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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2297 Thai words on 46 Pages

Page 15
ล้างหน้าด้วยสบู่ laangH naaF duayF saL buuLverbto wash one's face
ล้างหน้าลวก ๆlaangH naaF luaakF luaakFverb, phraseto splash water on one's face; give your face a quick wash
ล้างห้องน้ำlaangH haawngF naamHverbto clean a bathroom
ล้างอัดฉีดรถจักรยานยนต์laangH atL cheetL rohtH jakL graL yaanM yohnMverbto use a high-pressure motorcycle wash
ล้างชาม laangH chaamMverbto wash dishes
ล้างมือ laangH meuuMverbto wash hands
ลางสาด laangM saatLnounLangsat, Lansium domesticum
ลาซา laaM saaMproper noun, geographicalLhasa, a city in Tibet, the location of the immense Potola Palace
ลาญlaanMadjective[is] broken, destroyed
ลาด laatFadjective[is] sloping; inclining
nouna slope; incline; ramp
verb, intransitiveto reconnoitre; to go look around
noun[ความลาด] incline; tilt; slant; slope
verbto pave; cover; concrete; tile; surface
ลาดlaatF[alternate spelling of ราด ]
ลาดชันlaatF chanMadjective[is] steep
ลาดตระเวนlaatF dtraL waehnMverb, transitive, intransitive, phrase, formalto reconnoitre; patrol; go on a cruise;
ลาดสะพาน laatF saL phaanMnounthe approach of a bridge
ลาดกระบังlaatF graL bangMproper noun[เขตลาดกระบัง] [administrative district of Bangkok] Lat Krabang
ลาดพร้าวlaatF phraaoHproper noun[เขตลาดพร้าว] [administrative district of Bangkok] Lat Phrao
ลาติน laaM dtinMproper noun, adjective, loanword, English[Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Latin
noun[ภาษาลาติน] the Latin language
ลาน laanMnoun[general] fan palm, Corypha umbraculifera, Corypha lecontei
noun[ต้นลาน] fan palm tree
noun[ใบลาน] leaf of fan palm (sometimes used for writing religious texts)
nounyard; lawn; court; courtyard; open space; plaza; grounds
nouna (coiled metal) spring
adjective[is] dazzled; flustered
adjectivedazzling; overwhelming
ลานจอดlaanM jaawtLnounapron, ramp (as in an airport)
ลานจอดรถlaanM jaawtL rohtHnounparking lot
ลานบ้าน laanM baanFnounpatio
ลานบินlaanM binMnounairfield; landing strip
ลานยุ้งฉาง laanM yoongH chaangRnounbarnyard
ลานโล่งlaanM lo:hngFnoun, phrasea clearing (in the forest, e.g.)
ล้าน laanHnoun, adjectivemillion; the number one million (1,000,000)
adjective[is] bald; hairless
ล้านนาlaanH naaMnoun, proper nounLanna; the "Lanna" tradition of Northern Thailand.
ล้านพิกเซลlaanH phikH saehnMnounmegapixels (unit size for digital camera sensor resolution)
ล้านล้าน laanH laanHnoun, adjectiveOne trillion (1,000,000,000,000)
ลานตา laanM dtaaMadjective[is] dazzling; dazzling display
ลานนาlaanM naaMproper noun[alternative spelling] Lanna; the "Lanna" tradition of Northern Thailand.
ลานินญ่าlaaM ninM yaaF[alternate spelling of ลานีญา]
ลานีญาlaaM neeM yaaMnoun, proper nounLa Niña
ลาบ laapFnounThai salad of diced meat served at room temperature; ground meat; chopped meat; minced meat
ลาบไก่laapF gaiLnounlarb gai, a spicy Thai-style salad of cold, minced chicken
ลาบปลาดุกlaapF bplaaM dookLnounminced catfish salad
ลาปาซ laaM bpaasLproper noun, geographicalLa Paz, the capital city of โบลิเวีย  (Bolivia)
ลาเพศlaaM phaehtFverbto leave the monkhood
ลาภ laapFnounwindfall; unexpected gain
ลาภปากlaapF bpaakLnounan unexpected delicacy
ลาภลอยlaapF laawyMnounwindfall; sudden good fortune; unexpected benefit
ลาภสักการะlaapF sakL gaaM raHnounfortune; wealth
ลาม laamMverbto spread or extend in range
adjective[is] brusque; (prone to) taking liberties with a woman; forward; fresh
ล่าม laamFverbto tie up; fasten to a stake; tether; bind; chain
nouninterpreter; commentator; translator
ล่ามฉับพลันlaamF chapL phlanMnoun, sarcastic-humoroussimultaneous interpretor
ล่ามโซ่ laamF so:hFverbto chain; chain up; restrict
ลามก laaM mohkHadjective[is] pornographic; smutty; dirty; lewd; obscene; indecent
noun[ความลามก] filthiness; dirtiness; lewdness
noun[ภาพลามก] pornographic pictures
ลามกจกเปรต laaM mohkH johkL bpraehtLadjective, phrase, colloquial, sarcastic-humorous[showing strong disapproval] very obscene; lewd; filthy; indecent; pornographic; perverted
ลามกอนาจาร laaM mohkH aL naaM jaanMadjectivelewd; pornographic; triple-x; x-rated; adult
ลามปามlaamM bpaamMverbto concern; touch upon; have something to do with
adjective[is] presumptuous; overly familiar
ลามา laaM maaMnounllama
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