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Khun Ehkดิกชันนารี่ 

You've reached the free online Internet dictionary of the Thai language at It's a dictionary of over 79398 Thai words and phrases with English definitions—and 21487 audio clips.

The main search function allows you to look up words or short phrases in English or Thai. Enter your search text here (to type in a Thai word, your computer must be set up for Thai input). Additional details about precisely how this facility searches the dictionary are presented at the bottom of this page.

Enter English or Thai terms:
Thai: exact   contains   starts with   ends with
English: exact   contains text   contains word


click here to set search defaults      TIS-620
You can also search by reverse transcription. Using the Roman alphabet, enter a sentence that conforms to one or more of the three phonemic transcription systems check-marked below. Check 'extras' to enable commonly used incorrect transcriptions. Omit any tone markings or other special marks. For example, phom mee kwam sook maak.

Search Reverse Phonemic Transcription:

example: sawat dee khrap

English spelling (loanwords)  Extras
use old-style display (single word only)
The bulk lookup feature splits Thai sentences into words and then looks them up in our dictionary.

Bulk Lookup:

You can also get the phonemic transcription of an arbitrary Thai word or words. For best results, enter each word on a separate line.

Generate Phonemic Transcription for Thai Text:

examples:   กัวเตมาลา   วิท••ยาลัย   มห•

Output Format:t-l Enhanced  Phonemic Thai  IPA  RTGS  AUA
ALA-LC  Bua LuangPaiboon

Reinterpret U+2022: ท  
You can assemble a Thai sentence by typing the English glosses. This system uses single-word glosses.

Thai Sentence from English Glosses:  (experimental)

Example: I will go market


The following is provided by Google. Javascript feature

Google Translate:

English to ไทย:

ไทย to English

The entire dictionary is available in Thai alphabetical order for page-by-page browsing. To begin, click on a letter of the Thai alphabet in the Browse panel shown in the left margin of this page. Click here for details on Thai alphabetical order, which gives the ordering of words on the browse pages.
We now have a tool which you can use to reinterpret mis-encoded "garbage" characters as proper Thai script.

Another new tool will automatically Insert Hyphens or Unicode Zero-Width Space characters (ZWSP, U+200B) into Thai text, to separate the individual words.

Help Us!

At the bottom of every dictionary page, you'll see a link you can click on to submit a correction, comment, or addition to that page. For your convenience, the submission form will open in a new browser window, so you can see the entry you're commenting on. Any comments are welcome, no matter how minor. If you wish to supply your name, your contributions can be credited in our site news section.

To add a new entry, you can use the web correction form, or send us email (if you need to include Thai script in your submission, you can use either TIS-620 or Unicode character format). Use this email address if you wish to submit audio clips or images.

Corrections to the phonemic transcription (and tone indications; L, M, R, F, H) are especially welcome since they go a long way: all transcriptions are automatically generated on-the-fly by our web server, so fixing a problem for one word fixes it in all similar words.

Thai Romanization

All words throughout this website are presented alongside a romanization (phonemic transcription) of your choice. Check out the new options or change your selection in the site control panel. The default system is our own easy-to-read ‘enhanced phonemic transcription,’ which is documented here.


Thai has some vowels which appear under the baseline of the characters, so for clarity I've omitted the underline which usually indicates a hot-linked word on a web page (underlining makes those vowels look messy). But note that most words are still "clickable" hot links. The pointing hand mouse icon or highlighting appears when you move over a link.

How to Use Search

The search agent classifies your query as either a Thai search or an English search and proceeds differently for each. The Thai search has four modes and the English search has three. These modes are completely independent for Thai versus English searching, so the search mode selection for the language which is not detected is ignored.

The language detection has a Thai priority. If there is one or more Thai characters in your input text, then Thai search will be used. The four modes for Thai search are fairly self-explanatory. 'Contains,' 'Starts With,' and 'Ends With' use a bytewise comparison for the length of the input text. This is ignorant of Thai orthography, so peripheral leading and trailing tone marks and vowels which decorate matched characters of the input text are not disqualifying.

The English search scans the full-text of the English definitions in our Thai-to-English dictionary. Note that this website does not have an explicit English-to-Thai dictionary (except insofar as go the 'hidden keywords,' discussed below. The 'Contains Word' and 'Exact' modes can be used to limit the number of results. At this time, if you enter more than one word for 'Contains Word,' you will get no results. In the future, an AND-type search may be performed in this case.

In addition to your selected search mode, English search also always includes searching among hidden keywords. Matching these keywords is the only way to obtain any results when your search text is only one or two characters. These hidden keywords are never visible on this website, except as may be deduced by search results.

Once results are gathered from any type of search, they are sorted into Thai alphabetical order (with words marked as "common" sorted in a group at the top). Duplicates are removed, and special search results which refer to other areas of the website are inserted, if appropriate. Results are shown fifty to a page.

For more information about customizing the search mode and temporarily overriding your defaults, please check the 'Search Options' section of the site control panel.
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