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ลอ ลิงmonkeyThe 36th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ล (ล)
TIS-620 value: 0xล (ล)

2221 Thai words on 45 Pages

Page 5
ล้มล้างสถาบันlohmH laangH saL thaaR banMverbto overthrow the monarchy
ล้มลุกlohmH lookHverbto fall down and get up again; be uncertain; weak
ล้มลุกlohmH lookHadjective[is] short-lived; annual; biennial
ล้มลุกคลุกคลาน lohmH lookH khlookH khlaanMverbto muddle through; to struggle ahead; to soldier onwards
ล้มเลิกlohmH leerkFverbto cease; abolish; discontinue; give up
ล้มหมอนนอนเสื่อlohmH maawnR naawnM seuuaLadjective, phrase[is] ill; bedridden; confined to bed; to fall sick
ล้มหรือลุก อย่าไปทุกข์ กับชีวิตlohmH reuuR lookH yaaL bpaiM thookH gapL cheeM witHexample sentence"Ups or downs, don't let them distress your life."
ล้มหลามlohmH laamRadjective[is] crowded; jammed; congested; crammed; tightly-packed
ล้มหายตายจากlohmH haaiR dtaaiM jaakLverbto disappear; die; pass away
ล้มเหลว lohmH laayoRverbto fail; not succeed
ล้มเหลวลงlohmH laayoR lohngMverb, phrase[ล้มเหลวลง] to fail; not succeed
ลมบ้าหมู lohmM baaF muuRnoun[โรคลมบ้าหมู] epilepsy
ลมพิษlohmM phitHnounhives, rash
ลมๆlohmM lohmM[alternate spelling of ลม ]
ลย.leeuyMproper noun, abbreviation[abbreviation for เลย ] LEI
ลวก luaakFadjectiveblanched; soft-boiled
verbto scald (oneself), blanch (vegetables), or soft-boil (an egg)
verb, transitive, adverb, formal[ลวก ๆ] crudely; poorly; casually; carelessly; slovenly; to botch (up something); to bungle
ลวก ๆluaakF luaakFverb, transitive, adverb, formal[ลวก ๆ] crudely; poorly; casually; carelessly; slovenly; to botch (up something); to bungle
ลวง luaangMverbto deceive; to gull; to dupe; to impose upon by craftiness or guile; to lure; entice or tempt into some snare or trap
ลวงตาluaangM dtaaMadjectiveillusory; deceptive
ลวงตาluaangM dtaaMadjective[is] delusive; deceptive
ลวงโลกluaangM lo:hkFadjective[is] fake, bogus, huge counterfeit, major trick, deceptive
ล่วง luaangFverbto exceed; overstep; pass; to go beyond
ล่วงเกิน luaangF geernMverbto insult, be rude or offensive, to offend
ล่วงประเวณีluaangF bpraL waehM neeMverbto commit adultery
ล่วงมาแล้วluaangF maaM laaeoHadverbago
ล่วงรู้luaangF ruuHverbto perceive; foresee; sense; detect; know in advance
ล่วงละเมิดluaangF laH meertFverbto violate; infringe; encroach
ล่วงละเมิดทางเพศluaangF laH meertF thaangM phaehtFverbto sexually harrass
ล่วงลับ luaangF lapHverb, intransitive, phrase, formal[a common term for all and euphemism for] to die; to be deceased (late); to pass away
ล่วงล้ำ luaangF lamHto infringe; to overstep; transgress; to contravene; encroach
ล่วงล้ำก้ำเกินต่อluaangF lamH gamF geernM dtaawLverb, phraseto offend; trespass; intrude upon
ล่วงเวลาluaangF waehM laaMnounovertime
ล่วงหน้า luaangF naaFadverbahead of time; in advance
ล้วง luaangHverbto reach in with the hand; to insert the hand; to pick out; to withdraw an item from
ล้วงกระเป๋าluaangH graL bpaoRverb, phraseto have one's hands in one's pocket in an easy, informal manner
ล้วงกระเป๋าluaangH graL bpaoRverb, phraseto pickpocket; pilfer one's handbag; snatch and run
ล้วงความลับluaangH khwaamM lapHverb, phrase, colloquialto spy; extract secrets (from)
ล้วงคองูเห่าluaangH khaawM nguuM haoLexample sentence, idiom"To put one's head in the lion's mouth."
ล้วงลึกluaangH leukHverbto reach down below; grope downward
ล้วงลูกluaangH luukFverb, phraseto interfere with one's subordinate's word; meddle as a manager; micro-manage
ล้วงลูกluaangH luukFverbto infiltrating; snatch information; pilfer data; hack into
ล่วงเลยluaangF leeuyMverbto pass; go by; elapse; roll by; slip away; lapse
ลวด luaatFnounwire
ลวดดอกไม้ไหว luaatF daawkL maaiH waiRnounwire used to wrap artificial flowers
ลวดดัดฟัน luaatF datL fanMdental braces
ลวดเย็บกระดาษ luaatF yepH graL daatLnounstaple
ลวดลาย luaatF laaiMnoundesign
ลวดลายดอกไม้เถาที่ขอบถาดเริ่มกะเทาะขึ้นสนิมluaatF laaiM daawkL maaiH thaoR theeF khaawpL thaatL reermF gaL thawH kheunF saL nimRexample sentence"The floral and vine design around the edge of the tray has begun to rust and flake off."
ลวดลายผ้า luaatF laaiM phaaFnounpattern on a fabric or cloth
ลวดสลิง luaatF saL lingMnouncable
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