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ฝอ ฝาlid or cover of a pot or bowl; capThe 29th consonant in the Thai alphabet
Unicode value: U+ฝ (ฝ)
TIS-620 value: 0xฝ (ฝ)

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Page 5
ฝ่ายวิชาการfaaiL wiH chaaM gaanMnoun[of a company's organization] the technical side
ฝ้าย faaiFnoun, adjectivecotton; raw cotton
noun[ต้นฝ้าย] cotton plant, genus Gossypium
noun[ผ้าฝ้าย] cotton cloth
ฝิ่น finLnoun, adjective[general] opium
noun[ต้นฝิ่น] opium poppy plant, Papaver somniferum
ฝี feeRprefix[a prefix meaning] some action
noun, colloquialboil (inflamed pus-filled sore on skin); pustule; abscess; furuncle; pock
ฝีก้าวfeeR gaaoFnounstep; step along a process
ฝีดาษ feeR daatLnounsmallpox
ฝีตีนfeeR dteenMnounspeed; pace; running speed
ฝีเท้าfeeR thaaoHnounsteps of a person; gallop of a horse; driving speed of a vehicle
ฝีในท้อง feeR naiM thaawngHnoun, archaicconsumption; pulmonary tuberculosis
ฝีปากfeeR bpaakLnoun[ฝีปาก] rhetoric; eloquence; oratory; verbal skill
ฝีปากกล้าfeeR bpaakL glaaFadjective[is] candid, willing to speak openly, outspoken, unrestrained
ฝีพระหัตถ์feeR phraH hatLnouncraftsmanship
ฝีพายfeeR phaaiMnounoarsman; crew; paddler; rower
ฝีมือ feeR meuuMnounmanual skill; mettle; craftsmanship; dexterity; handicraft; handiwork; skill
ฝีมือเขียนภาพประกอบของเขาคงจะเจนตาตามหน้าหนังสือหลายเล่มแล้วfeeR meuuM khiianR phaapF bpraL gaawpL khaawngR khaoR khohngM jaL jaehnM dtaaM dtaamM naaF nangR seuuR laaiR lemF laaeoHexample sentence"His drawing skills have become a familiar sight on the pages of many books."
ฝีมือช่างที่ออกแบบพระพิมพ์นี้ว่ากันว่ามีฝีมือเป็นยอดแห่งช่างในยุคนั้นfeeR meuuM changF theeF aawkL baaepL phraH phimM neeH waaF ganM waaF meeM feeR meuuM bpenM yaawtF haengL changF naiM yookH nanHexample sentence"The artisan who designed these votive tablets is acknowledged to have the greatest handiwork of his era."
ฝีมือดี feeR meuuM deeMadjectiveskillful; expert; proficient; talented
ฝีไม้ลายมือfeeR maaiH laaiM meuuMnounskill; dexterity; ability
ฝีจักร feeR jakLnounmeasure of nautical speed
ฝึก feukLverbto drill; to train; to practice; to exercise; to teach
ฝึกคมแข้ง feukL khohmM khaaengFverbto practice soccer (football) skills
ฝึกงาน feukL ngaanMverbto train; become an intern; enter practical training; work phase of a work and study program
ฝึกชื่นชมผู้อื่นให้เป็นนิสัย เพราะคำชื่นชมเป็นของขวัญล้ำค่าที่ช่วยพัฒนาความสัมพันธ์feukL cheuunF chohmM phuuF euunL haiF bpenM niH saiR phrawH khamM cheuunF chohmM bpenM khaawngR khwanR lamH khaaF theeF chuayF phatH thaH naaM khwaamM samR phanMexample sentence"You should make a habit of praising others because praise is an invaluable gift that helps advance relationships."
ฝึกซ้อมfeukL saawmHverbto practice; train
ฝึกฝนfeukL fohnRverbto train; hone one’s skill
ฝึกรบfeukL rohpHverbto maneuver (in battle)
ฝึกสติfeukL saL dtiLverb, phraseto practice mindfulness
ฝึกสมองfeukL saL maawngRverb, phraseto exercise one's brain
ฝึกสมองประลองปัญญาfeukL saL maawngR bpraL laawngM bpanM yaaMverb, phraseto sharpen the mind and test one’s intellect; solve puzzles
ฝึกหัด feukL hatLverbto drill; practice; rehearse; to train
ฝึกให้คล่อง เป็นนิสัย จะได้ดีfeukL haiF khlaawngF bpenM niH saiR jaL daiF deeMexample sentence"You must become adept, make it habitual, do it well"
ฝึกให้เด็กกล้าอภิปราย แสดงความคิดเห็น กล้าตั้งคำถามfeukL haiF dekL glaaF aL phipH raaiM saL daaengM khwaamM khitH henR glaaF dtangF khamM thaamRexample sentence"Train your children to have confidence to participate in discussions and to express their ideas, and to have the courage to ask questions."
ฝึกอบรมfeukL ohpL rohmMverbto train (someone)
ฝึกอบรมfeukL ohpL rohmMverbto receive training
ฝึกปรือfeukL bpreuuMadjectiveto drill; [is] well-trained; [is] in constant drill
ฝืด feuutLadjective[is] sticky; stuck; tight; unable to move; difficulty of moving
ฝืดเคืองfeuutL kheuuangMadjective, verb[is] in distress; hard-pressed (for money); difficult;
ฝืดเคืองfeuutL kheuuangMverbto suffer
ฝืดเคืองfeuutL kheuuangMadjective[is] out of money; flat broke
ฝืน feuunRverbto make an effort; to force oneself; to persist
verbto buck; to resist; to go against; violate; breach
verbto have one's way with a woman
adjective[ฝืนใจ] [is] reluctant; unwilling
ฝืนกฎfeuunR gohtLverb, phraseto violate the law; break the rules
ฝืนใจfeuunR jaiMadjective[ฝืนใจ] [is] reluctant; unwilling
ฝืนทนfeuunR thohnMverbtolerate; endure; bear
ฝืนไม่ให้หลับfeuunR maiF haiF lapLverb, phraseto force oneself to stay awake
ฝืนยิ้มปรบมือให้feuunR yimH bprohpL meuuM haiFexample sentence"She forced herself to smile and applaud."
ฝุดfootLadverb[ฝุด ๆ] [slang for สุด ๆ] extremely
ฝุด ๆfootL footLadverb[ฝุด ๆ] [slang for สุด ๆ] extremely
ฝุ่น foonLnoundust
ฝุ่นคลุ้งfoonL khloongHadverbchaotically
ฝุ่นตลบfoonL dtaL lohpLadverbchaotically; in a dust-up; with the dust not yet settled
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