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ฉอ ฉิ่ง[a type of] small cymbal used in East and Southeast Asian musicThe 9th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฉ (ฉ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฉ (ฉ)

526 Thai words on 11 Pages

Page 10
เฉยcheeuyRverb, transitiveto ignore; to pay no attention to; to disregard
adjective[is] silent; still; unmoved; calm; collected; indifferent; cold
adjective[เฉย ๆ] [is] calm; impassive; indifferent (feeling or being so); peaceful; relaxed; feeling so-so
adverbwithout authorization; presumptuously; without authority
adjectivevacant; not in use; unoccupied
adverb[เฉย ๆ] simply; just; only
เฉยชาcheeuyR chaaMadjective[is] indifferent; cold; still; ignorant; unconcerned; detached
เฉยชาcheeuyR chaaMadjective[is] detached; diffident; disengaged (emotionally); cold
เฉยเมยcheeuyR meeuyMadjective[is] indifferent; unconcerned; passive; negligent
เฉย ๆ cheeuyR cheeuyRadjective[เฉย ๆ] [is] calm; impassive; indifferent (feeling or being so); peaceful; relaxed; feeling so-so
เฉย ๆcheeuyR cheeuyRadverb[เฉย ๆ] simply; just; only
เฉลย chaL leeuyRverbto respond; disclose; answer; reveal
เฉลยปัญหาchaL leeuyR bpanM haaRverbto answer the problem; solve the problem
เฉลิม chaL leermRverbto celebrate, to enhance or aggrandize
proper noun, personChalerm [a Thai given name] (celebration, supreme, prestigious)
เฉลิมกรุงchaL leermR groongMproper nounChalermkrung
เฉลิมฉลองchaL leermR chaL laawngRverbto celebrate
เฉลิมพระชนมพรรษาchaL leermR phraH chohnM maH phanM saaRverbto celebrate the king's or queen's birthday anniversary
เฉลี่ย chaL liiaLadjective[is] average
adverb[โดยเฉลี่ย] on the average
เฉลี่ยกันหารสองchaL liiaL ganM haanR saawngRverb, phraseto split the difference; to compromise in the middle of the range
เฉลียง chaL liiangRnounhall; corridor
เฉลียงหน้าต่างchaL liiangR naaF dtaangLnounbalcony
เฉลียว chaL liaaoRverbto have a sudden realization
adjective[เฉลียวใจ] [is] suspicious; [has] an inkling; to suspect; realize; understand
เฉลียวใจchaL liaaoR jaiMadjective[เฉลียวใจ] [is] suspicious; [has] an inkling; to suspect; realize; understand
เฉลียวฉลาดchaL liaaoR chaL laatLadjective, phrase, formalintelligent
เฉวียง chaL wiiangRadjectiveoblique; diagonal; slanting
เฉวียน chaL wiianRverbto fly around in circles; to swoop about
เฉวียบ chaL wiiapLnoun[ปลาเฉวียบ] a sea fish, Scomberoides lysan (Carangidae)
เฉอะแฉะ chuhL chaeLadjective[is] wet; muddy; slushy; slimy; moist; damp
เฉา chaoRverbto wilt; wither; shrivel; droop; flag; decline; fade
เฉาก๊วยchaoR guayHnoun, loanword, Chinese[general] jelly grass
noun, loanword, Chinese[หญ้าเฉาก๊วย] [the type of] grass used for making jelly grass
เฉาะchawLverbto lop the top off; chop
เฉิดฉายcheertL chaaiRadverbbrightly shining
เฉิบcheerpLadverbslowly; rhthmically
เฉิ่มcheermLadjective, colloquial[is] uncool; dumb; clueless; embarrassingly unfashionable and unsophisticated (mainly of dress and manner)
เฉียง chiiangRadjective[is] slanting; diagonally; askew
เฉียงใต้ chiiangR dtaiFadjective, preposition[is] southerly; southward
เฉียงไปเฉียงมาchiiangR bpaiM chiiangR maaMverbto scribble; scrawl; write in a zigzag manner
เฉียงเหนือ chiiangR neuuaRadverb, prepositionnortherly; northward
เฉียดchiiatLverbto approach
verbto pass closely; just graze; just miss; scrape
เฉียดฉิวchiiatL chiuRadjective[is] near; very close
เฉียดกรายchiiatL graaiMverbto pass; go by; move past
เฉียบ chiiapLadverbvery; extremely
adjective[is] excellent; brilliant; superb; outstanding
เฉียบขาดchiiapL khaatLadjective[is] resolute; determined; absolute; decisive
เฉียบคม chiiapL khohmMadjective[is] razor-sharp
เฉียบพลัน chiiapL phlanMadverb, phrase, formalvery forceful, severe and sudden
เฉียบแหลมchiiapL laaemRadjective[is] bright; thoughtful; smart; sharp
เฉี่ยว chiaaoLverbto scrape; to scratch; to rub
verbto seize; pinch; carry away
เฉือน cheuuanRverbto slice; carve; cut
verbto win; to triumph; to overcome
เฉื่อย cheuuayLadjectiveslow; sluggish; mild; gentle
adjective[chemistry] inert
เฉื่อยแฉะcheuuayL chaeLadjective[is] slow; relaxed; sluggish; slow moving
เฉื่อยช้า cheuuayL chaaHadjective[is] lazy
เฉื่อยชาcheuuayL chaaMadjective[is] inactive; slow; inert; sluggish
แฉchaaeRverbto reveal; disclose; show
แฉกันจนพรุนchaaeR ganM johnM phroonMverb[to] make a complete revelation or disclosure
แฉโพยchaaeR phooyMverb, phraseto reveal a secret; uncover an account
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