] well laid-out
ลงตัวlohngM dtuaaMverbto lay oneself down; to lay itself down
ลงตัวlohngM dtuaaMadjective[mathematics] divisibly; without a remainder
ลงตัวlohngM dtuaaMverbto fall into place; add up; become settled
ลงทองlohngM thaawngMverb, transitiveto cover (something) with gold; to gild
ลงท้องlohngM thaawngHverb, intransitiveto have diarrhea
ลงทะเบียน lohngM thaH biianMverbto register; enroll
ลงทัณฑ์lohngM thanMverbto punish; assign a penalty
ลงทุน lohngM thoonMverbto invest
ลงทุนไปแล้ว ก็สำคัญว่าจะได้กำไรมาก.lohngM thoonM bpaiM laaeoH gaawF samR khanM waaF jaL daiF gamM raiM maakFexample sentence"Once he made the investment he estimated that he would earn a high return."
ลงทุนลงแรงlohngM thoonM lohngM raaengMverbto invest money and effort
ลงโทษlohngM tho:htFverbto punish; assign a penalty
ลงโทษเกินกว่าเหตุlohngM tho:htF geernM gwaaL haehtLverb, phrasepunish excessively; give excessive punishment
ลงโทษเพื่อแก้ไข lohngM tho:htF pheuuaF gaaeF khaiRverb, transitive, phraseto correct
ลงนาม lohngM naamMverbto put down one's name; to sign up
ลงนามเป็นสมาชิก lohngM naamM bpenM saL maaM chikHverbsubscribe
ลงบัญชีlohngM banM cheeMverb, intransitive, phraseto list
ลงบัตรlohngM batLverb, intransitiveto vote; to cast a ballot
ลงบันได lohngM banM daiMverbto go downstairs
ลงบันทึกlohngM banM theukHverb, transitive, intransitive, phraseto itemize
ลงโบสถ์lohngM bo:htLverbto get along with; be on good terms with someone; be compatible with
ลงประกาศ lohngM bpraL gaatLverbto advertise
ลงประชามติlohngM bpraL chaaM maH dtiLverbto hold a (public) referendum; to vote on a ballot issue
ลงแป้ง lohngM bpaaengFverbto starch (laundry)
ลงไป lohngM bpaiMverbto go down; put into; downward; decrease; fade away
ลงฝักlohngM fakLnouninternal rupture (hernia) causing a swelling of the testicles
ลงพิมพ์lohngM phimMverb, transitiveto publish the news
ลงพื้นlohngM pheuunHverb, intransitive(painting a surface) to apply primer; to paint a coat of primer
ลงพื้นlohngM pheuunHverb, phraseto fall down to the ground
ลงพื้นที่เก็บข้อมูลlohngM pheuunH theeF gepL khaawF muunMverbto conduct a field study
ลงพุงlohngM phoongMadjective[is] pot-bellied
ลงมติlohngM maH dtiLverbto decide; to cast a vote; to determine
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