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ฉอ ฉิ่ง[a type of] small cymbal used in East and Southeast Asian musicThe 9th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฉ (ฉ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฉ (ฉ)

587 Thai words on 12 Pages

Page 12
เฉียบพลัน chiiapL phlanMadverb, phrase, formalvery forceful, severe and sudden
เฉียบแหลมchiiapL laaemRadjective[is] bright; thoughtful; smart; sharp
เฉี่ยว chiaaoLverbto scrape; to scratch; to rub
verbto seize; pinch; carry away
เฉือน cheuuanRverbto slice; carve; cut
verbto win; to triumph; to overcome
เฉื่อย cheuuayLadjectiveslow; sluggish; mild; gentle
adjective[chemistry] inert
เฉื่อยแฉะcheuuayL chaeLadjective[is] slow; relaxed; sluggish; slow moving
เฉื่อยช้า cheuuayL chaaHadjective[is] lazy
เฉื่อยชาcheuuayL chaaMadjective[is] inactive; slow; inert; sluggish
แฉchaaeRverbto reveal; disclose; show
แฉกันจนพรุนchaaeR ganM johnM phroonMverb[to] make a complete revelation or disclosure
แฉโพยchaaeR phooyMverb, phraseto reveal a secret; uncover an account
แฉกchaaekLadjective[is] forked; notched; serrated; jagged; indented; bifurcated
nounserration; notch; prong; tine
noun[certain type of] oval fan conferred upon a high-ranking Buddhist priest
แฉ่ง chaengLadverbwith cheer; grinningly; with a smile
แฉลบ chaL laaepLverbto ricochet; to swerve; to skid; to glance off of
แฉล้ม chaL laaemFadjective, formal, poetic[usually of female beauty] healthy; happy; glowing; beautiful
แฉะchaeLadjective[is] wet; muddy
แฉะแบะ chaeL baeLadverbslowly; sluggishly
โฉcho:hR[alternate spelling of โฉ่ ]
โฉ่ cho:hLverb, intransitive, colloquialto spread; to permeate
adverbpervasively; extensively
โฉเกcho:hR gaehMadjective[is] tricky
โฉ่งฉ่างcho:hngL chaangLadjective[is] blunt; churlish; rude; unmannerly
adjective[is] clangorous; boisterous
โฉงเฉงcho:hngR chaehngRadjective, adverb[is] noisy; with a lot of sound and fury
โฉดเฉาcho:htL chaoRadjective[is] dull; stupid
โฉนด chaL no:htLnouna real estate title deed
โฉนดที่ดินchaL no:htL theeF dinMnounland title deed
โฉบ cho:hpLverbto pounce; swoop down; lunge
to pass; go by; past; move
โฉบเฉี่ยวcho:hpL chiaaoLadjective[is] scraped; scratched
โฉบเฉี่ยวcho:hpL chiaaoLverbto hit in a glancing manner; move past closely; mention in passing
โฉม cho:hmRnounprofile; outline; figure; appearance
โฉมงาม cho:hmR ngaamMnounbeautiful girl
โฉมงาม cho:hmR ngaamMadjective[is] dainty
โฉมฉายcho:hmR chaaiRnounbeautiful woman; fair maiden
โฉมหน้า cho:hmR naaFnouncountenance; visage; face
โฉลก chaL lo:hkLnounchance; fortune; luck; fate; opportunity
ไฉนchaL naiRadverb, particle, formalwhy; wherefore
noun[a type of] oboe [or] flute
ไฉนจึงเป็นเช่นนั้น chaL naiR jeungM bpenM chenF nanHexample sentence"How so?"
ไฉไลchaiR laiMadjective[is] pretty; glossy; shiny; gleaming
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