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ฉอ ฉิ่ง[a type of] small cymbal used in East and Southeast Asian musicThe 9th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฉ (ฉ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฉ (ฉ)

546 Thai words on 11 Pages

Page 10
ฉูดฉาด chuutL chaatLadjectiveflashy; showy; gaudy
เฉ chaehRverbto deviate; to slant; to distort
adjective[is] distorted; slanted; deviant
adverbindirectly; slantingly
เฉก chaehkLconjunction, formal, poetic[formal conjunction used in written Thai or poetry only] as; like
conjunction[เฉกเช่น] as if
เฉกเช่นchaehkL chenFconjunction[เฉกเช่น] as if
เฉโกchaehR go:hMadjective[is] tricky
เฉ่ง chengLverb, transitive, intransitive, colloquial, loanword, Chineseto pay off; to settle; to settle debts; to pay the money due; to meet liabilities
เฉไฉchaehR chaiRverbto take one’s time; proceed slowly; dawdle
adjective[is] oblique; indirect
เฉดchaehtLnoun[Thai transcription of foreign loanword] shade (of color)
เฉพาะ chaL phawHadjective[is] specific; particular; limited; provisional
adverb[โดยเฉพาะ] especially; specifically; in particular; particularly
adverbonly; specifically
เฉพาะกิจchaL phawH gitLadjective[is] special; special purpose
เฉพาะตัวchaL phawH dtuaaMadjective[is] personal; private
เฉพาะทางchaL phawH thaangMadjective[is] specialized; for a particular purpose
เฉพาะที่chaL phawH theeFadjective, phrase[is] localized; targeted
เฉพาะผู้เดียวchaL phawH phuuF diaaoMadverbindividually; personally
เฉพาะราย chaL phawH raaiMadverbin particular; specifically; to wit
เฉพาะสิ้นปีนี้คาดหมายว่าจะมีนักท่องเที่ยวจีนออกเที่ยวนอกประเทศ ๑๓๓ ล้านคนchaL phawH sinF bpeeM neeH khaatF maaiR waaF jaL meeM nakH thaawngF thiaaoF jeenM aawkL thiaaoF naawkF bpraL thaehtF raawyH saamR sipL saamR laanH khohnMIt is estimated that at the end of this year in particular there will be 133 million Chinese tourists traveling overseas.
เฉพาะหน้า chaL phawH naaFadjectiveputative; possible in the future; potentially forthcoming
เฉพาะหน้าchaL phawH naaFadjectiveurgent; short-term; immediate
เฉพาะอย่างยิ่งchaL phawH yaangL yingFadjectivevery specific or special
เฉพาะตนchaL phawL dtohnMadjectiveindividually; personally
เฉยcheeuyRverb, transitiveto ignore; to pay no attention to; to disregard
adjective[is] silent; still; unmoved; calm; collected; indifferent; cold
adjective[เฉย ๆ] [is] calm; impassive; indifferent (feeling or being so); peaceful; relaxed; feeling so-so
adverbwithout authorization; presumptuously; without authority
adjectivevacant; not in use; unoccupied
adverb[เฉย ๆ] simply; just; only
เฉยชาcheeuyR chaaMadjective[is] indifferent; cold; still; ignorant; unconcerned; detached
เฉยชาcheeuyR chaaMadjective[is] detached; diffident; disengaged (emotionally); cold
เฉยเมยcheeuyR meeuyMadjective[is] indifferent; unconcerned; passive; negligent
เฉย ๆ cheeuyR cheeuyRadjective[เฉย ๆ] [is] calm; impassive; indifferent (feeling or being so); peaceful; relaxed; feeling so-so
เฉย ๆcheeuyR cheeuyRadverb[เฉย ๆ] simply; just; only
เฉลย chaL leeuyRverbto respond; disclose; answer; reveal
เฉลยปัญหาchaL leeuyR bpanM haaRverbto answer the problem; solve the problem
เฉลิม chaL leermRverbto celebrate, to enhance or aggrandize
proper noun, personChalerm [a Thai given name] (celebration, supreme, prestigious)
เฉลิมกรุงchaL leermR groongMproper nounChalermkrung
เฉลิมฉลองchaL leermR chaL laawngRverbto celebrate
เฉลิมพระชนมพรรษาchaL leermR phraH chohnM maH phanM saaRverbto celebrate the king's or queen's birthday anniversary
เฉลี่ย chaL liiaLadjective[is] average
adverb[โดยเฉลี่ย] on the average
เฉลี่ยกันหารสองchaL liiaL ganM haanR saawngRverb, phraseto split the difference; to compromise in the middle of the range
เฉลียง chaL liiangRnounhall; corridor
เฉลียงหน้าต่างchaL liiangR naaF dtaangLnounbalcony
เฉลียว chaL liaaoRverbto have a sudden realization
adjective[เฉลียวใจ] [is] suspicious; [has] an inkling; to suspect; realize; understand
เฉลียวใจchaL liaaoR jaiMadjective[เฉลียวใจ] [is] suspicious; [has] an inkling; to suspect; realize; understand
เฉลียวฉลาดchaL liaaoR chaL laatLadjective, phrase, formalintelligent
เฉวียง chaL wiiangRadjectiveoblique; diagonal; slanting
เฉวียน chaL wiianRverbto fly around in circles; to swoop about
เฉวียบ chaL wiiapLnoun[ปลาเฉวียบ] a sea fish, Scomberoides lysan (Carangidae)
เฉอะแฉะ chuhL chaeLadjective[is] wet; muddy; slushy; slimy; moist; damp
เฉา chaoRverbto wilt; wither; shrivel; droop; flag; decline; fade
เฉาก๊วยchaoR guayHnoun, loanword, Chinese[general] jelly grass
noun, loanword, Chinese[หญ้าเฉาก๊วย] [the type of] grass used for making jelly grass
เฉาะchawLverbto lop the top off; chop
เฉิดฉายcheertL chaaiRadverbbrightly shining
เฉิบcheerpLadverbslowly; rhthmically
เฉิ่มcheermLadjective, colloquial[is] uncool; dumb; clueless; embarrassingly unfashionable and unsophisticated (mainly of dress and manner)
เฉียง chiiangRadjective[is] slanting; diagonally; askew
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